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NASA spunks $127m on SSL-powered robot to refuel satellites in space

SSL (previously Space Systems/Loral) has won a contract to build a robot capable of refueling satellites in orbit, whether or not they have been designed to get more fuel. There are already scores of satellites in orbit that are useless due to lack of fuel, and NASA wants the ability to refuel future orbital platforms without …
Iain Thomson, 7 Dec 2016
person in chemical repelling suit with a suspicious bottle

Lonely bloke in chem suit fuels Mars orbiter

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a nice snap of a rather lonely figure in a chemical suit fuelling the ExoMars mission's Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), due to launch between 14–25 March 2016 from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Man in chemical suit fuelling the TGO. Pic: ESA Easy does it. Pic: TAS-F / Y. Le Marchand ESA …
Lester Haines, 24 Feb 2016
Hiker checks dead battery on smartphone... against wild valley backdrop. Photo via Shutterstock

Intelligent Energy secures $7.5m to develop smartphone fuel cell

Fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy has announced that it has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with “an emerging smartphone OEM” to develop an embedded hydrogen fuel cell for powering smartphones for up to a week. The £5.25m ($7.5m) project will develop a fuel cell that will coexist with the smartphone’s existing …
Wireless Watch, 22 Feb 2016
LaCie Fuel

LaCie adds fire to Fuel: Revs Wi-Fi external storage gadget to 2TB

Seagate sub LaCie has revved its Fuel Wi-Fi external storage capacity from 1 to 2TB and claims it's the highest capacity wireless 2.5-inch drive on the market. It can provide a Wi-Fi accessed storage resource for iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Macs, Android mobile devices (v2.3 or later), the Kindle Fire, and Windows 8, 7, and …
Chris Mellor, 1 Apr 2014

Senator halts Google's taxpayer-subsidized executive jet fuel deal

A year-long investigation by US senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) into Google's use of NASA's Silicon Valley airport has shown that the company benefited from buying cheap aviation fuel from NASA at a discounted price arranged by the Pentagon. "Are some executives getting a special deal on fuel that isn't available to other …
Iain Thomson, 13 Sep 2013
Fuel buckets

New York tech firms form 'bucket brigade' to fuel flagging servers

Three technology firms have joined forces to avoid any data center downtime in the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy amid the continuing power outages crippling Lower Manhattan. Employees of Peer 1 Hosting, blog host Squarespace, and Fog Creek Software have formed a 'bucket brigade', lugging diesel up to the backup generators …
Iain Thomson, 31 Oct 2012
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Airbus predicts catapult takeoffs and formation flying by 2050

Airbus has detailed its plans for the future of air travel in 2050, when megacities and rising fuel costs will make flying a very different kettle of (flying) fish. The company's "Smarter Skies" report has been two years in the making, using interviews within the aviation industry and with designers to come up with radical new …
Iain Thomson, 7 Sep 2012
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Digesting the Budget: First-belch reactions

Budget '11 Responding to George Osborne's Budget, Labour leader Ed Miliband said growth is down, employment is down and living standards are falling. He accused Osborne's second Budget of building on the failure of his first. He said the coalition strategy of cuts was undermining the economic recovery. Stock markets were mostly unmoved …
John Oates, 23 Mar 2011
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Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

The story of the quake- and tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant continues to unfold, with reports suggesting that the situation with respect to the three damaged reactors at the plant may soon be stabilised without serious consequences. The focus of attention has now moved to problems at a pool used to keep …
Lewis Page, 17 Mar 2011
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NASA: Lunar pole-shot plume shows up in pictures

Pic NASA chiefs have insisted that their recent mission to crash a pair of spacecraft into the eternally-dark crater deeps of the lunar south pole - which seemed at first look to have produced underwhelming results - was in fact a "smashing success", with definite evidence of a debris plume detected. Three separate visual images …
Lewis Page, 19 Oct 2009
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NASA iceberg-finder prangs into Moon's south pole

Update NASA has successfully crashed a spent rocket stage and accompanying probe-craft into the Cabeus crater in the lunar antarctic. Space-agency boffins are now eagerly harvesting a flood of data from telescopes, orbiters and the probe itself in order to find out if valuable water ice has been discovered by the impact. Here's a …
Lewis Page, 9 Oct 2009
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Lunar ice-mine pole prang probe looking good, says NASA

NASA's mission to crash a spent rocket stage and a following survey craft into a dark crater at the Moon's south pole is now in its final stages. The empty Centaur upper-stage booster has now successfully separated from the LCROSS probe-craft and the two are plunging down toward the lunar antarctic. Here's a rather groovy vid …
Lewis Page, 9 Oct 2009
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Oxygen-from-Moon-dirt passes vomit comet test

American boffins say they have developed a viable process for making oxygen out of moon dirt, which could allow humans to live for long periods in lunar bases. The new tech has been tried out under the equivalent of the moon's one-sixth-G gravity aboard NASA's famous "vomit comet" low-gee simulator plane. A long-term moonbase …
Lewis Page, 25 Sep 2009
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New NASA rocket fuel 'could be made on Moon, Mars'

NASA, in a joint venture with US air force boffins, has tested a new kind of rocket fuel which "has the consistency of toothpaste" and could potentially be manufactured off-planet in remote space outposts. Its inventors say it is also less environmentally damaging than some current rocket fuels when used within Earth's …
Lewis Page, 24 Aug 2009
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US Navy aims to make jetfuel from seawater uranium

Analysis Coverage of recent US Navy research into producing jet fuel from CO2 and hydrogen has been widely reported under headlines such as "making jet fuel from seawater". The coverage illustrates not only declining modern understanding of science and technology, but also the sad eclipse of proper science fiction by vampire-lust …
Lewis Page, 20 Aug 2009
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DARPA seeking Genesis-style godware capability

US military wacky-professor bureau DARPA has outdone itself this time, issuing a request for "intelligent" electronic components and chemicals which can "self-organise" themselves to form complex items such as routers, fuel cells, biofuel factories or medical drugs. Indeed, reading between the lines it appears as though the …
Lewis Page, 23 Jun 2009
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NASA working on 'open rotor' green (but loud) jets

NASA and General Electric have teamed up with French industry to revive a type of fuel-efficient aircraft engine shelved in the 1980s, in an effort to tackle aviation carbon emissions and high fuel costs. The "open rotor" engines, despite their relatively green characteristics, will still be unpopular with many anti-aviation …
Lewis Page, 12 Jun 2009
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US parkies in 'burrow-buster' marmot detonation campaign

Senior parkies in the American city of Spokane are facing a barrage of criticism over their decision to exterminate troublesome tree-noshing squirrels by blowing up their burrows using fuel-air "bunker buster" type explosives. It seems that Spokane's Finch Arboretum, well thought of among park aficionados, faces an escalating …
Lewis Page, 16 Apr 2009

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