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The line for the Apple iPhone - not the cable car.

App maker defends selling S.F. parking spots as a free speech issue

The head of embattled app-maker MonkeyParking says the city of San Francisco is violating the US Constitution by ordering the company to shut down its parking application. Paolo Dobrowolny, CEO and cofounder of the company, said that the cease and desist order delivered by City Attorney Dennis Herrera misunderstands how the …
Shaun Nichols, 26 Jun 2014
Supreme Court Building

Are Facebook rants about harming your wife protected free speech? US Supremes to decide

The US Supreme Court is to decide whether violent threats or images posted on Facebook and other social networks constitute free speech or a criminal act, in the case of a man who made comments about his estranged wife. Anthony Elonis wrote about killing his wife publicly on Facebook and also posted other comments and images …
putin topless

'Think of the children', Putin tells startup-land

Russian president Vladimir Putin has told a startup forum that the country isn't trying to clamp down on Internet freedoms, but is merely focussed on child protection. Reuters reports that Vlad has deployed the “think of the children” angle while trying to hose down fears that Moscow is tightening its grip on freedom of …

ECHR rejects free speech plea over offensive online comments

In the US it is different, but in the European Union, free speech is no defence for a publication when readers make defamatory comments on its website. Setting this in stone, the European Court of Human Rights yesterday rejected a plea from a leading Estonian news website contesting on human rights grounds a fine for offensive …
Drew Cullen, 11 Oct 2013
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Twitter, Facebook are 'a MENACE to society', says Turkey's PM

Turkey's Prime Minister has labelled Twitter and other social networks as "the worst menace to society" following days of unrest in the country. Recep Tayyip Erdogan's comments came after tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Istanbul to protest against government plans to demolish a public park to build a …
Team Register, 3 Jun 2013
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Free speechers want into Apple and Samsung sealed court filings

A coalition of media and free speech advocates have tried to convince a US court that sealed documents in Apple and Samsung's patent smackdown should be made public. The group, which includes news outlets like the New York Times and Bloomberg along with nonprofits like the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, told the …
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EU-wide mega-Leveson 'needed' to silence Press, bloggers

A group reporting to the European Commission has recommended the regulation of the media and bloggers. It also called for the creation of several new regulatory apparatus for fining, monitoring and chivvying the Press. The tiny team - two law experts and "new media" attention-seeker Ben Hammersley - are billed as the "High- …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jan 2013
Someone demanding freedom of speech

Civil society NGOs under threat, says Access

Attacks on the freedom-of-speech community worldwide seemed to grow in 2011, according to umbrella organization Access. The group, whose members include civil society NGOs around the world, says the security and “cyber warfare” skills available to activists don’t match the skills available to their attackers – whether they are …
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Solicitors from hell website unplugged by libel judge

A website that allows users to 'name and shame' lawyers whose services they are unhappy with has been ordered to close after the High Court ruled its publisher had breached libel, data protection and harassment laws. The High Court ruled that should be shut down and its publisher Rick Kordowski …
OUT-LAW.COM, 29 Dec 2011
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Saudi prince buys $300m sliver of Twitter

A Saudi prince whose investment company claims to have a fondness for free speech has plopped $300m into the coffers of Twitter, the 140-characters-at-a-time social networking service widely touted as an enabler of this year's Arab Spring. "Our investment in Twitter reaffirms our ability in identifying suitable opportunities …
Rik Myslewski, 19 Dec 2011
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Judge dismisses charges against accused Twitter stalker

A federal judge has dismissed a criminal case against a man charged with stalking a religious leader on Twitter on the grounds that the more than 8,000 messages he posted, some predicting her violent death, were protected by the US constitution. Thursday's ruling by US District Judge Roger W. Titus of Maryland was among the …
Dan Goodin, 16 Dec 2011
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Assange shocker: 'Of course I'm a goddamn journalist'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is running out of patience with those who question his rightful membership with the fourth estate. Just hours after receiving Australia's Walkley Award for "recognition of long-term commitment and achievement in the Australian media," Assange appeared by Skype at the News World Summit in Hong …
Dan Goodin, 28 Nov 2011
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Feds win access to WikiLeakers Twitter account data

US Justice Department investigators have won a hard-fought campaign to access the Twitter records of three current and former WikiLeaks associates, rebuffing arguments that the document demand violated the constitutional right to free speech and a prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures. In a 60-page opinion …
Dan Goodin, 11 Nov 2011
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WikiLeaks on verge of financial collapse, founder says

WikiLeaks will temporarily stop publishing so members can address a cash shortage that could cause the whistleblower site to financially collapse by the end of the year, founder Julian Assange said on Monday. The dire financial picture comes 10 months after PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and other payment services significantly …
Dan Goodin, 24 Oct 2011
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Vandal posts official's nude pic to protest cell shutdown

Online vandals protesting the recent shutdown of cellphone service at San Francisco subway stations posted a nude photo of the transit agency spokesman who took responsibility for the highly controversial move. The image of Linton Johnson, chief spokesman for Bay Area Rapid Transit, was posted Wednesday afternoon to a page on …
Dan Goodin, 24 Aug 2011
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Site appeals feds' unprecedented domain seizure

The Spanish operator of a website related to sports has petitioned for the return of two domain names seized by the US government in an unprecedented campaign that confiscates the addresses without first giving owners a chance to defend themselves in court. Puerto 80, the owner of and, said in a …
Dan Goodin, 14 Jun 2011
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Comcast 'Tweetgate' apology thrown back in face

In a corporate cock-up with more angles than an anorexic runway model, Comcast has splattered mud on itself in its attempt to silence a critic, and that critic's organization has cast itself as a holier-than-thou prig. We'll boil down the background to this tangled tale of ego and incompetence into seven simple steps: In …
Rik Myslewski, 21 May 2011
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Super-injunction Twitter user in contempt of court if tweets were true

A Twitter user who claims to have posted information that is banned from publication by the UK courts on the social network site could be found in contempt of court, a media law expert has said. The anonymous user posted six 'tweets' claiming to reveal the identity of celebrities who have obtained super-injunctions banning the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 May 2011

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