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Satya Nadella's three bets: AI, Mixed Reality, and Quantum Computing

GE goes with Apple: Not the Transformation you were looking for, Satya?

Comment While Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella trots the world plugging his book on “transformation”, some of the biggest enterprises in the world are “transforming” themselves ... away from Microsoft. Industrial giant General Electric employs 330,000 staff world wide, and can be considered one of the more conservative businesses. But …
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Oct 2017

Mohawk Valley, NY to become the new Silicon Valley in fab fab deal

A deal between SUNY Poly (State University New York), the state of New York, GE and Austrian sensor and analog IC company AMS will see an East Coast US chip fab built to research and make nano-scale devices. AMS is putting an initial $2bn into their venture, which the state will top up with $200m. GE will stump up $200m and …
Simon Rockman, 24 Aug 2015

Got a GE industrial Ethernet switch? Get patching

GE is the latest industrial kit vendor to send users patching to protect against hard-coded credentials in Ethernet switches. IOActive disclosed the vulnerability to ICS-CERT, which issued this advisory (details here CVE-2014-5418 and here CVE-2014-5419). The vulnerability occurs in various GE Multilink managed Ethernet …
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Intel, Cisco and co reveal PLANS to keep tabs on WORLD'S MACHINES

RoTM GE, Intel, Cisco, and Verizon have announced a big data deal to connect Predix — GE’s software platform — to machines, systems, and edge devices regardless of manufacturer. “By connecting more assets and equipment (to each other and people) at the edge to the cloud, industrial operators gain more insight into the performance …
Jennifer Baker, 10 Oct 2014
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GE patches gap in infosec capabilities with Wurldtech buy

Years after the infosec world noticed the chronic insecurity of SCADA kit, industrial giant GE has decided it needs to improve its in-house capabilities by announcing that it's to acquire Wurldtech. Founded in 2006, Wurldtech's product portfolio, sold under the Achilles brand, includes a test suite and industrial firewall … Spotter

Sensors and sensibility: Quirky’s Spotter multi-purpose monitor module

Review It sounds such a good idea: a compact, battery powered general-purpose sensor pod you can stick pretty much anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi network you have access to, and which will ping you temperature, humidity, sound, light and movement info over the internet to your smartphone. Spotter Quirky’s Spotter: internet- …
Tony Smith, 4 Dec 2013

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!

The venerable PDP-11 minicomputer is still spry to this day, powering GE nuclear power-plant robots - and will do so for another 37 years. That's right: PDP-11 assembler coders are hard to find, but the nuclear industry is planning on keeping the 16-bit machines ticking over until 2050 – long enough for a couple of generations …
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GE partners with Amazon for 'industrial internet'

GE has announced a cloud-based analytics platform for net-connected devices as the manufacturing giant tries to forge a set of technologies for what it terms "the industrial internet". The company has partnered with three major tech companies – Amazon, Accenture, and Pivotal – to help it build a platform for storing and …
Jack Clark, 18 Jun 2013
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GE boffins build micro-lungs to cool PC innards

Researchers at General Electric has developed a new air-cooling system based on human lungs that's half the size of conventional computer fans but just as effective at keeping things chilly. GE cooler You just purse your lips and... (click to enlarge) The prototype uses 40mm by 40mm thin metal plates which are bonded to …
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2012
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GE boosts micro-holo storage to Blu-ray speed

Boffins at GE have come up with a material that might one day be used to record 20 Blu-rays' worth of data on a single disc at the same speed that data is recorded on BD-Rs today. The announcement comes from GE's Holographic Data Storage project, which has been working on the techniques and technologies need to realise über- …
Tony Smith, 21 Jul 2011
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State officials seize InPhase assets in lieu of taxes

In a final emphatic demonstration that the money has run out, holographic storage developer InPhase's premises have been seized for non-payment of taxes by the Colorado Department of Revenue. According to local reports, the state has changed the locks on the doors and announced that everything owned by InPhase, including …
Chris Mellor, 8 Feb 2010

InPhase succumbs to the darkness

Holographic storage company InPhase Technologies has paid off all its employees but is still looking for a venture capital white knight. The dream still flickers, it's just temporarily out of phase. According to a report in the Longmont Times-Call, the last 60 employees have been paid off after working for a year on minimum …
Chris Mellor, 5 Feb 2010

GE talks up 500GB-per-disc optical storage tech

General Electric (GE) has demonstrated a storage technology with the potential for allowing 500GB of data to be written onto a single DVD-sized disc. GE hailed its technology – known as micro-holographic storage – as a “next generation optical storage” technology. It added that the technology could see individual discs able to …
James Sherwood, 27 Apr 2009
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Google's 'Smart Grid' idea? Get the govt to pay for it

Comment Advertising colossus Google has announced a partnership with engineering titan GE, aimed at introducing "a combination of technologies that could be known as the 'smart grid'." Google doesn't explain in hard and fast terms just what it thinks would make a grid smart. However, Google spokesman Michael Terrill, writing at the …
Lewis Page, 19 Sep 2008

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