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Pentagon hacker McKinnon can't visit sick dad for fear of extradition

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon is afraid tor visit his sick father in Glasgow after advice from his lawyers about the possibility of extradition. McKinnon's father, Charlie, is in hospital after suffering a stroke. But lawyers for the London-based hacker have advised him against visiting his dad in hospital in Scotland because …
John Leyden, 1 Aug 2014
Gary McKinnon at Infosec

Pentagon hacker McKinnon reinvents himself as SEO guru

Former hacker and US extradition target Gary McKinnon has found a new career as a search engine optimisation expert. McKinnon - who successfully fought a 10-year campaign against extradition to the US over charges he hacked into Pentagon systems - has launched Small SEO, which specialises in making sure small businesses appear …
John Leyden, 31 Jul 2014
ENIAC programmers, photo: US Army

US military advisor calls for McKinnon pardon, recruitment of "master hackers"

A leading US military strategist has urged the Obama administration to soften its stance if it wants to attract the kind of “master hackers” that would enable it to compete in cyber space with China, starting with the symbolic gesture of pardoning Gary McKinnon. John Arquilla, a US Naval Postgraduate School professor and …
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Pentagon hacker McKinnon will NOT be prosecuted in the UK

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon will not be prosecuted in the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced in the past hour. The decision comes after his extradition to the US was blocked by Blighty's government. Home Secretary Theresa May withdrew an extradition order against the 46-year-old Brit on medical and human …
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2012
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UK prosecutors, cops ponder new probe into NASA hacker McKinnon

UK criminal prosecution lawyers will meet cops this month to decide whether or not to open a new investigation into Pentagon-hacking Brit Gary McKinnon. Last month Home Secretary Theresa May withdrew an extradition order against the 46-year-old on medical and human rights grounds. Five psychiatrists warned there was a risk the …
John Leyden, 7 Nov 2012
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Theresa May gets a smile out of Gary McKinnon at last

Gary McKinnon's mother smiled and cried as she thanked everyone from the Home Secretary to Bob Geldof for saving her hacker son from extradition to the United States. She said that McKinnon had smiled for the first time in years on hearing the judgment today. Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon speaks at press conference, …
Anna Leach, 17 Oct 2012
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Final decision by Home Sec on McKinnon extradition due today

The Home Secretary is expected to announce whether or not the government will block Gary McKinnon's US extradition in Parliament today. Theresa May is due to deliver a decision on whether the Scottish sysadmin's medical problems as an Asperger's Syndrome sufferer are sufficiently severe to block extradition. A possible appeal …
John Leyden, 16 Oct 2012
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Home Secretary to decide on McKinnon extradition by October

The UK Home Secretary is due to decide by mid-October whether or not to order Gary McKinnon's extradition to the US, a hearing at the High Court heard on Tuesday. The hearing followed a decision by McKinnon and his legal team to decline to undergo a Home Office medical test by a doctor, Professor Thomas Fahy, whom McKinnon's …
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2012
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Home Office doc 'not qualified' to assess McKinnon suicide risk

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon has refused to be assessed for suicide risk by a Home Office appointed doctor, because the doctor chosen had no experience of patients with Aspergers, his mother Janis Sharp told BBC local radio today. McKinnon, who hacked into US government computers in 2002, has Asperger's syndrome. The 46 year- …
Anna Leach, 19 Jul 2012
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Judges set timetable for McKinnon case resolution

Senior judges have set a timetable to speed up resolution in the long-running Gary McKinnon extradition case, effectively setting a deadline for the Home Office to respond to evidence that McKinnon is too infirm to withstand the stress of a US trial and likely imprisonment over alleged Pentagon hacking offences. The case was …
John Leyden, 27 Jan 2012
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Judges probe minister's role in McKinnon extradition saga

The long-running case of Gary McKinnon returns to court on Friday. The Royal Courts of Justice will review government ministers' handling of the extradition case rather than considering whether or not McKinnon ought to face trial in the US, in spite of his well-publicised medical problems. McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger's …
John Leyden, 25 Jan 2012
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Clegg orders fresh review of UK extradition treaty

Supporters of accused NASA hacker Gary McKinnon scored a small political victory after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg ordered a fresh review of the lopsided extradition treaty between the US and the UK. Clegg broke ranks with the Government over a review issued last month that concluded the treaty wasn't biased. He has …
Dan Goodin, 19 Nov 2011
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Blow for McKinnon as extradition treaty ruled 'not biased'

Extradition arrangements between the US and UK are not biased against British suspects, a review of the controversial extradition treaty concluded on Tuesday. The ruling is a setback for supporters of alleged Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon and others who have campaigned against the 2003 treaty, which they continue to argue is …
John Leyden, 18 Oct 2011
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Gary McKinnon support website defaced

A support blog for alleged Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon had its domain name hijacked on Friday morning. Serial defacer TurkGuvenligi posted an image of an old fella spinning a plate (which looks a bit like a flying saucer) on his finger on the FreeGary support blog. An image of the domain hack can be found here. We notified …
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2011
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McKinnon battles renewed Obama-era extradition push

Family and supporters of Gary McKinnon remain confident that their campaign against his extradition to the US will ultimately prove successful, despite the insistence of a senior Obama government law official that the alleged hacker ought to stand trial in the US. Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, vowed that the Obama …
John Leyden, 16 May 2011
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US rejected Brown's McKinnon case plea

The US authorities spurned a personal plea by former prime minister Gordon Brown to allow Gary McKinnon to serve any sentence in the UK, according to Wikileaks files. MPs on the Home Affairs select committee are to once again consider the McKinnon extradition case today. Brown proposed the deal in a meeting with the US …
John Leyden, 30 Nov 2010
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McKinnon family welcomes extradition treaty review

The coalition government's decision to review extradition law has been welcomed by family and supporters of Gary McKinnon, even though it's unlikely to have an immediate effect on his case. Home Secretary Teresa May announced plans to review the UK's extradition arrangements on Tuesday in response to long-running complaints …
John Leyden, 9 Sep 2010
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Coalition launches extradition treaty review

The controversial extradition treaty between the US and the UK is to be reviewed by the government. Critics argue the current system is unfair because it allows British suspects to be extradited to the US without the need to present evidence before a British court. British requests to extradite US suspects here, by contrast, …
John Leyden, 8 Sep 2010

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