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JLENS Here's £8.8m to plough into hydrogen-powered car tech

Alongside its electric vehicle ambitions, the British government is also pouring a few millions of pounds into hydrogen fuel cell-powered car tech trials. The proposed 200 vehicles – billed by a government statement as "hydrogen powered", something that brings to mind the Hindenburg disaster rather than modern fuel cell tech …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Mar 2018

Zuckerborg, Microsoft, Amazon letting the side down for green energy among hyperscalers

Data centre operators are going green because renewable energy costs less, receives tax subsidies and customers like the idea, according to a report by analysts at IHS Markit. The research notes that Apple has been using fully renewable energy in its data centres since 2013. Google reached the 100 per cent point last year, …
Chris Mellor, 15 Feb 2018
Business types meditate in green field. Photo via Shutterstock

Supermicro is, like, totally harnessing green energy sources to churn out servers, dude

Supermicro has said it will start building servers and storage boxes at a new facility that can make 600 racks per month, powered by a 3MW fuel cell system to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It opened the first of five production hubs – Building 21 at its Green Computing Park in San Jose – in March last year, near its 1.5 …
Chris Mellor, 25 Jan 2018

Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: El Reg on the hydrogen highway

Vulture at the Wheel Ask me what my ideal electric car would be and I’ll probably tell you one with a range of 400 miles and a three-minute charge time. Shame no such car exists, I hear you say. Not so. I drove just such a vehicle last week. ix35_hero The ix35 at the hydrogen filling station near Heathrow. One of three in the UK at the time of …
Alun Taylor, 22 Aug 2015

Apple's portable power podule patent promises paroxysms of fanboi joy

Possibly realising that devices with a limited battery life can be annoying, Apple has filed a patent for a portable power system with a potential endurance of days, not hours. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published the patent (Number 8980491) assigned to the fruity firm for a design of a “portable and …
UNSW's nickel foam electrode

Boffins FOAMING over a Nickel's worth of hydrogen

As a power source, hydrogen has a bunch of problems, but at least one of them – the cost of obtaining the gas – might be closer to a solution. Right now, most commercial quantities of hydrogen are derived from fossil fuels because electrolysis of water into hydrogen is expensive. Boffins from the University of NSW reckon that …
Fuel Cell Car

Toyota to launch hydrogen (ie, NATURAL GAS) powered fuel cell hybrid

Toyota will launch its all-new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Japan on 15 December before introducing it in the UK and other selected European markets in September 2015, with that date dictated by getting a refuelling infrastructure rolled out. Fuel cells, which produce electricity directly as they combine fuel with …
Simon Rockman, 19 Nov 2014

Urine a goldmine for fuel-cell materials: boffins

Over the centuries, urine has been collected for all manner of unpleasant industrial applications. Now, a new research paper suggests pee could be a big contributor to the future of carbon fuel-cell technology. According to this paper in Nature, doped collections of carbon atoms recovered from human urine have the right kind …
Arcola fuel cell developers kit

Inventors: Feast your eyes on fuel cell tech that'll power up Internet of Thingies

Pics There was more than just talk on offer at Twickenham's Future World Symposium this week. Although there was much to hear about the so-called internet of the things, the connected home, autonomous systems and connected intelligence, there was also plenty to see - and you'll be happy to know we took pictures. The event hosts a …
Bob Dormon, 1 May 2014

Report: Over 1.5 million UK drivers will have hydrogen cars by 2030

Hydrogen fuel cell cars won’t hit the market until 2015, but with the right investment in infrastructure, more than a million and a half of us could be driving one by 2030, with annual sales topping 300,000 vehicles, an evaluation conducted by government and industry has forecast. A timeline drawn up by UKH2Mobility - a …
Tony Smith, 4 Feb 2013
NaBH4 could stabilise hydrogen and make it a viable fuel

Scientists find safer way to store hydrogen

Australian scientists have come up with a clever way of storing hydrogen that they feel could make it a viable portable fuel source. Hydrogen is abundant: pass a current through water and you'll make some. Hydrogen-powered fuel cells have therefore been advanced as a potential replacement for the internal combustion engine and …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Aug 2012

BMW, Toyota to build fuel cells for sports cars

BMW and Toyota are to work together on the development of fuel cell and electric powertrains, the two automotive giants said today. Neither firm went into any detail about the R&D programme, but the two companies' principals were keen to stress how the agreement is good for both: BMW gets access to Toyota's work on hybrids and …
Tony Smith, 29 Jun 2012
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Boffins build cyborg snails to generate electricity

A team of scientists have successfully implanted a bioelectronic fuel cell into a living organism and used its blood sugar to charge a battery. The team from Potsdam, New York's Clarkson University (thankfully nothing to do with Top Gear) implanted a fuel cell that runs off glucose that is naturally produced by the snail, and …
Iain Thomson, 15 Mar 2012
Vauxhall hydrogen fuel-cell car

Government launches hydrogen motoring task force

The UK government hopes Britons could be motoring in Hydrogen-powered cars as early as 2014, Business Minister Mark Prisk said today. Speaking in London at the launch of UKH2Mobility, an initiative to evaluate what Britain needs to make that vision a reality, Prisk admitted that the e-car is still part of the government's CO2 …
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2012
Toyota Prius 2015 concept

Toyota teases next-gen Prius styling

Detroit Motor Show CES 2012 Week Toyota has offered a glimpse of its next-generation Prius at the North American International Motor Show in the form of the NS4 plug-in hybrid concept. Toyota Prius 2015 concept Altogether more bold - not to mention larger - than the current Prius, the NS4 is only intended to offer a taste of the design …
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Giant 5-year-mission aerial wing-ship to fly in 2011

US military plans to build a mighty unmanned wing-ship able to cruise the stratosphere on flights lasting five years have moved forward with the announcement that flight tests of the "Vulture II" prototype are expected to commence next year. Vulture II is being produced by US aerospace mammoth Boeing, building on its …
Lewis Page, 11 Mar 2011
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Silicon Valley hypegasm for miracle shoebox powerplants

Analysis A Silicon Valley startup backed by the rainmaker who got Google off the ground is about to formally announce a miraculous, shoebox-sized device capable of powering a house - "anywhere, with no emissions" according to the BBC. BBC speculation on the Bloom Box No, actually Of course that's just Beeb Twitter-journalism …
Lewis Page, 24 Feb 2010
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Super-soldier exoskeleton to get 3-day fuel cell powerpack

A radical powered exoskeleton under development for use by the US military is to be fitted with fuel-cell power supplies which will increase its endurance from hours to days - and furnish juice for the burgeoning load of electronics carried by modern soldiers, too. Global arms behemoth Lockheed, developing the Human Universal …
Lewis Page, 22 Jan 2010

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