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Look out, Brussels: Google's moving the goalposts, barks price comparison rival

Google’s leading European competition critics say its search results are a “significant leak in its money-making machines,” drawing regulators attentions to the ad giant’s conflicts of interests. The FairSearch founders, Adam and Shivaun Raff, accuse Google of moving the goalposts in the battle over price comparison engines, …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2016
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UK lawsuit against Google delayed by EU antitrust investigation

A lawsuit against Google over alleged search manipulation has been adjourned, after a judge ruled it was "inappropriate" to hold the trial while the European Commission was pursuing its anti-trust case. Court News UK is reporting that a High Court trial "between Infederation, the operator of, and Google, has been …

Google rival BLASTS Almunia 'n' pals for settlement proposals

The lead complainant against Google in the ongoing European antitrust case has accused the Competition Commission led by Joaquin Almunia of "misleading" other Commissioners and the European Parliament about the search giant’s proposals to resolve the matter. In an open letter (PDF) to the Commissioner on Wednesday, search and …
Jennifer Baker, 23 Jul 2014

'Fatal flaws' in Google's revised search antitrust overhaul, says Foundem

Google calls web search engine results to its own services "triggers". If you ask Google to define the word "trigger", it speedily returns the following result at the top of the page: "noun a small device that releases a spring or catch and so sets off a mechanism, especially in order to fire a gun." The ad giant's rivals may …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Nov 2013
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Foundem urges Brussels: REJECT Google's search biz offer

UK-based price-comparison site Foundem has urged competition officials in Brussels to reject Google's formal offer of concessions, which is intended to address the ad giant's alleged abuse of dominance in Europe's search market. Google commands a hefty 90 per cent share of the search business in the European Union. In April, …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 May 2013
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El Reg drills into Google's search biz offer to Europe

Analysis Google's formal offer of concessions to European Commission competition officials - over allegations that the ad giant had abused its dominance of the search market in the EU - have finally been made public. As we reported on Thursday, rivals now have one month to scrutinise Google's proposals and then tell antitrust chief …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Apr 2013
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Give Google a COLD HARD SLAP - web rivals' plea to Euro watchdog

The European Commission is under fresh pressure to stop Google from allegedly stifling rivals by favouring its own products in its search engine results. Almost a dozen web companies want Brussels to issue a Statement of Objections, which would be a first step in bringing charges against the advertising giant. In a joint …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Mar 2013
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Google submits remedy proposals to EU antitrust chief - ICOMP

Updated Google has submitted a new round of proposals to the competition wing of the European Commission, which has fingered the search giant for possible "dominance abuse", according to ICOMP. It would appear that its latest effort to offer a remedy to antitrust concerns laid out last year by Commissioner Joaquin Almunia came at the …
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Jan 2013
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Google makes 'proposal' to Europe on antitrust concerns

Google has submitted what it described as a "proposal" to antitrust officials in Brussels that the search giant said addresses the "abuse of dominance" claims outlined by competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia in May this year. The company, which has been investigated by the EC since November 2010 over allegations that it …
Kelly Fiveash, 2 Jul 2012
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Google snubs Euro watchdog's 'abuse of dominance' claims

Google remains at loggerheads with anti-competition officials in Brussels, who today went public for the first time with concerns about the search giant's "abuses of dominance". The company's European public policy spokesman Al Verney has told Reuters that Google was disappointed by the European competition commissioner's …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 May 2012
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EU probes 'nature of concerns' from Google rivals

UK-based vertical search engine Foundem – which spearheaded antitrust investigations into Google in the US and Europe – is patiently awaiting a response from competition officials in Brussels, who are meticulously scrutinising complaints from the internet giant's rivals. A 400-page statement of objections had been expected to …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Jan 2012
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Antitrust nemesis accuses Google of 'WMD program'

Foundem – the UK-based vertical search engine that sparked antitrust investigations into Google on both sides of the Atlantic – has accused the web giant of demoting vertical search competitors with the latest major update to its famous search algorithms, an update officially aimed at reducing "webspam". In a document (PDF) …
Cade Metz, 1 Sep 2011
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French search engine seeks multi-million euro damages from Google

A French search engine is demanding damages of €295m from Google, in a legal spat over Mountain View's dominance of the market. 1plusV, a local rival to Google in France, alleged that Mountain View's command of the search engine biz had blocked the development of services offered by competitors in the country. The French …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jun 2011
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Culture minister rejects calls for UK probe of Google search biz

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has rejected calls for UK regulators to investigate Google's search business practices. Tory MP Dominic Raab asked Vaizey to comment on why the Office of Fair Trading or indeed the Competition Commission hadn't undertaken their own probes into Google's search product, which currently has a 95 per …
Kelly Fiveash, 6 Apr 2011
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Why US antitrust regulators should probe Google search

Comment The word is that the US Department of Justice may sue Google over its proposed $700m acquisition of flight data outfit ITA Software. And we can only hope that the feds have far more than flight data on the brain. As it investigates whether Google could use its web search monopoly to erect a second monopoly in the flight search …
Cade Metz, 25 Mar 2011
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Google contradicts own counsel in face of antitrust probe

Google has admitted that it uses whitelists to manually override its search algorithms, more than a year after its European corporate counsel denied the existence of whitelists when defending the company against antitrust complaints in the EU. According to Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts – the head of Google's webspam team – …
Cade Metz, 11 Mar 2011
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Google opens curtain on 'manual' search penalties

When the world learned that EU antitrust regulators were investigating claims that Google unfairly manipulated its search results at the expense of competitors, Google's European corporate counsel was unequivocal in her defense of the company. "We don’t whitelist or blacklist anyone,” Julia Holtz told journalists in Brussels …
Cade Metz, 18 Feb 2011
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Google, antitrust, and the 'Copygate' hypocrisy

Comment Google built a multi-billion-dollar advertising empire atop a service that does little more than copy information from other sources. And yet it chastises others when they do the copying. It's an irony that could land the company in some very hot water. Google made (countless) headlines last week when, after an intricate " …
Cade Metz, 9 Feb 2011

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