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Adata DashDrive HD710

Eight pocket-pleasing USB 3.0 hard drives

Product Roundup My, how time flies. It has been a couple of years since El Reg did a group test of external USB3.0 hard drives and comparing prices for 1TB drives between then and now shows how much the price of conventional hard drives has fallen in the meantime. Then, only one drive was under the £100 barrier, this time around, all the ones I …
Simon Crisp, 9 Jan 2015
Freecom Hard Drive Sq 2TB

Freecom Hard Drive Sq 2TB

Geek Treat of the Week Freecom’s Hard Drive Sq is a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hard drive which is clearly pitched at the growing number of us who have smart TVs and want to be able to record programmes without investing in a Freeview or Freesat DVR. Designed by Berlin-based Iranian designer Armam Emami, the aluminium enclosure looks strikingly like Apple’s …
Kenny Hemphill, 14 May 2012
Ten Nas boxes

Ten... two-bay Nas boxes

Product Round-up Network attached storage is the panacea for many of today’s data excesses, especially you’ve developed a music and movie habit, need a backup server or fancy your own personal cloud. Two-bay nas drives are an affordable option for file sharing, supporting mixed platform environments in addition to web HTTP and FTP services. …
Shaun Dormon, 28 Apr 2012
Ten FireWire External Hard Drives

Ten... FireWire 800 hard drives

Product round-up FireWire interfacing has been around since the mid-1990s and, as far as Apple is concerned, looks set to be ousted by its new Thunderbolt technology in due course. However, it still features on most new Macs, is available for PCs and remains popular in desktop audio and video environments. It's also a convenient option for …
Shaun Dormon, 14 Mar 2012
Freecom Mobile Drive Sq

Freecom Mobile Drive Sq 500GB external HDD

Accessory of the Week This stylish mobile hard drive from Freecom is described by its manufacturer as "almost square", which is another way of saying it’s rectangular. Regardless, the rounded corners, "almost square" form-factor and sandblasted stainless steel finish give an aesthetic attractiveness that’s lacking in many an external hard drive. …
Kenny Hemphill, 17 Feb 2012
Freecom Mobile Drive XXS Leather

Freecom looks to leather for drive dress

Freecom has introduced a leather-clad external hard drive. Kinky. Freecom Mobile Drive XXS Leather Actually, it's branded the XXS rather than XXX, so picture a drive that looks like it's in a case rather than a second skin. Freecom Mobile Drive XXS Leather The Mobile Drive XXS Leather - to give it its full name - is a 2. …
Hard Reg, 16 May 2011
The Register breaking news

Freecom touts 'world's skinniest' mobile HDD

Freecom claims its new Mobile Drive Mg, an external HDD for Mac users, is the thinnest drive of its kind in the world. Bad luck, Freecom - Hitachi got there first, with its G-Drive Slim, also 10mm thick. Freecom Mobile Drive Mg Thin it may be, but that doesn't prevent it from packing in the latest in connectivity tech, USB 3 …
Tony Smith, 11 Jan 2011
Freecom CLS

Freecom Mobile Drive CLS storage

Review The turn of the century spelled the death of VHS and cassette tapes, along with the plastic cases they came in. Fast-forward to 2010, and you can once again store your data in a translucent case with a paper label adorned with an indecipherable scrawl. Freecom CLS The new tape? Freecom's Mobile Drive CLS Indeed, the …
Shaun Dormon, 1 Nov 2010
Freecom Data Recover Service

Hardware biggest cause of HDD failure, says Freecom

External hard drive maker Freecom has revealed that almost half of all hard drive crashes are caused by hardware failure. While launching a new, low-cost data recovery service, Freecom said its internal estimates suggest manufacturing flaws and age together account for 49 per cent of all hard drive failures. By contrast, …
Tony Smith, 23 Mar 2010
Freecom Network Media Centre

Freecom Network Media Centre

Review Sleek aluminium housings are all the rage with hard disk manufacturers, and Freecom’s Network Media Centre is no exception. Available in capacities from 1TB to 2TB, this single-disk Nas box promises to be your ultimate home media server thanks to the inclusion of UPNP/DLNA streaming support, an FTP server, a BitTorrent client …
Shaun Dormon, 17 Feb 2010
Freecom Secure

Freecom Secure

Review We've seen a fair few hard drives with built-in fingerprint readers, but here's one that uses RFID cards instead of digits. Freecom Secure Freecom's Hard Drive Secure: there's a RFID reader behind the drive's glossy front The notion is simple: if you want to access the data on the drive, you'll need to touch the unit with …
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2009
Freecom XS

Freecom Hard Drive XS

Review Freecom appears to be taking a leap out of LaCie's book. Once known for cheap but plain looking storage products, Freecom has been bitten by the design bug. Freecom XS Freecom's XS: do hard drives really need clothing-style labels? Take the XS, claimed by its maker to be the world's smallest external 3.5in hard drive. This …
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2009
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

First USB 3.0 hard drives fall short of SuperSpeed speed

External hard drive makers Buffalo and Freecom are jostling to become the first firms of their kidney to kit out product with a USB 3.0 - aka SuperSpeed - interface. Buffalo's DriveStation HD-HXU3 is a desktop unit that will come in 1, 1.5 and 2TB capacities. Freecom, on the other hand, will offer the XS 3.0, which will be …
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2009
Freecom MediaPlayer II

Freecom MediaPlayer II 500GB

Review Despite its name, the Freecom MediaPlayer II is more than just media streamer - it's a Nas box too. So, not only can you use it to play video files in your lounge, but it's easy to get content on to it as well. Just hook it up to your network, and drag and drop what you want to watch. Freecom MediaPlayer II Freecom's …
Will Head, 15 Sep 2009
Freecom XS

Freecom pitches 'credit card' USB drive

Freecom may say its new Hard Drive XS is "the size of a credit card", but as the following picture shows, there's a bit more to the mini storage add-on than that. Freecom XS Same footprint, but not the same thickness. And we're not sure how many wallets this so-called "wallet-sized" drive will fit easily into either... They …
Tony Smith, 17 Aug 2009

Freecom adds RFID to HDD

Freecom has launched an external HDD that will only grant you access to its data if you’re the bearer of the keycard. Freecom_Hard_Drive_Secure Freecom's Hard Drive Secure: controlled using an RFID card Admission to the Hard Drive Secure is controlled by an RFID card which you swipe once over the HDD to lock it and again …

World's slimmest 3.5in external HDD uncovered

Freecom has unveiled what it’s claimed is the world’s smallest 3.5in desktop hard drive. Freecom_hard_drive_XS Freecom's 3.5in Hard Drive XS The 180 x 112.5 x 30mm Hard Drive XS weighs in at just 860g, yet will provide a storage capacity of 1TB. Its rubber body should help minimise any risk of your sweaty hands dropping …
James Sherwood, 12 May 2009
Freecom ToughDrive Sport

Freecom ToughDrive Sport

Review Ever thought of climbing the Eiger with a USB hard drive dangling from your belt? Just in case you were, you might find the Freecom ToughDrive Sport is the missing link as you boulderly go. It even comes supplied with a carabiner hook and there’s a picture of some formidable peak on the packaging to tempt you. Freecom …
Bob Dormon, 21 Apr 2009

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