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Google Cardboard VR

Google's Cardboard cutout VR headgear given away GRATIS by OnePlus ... SELLS OUT

Google's VR face goggles, dubbed Cardboard, were being given away for free, plus shipping by OnePlus. Until – that is – the smartphone maker sold out of the devices. The marketing stunt appeared to have paid off for the Chinese firm, at least in shipment fees ($5 a pop) and publicity. OnePlus was offering a modified version …
Team Register, 4 Jul 2015
Kim Dotcom at the NZ parliamentary hearing

Kim Dotcom flails desperately, launches chat service

Kim Dotcom has set off on his new service to challenge Skype and other video platforms. The Megaupload boss has put forth the beta release of his MegaChat service with a Tweet: #MegaChat beta step by step. Starting with video calling today. Text chat & video conferencing will follow soon. — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 22 …
Shaun Nichols, 23 Jan 2015
Bart Simpson

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year

Microsoft is planning a big push for Windows 10 and will be giving away the new operating system to Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8 users in the first year of release. "With Windows 10, we think of the operating system as 'Windows as a service'," said Terry Myerson, Microsoft's VP of operating systems. "In next few …
Iain Thomson, 21 Jan 2015

Be real, Apple: In-app goodie grab games AREN'T FREE – EU

Apple’s "free" apps are "free" no more, thanks to the EU. Instead of clicking a button labelled with the word, fanbois must now select a button marked “get”. The move appears to be in response to warnings from the European Commission that the “free” label is misleading when games contain in-app purchases and could lead to …
Jennifer Baker, 20 Nov 2014
Reading Room British Library, St Pancras by Paul Grundy.

UK libraries trial free access to scientific research

Hundreds of thousands of journal articles are to be made available to the public in Blighty's local libraries after a government consultation on how to expand access to publicly funded research. The Access to Research Initiative is kicking off a two-year pilot programme today, after major publishers like the Nature Group, …
The Register breaking news

New York's Chelsea gets free Wi-Fi courtesy of Google

Google is setting up a free outdoor Wi-Fi zone around its New York headquarters in the Chelsea district, making it available to local residential homes and schools. At a press conference on Tuesday, New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that free Wi-Fi was a "great idea" and the city has already wired up 20 public parks in …
Iain Thomson, 8 Jan 2013
The Register breaking news

FREE mobile data – if you dance for our advertisers, monkeyboy

FreedomPop launches Monday, offering free mobile data across the US to those who have WiMAX coverage and don't look too closely at the small print. The headline promise is clear enough: "100% free high speed internet - any device, anywhere", and the name of Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom lends the project credibility, but …
Bill Ray, 1 Oct 2012
The Register breaking news

Google bins its free music service in China

Google is closing its free, legal music offering in China – signalling another retreat from the worlds’ biggest internet market. Google didn’t offer much of a case for closing the service, beyond admitting it wasn’t very popular. “We [have] decided to close the music search service in China, turning our focus towards more …
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2012
The Register breaking news

China passes the US in free iPad app downloads

It's official: China has more cheapskate iPad fanbois than any other country on earth. According to a report released Tuesday by the app store analysts at Distimo, last month was the first time that the US fell from number one in free iPad-app downloads, dethroned by China. During February, Chinese iPad users downloaded over 1 …
Rik Myslewski, 28 Mar 2012
The Register breaking news

Virgin mulls handing out free Wi-Fi

Virgin Media is talking to local authorities about providing free metro Wi-Fi, using bandwidth that's lying fallow while all its domestic customers are at work. The idea was alluded to during the investor's call last week, and responding to questions the company's CEO Neil Berkett confirmed that Virgin Media was in "advanced …
Bill Ray, 2 Aug 2011
The Register breaking news

US loses last chance for free wireless

An audacious plan to provide free wireless internet access across the US has finally been killed off by the FCC, much to the delight of the cellular industry. Last Friday the FCC officially notified M2Z Networks that the AWS-3 spectrum would be auctioned off towards the middle of next year, along with a load of other spectrum …
Bill Ray, 2 Sep 2010
The Register breaking news

Fanboi's delight - the top ten free iPad apps

Either you just bought an iPad and you wallet is now depleted, you're thinking of buying one and you'd like to know how you can stuff it with apps for zero dollars, or you're simply curious about how free iPad apps compare with free iPhone apps. Or you're merely intrigued by the whole media-fed iPad hysteria. In any case, The …
Rik Myslewski, 9 Apr 2010
The Register breaking news

iTunes gifts Blighty 12 freebies of Christmas

iTunes (UK) has a Christmas present for you - 12 of them, to be exact. Unfortunately, as will be true for most gifts you'll receive this holiday season, you don't get to choose what you'll receive. The 12 Days of Christmas promo runs from December 26 through January 6, and it will bestow upon European iTunesters a daily tune, …
Rik Myslewski, 5 Dec 2009
The Register breaking news

Google rolls out UK smart-meter cloud service

Updated Everyone's favourite advertising company, Google, has today announced the UK roll out of its "PowerMeter" home-electricity-consumption cloud service. The idea is that users of certain home 'leccy meters will for some reason read them via Google's servers, rather than using the online services that come with the meters. Google' …
Lewis Page, 28 Oct 2009
The Register breaking news

WiReD editor 'fesses to churnalism

WiReD magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson has copped to lifting chunks of material for his second book Free from Wikipedia and other sources without credit. But it could be about to get a lot worse. In addition to the Wikipedia cut'n'pastes, Anderson appears to have lifted passages from several other texts too. And in a …
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jun 2009
The Register breaking news

FCC boss spices Puritan wireless plan

FCC chairman Kevin Martin has added some kick to his plan for a free nationwide wireless network, flirting with the possibility of dropping at least a portion of the zero-cost spectrum straight into the hands of mobile developers. As we reported earlier this week, the FCC is set to vote on Martin's plan at its December 18 …
Cade Metz, 4 Dec 2008
The Register breaking news

FCC eyes free puritanical wireless vote

The Federal Communications Commission is set to consider chairman Kevin Martin's plan for free US-wide puritanical wireless broadband at its next meeting on December 18. Last week, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Martin circulated a new version of the proposal among his four fellow commissioners, and according to an FCC …
Cade Metz, 1 Dec 2008
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OpenBSD 4.4 released

The 25th release of the free BSD Unix-like operating system has been made available. OpenBSD 4.4 offers new improved drivers including support for the Intel G33 and G35 chipsets and a variety of new Wi-Fi chips. It also boosts better ACPI support for some Asus and Thinkpad notebooks. The software can be downloaded from …
Kelly Fiveash, 3 Nov 2008

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