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The seven types of commentard

Throw out your old definition of online communities as comprised only of lurkers and contributors commentards. A team of academics has come up with seven categories of people who hang out online, and the same number of post types. The new classification reached the light of day in the February 2012 issue of International …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Mar 2012
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Hey Commentards! This pre-populated 'reply to' is for you

We took our time to remove this niggle, but you should like this little update: If you click the "reply" button on a comment containing a headline your "Title field" is now pre-populated with "Re: (same headline)" You can if you like change this to insert your own headline or - if you are perverse, depopulate the field …
Drew Cullen, 15 Feb 2012
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El Reg's comments policy? It's all in moderation

The Register has changed its comments moderation policy, making the UK's biggest IT pro talking shop even more immediate, enthralling and noisy. As of right now we have moved to a hybrid moderation model for comments. Over 95 per cent of comments will go straight on to the site, rather than being individually moderated by our …
Drew Cullen, 2 Feb 2012
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The Register Comments Guidelines

The Register operates a hybrid moderation policy. Here's how it works. The vast majority of comments will appear on the site automatically. This is because we trust you to follow the house rules. But just in case ... we have a mechanism for readers to report comments. The moderators will continue to deal with any comments and …
Joe Fay, 1 Feb 2012
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Expert to finger air steward commentards who 'harassed' pilot

A trade union has been ordered to let an independent expert examine its computer database to try to identify anonymous users of a forum it operated who allegedly defamed and harassed an airline pilot. The High Court said its order was both necessary and proportionate and rejected claims made by the Unite union that the scope …
OUT-LAW.COM, 1 Feb 2012
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Hey Commentards! [This title is optional]

Site news Yesterday, we added three new features for Reg commentards. The most obvious - and many of you spotted this already - is that commenters no longer have to write a title to accompany their post. We like headlines but many of you don't, so this is our gift to you. We have introduced a new sorting option - now can you arrange …
Drew Cullen, 9 Sep 2011
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Google closes Android developer complaint forums

Google is shutting down the Marketplace forums which have, until now, required Android developers to resolve their problems in public and without much in the way of official support. Developers who have questions about the Android Marketplace are now being asked to submit those questions directly to Google – hopefully …
Bill Ray, 23 Aug 2011
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Apple smears Web2.0rhea across online support

Apple has moved its online support discussion forum into Web 2.0–land by inaugurating a new social-networking service called Apple Support Communities (ASC). The ASC service has been a long time in gestation: it was first announced in mid-August of last year – so long ago that one of the topics discussed in the original …
Rik Myslewski, 18 Apr 2011
Dragon Age II

EA coughs to Dragon Age II user ban 'mistake'

EA has responded to the Bioware forum user banned from installing Dragon Age II - by apologising for the "mistake" and reinstating the account. After asking on the forum if BioWare has "sold their souls to the EA devil", user 'Vware' was promptly banned, albeit only on a temporary basis. However, this affected the install of …
Caleb Cox, 15 Mar 2011
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Blizzard exposes real names on WoW forums

World of Warcraft forums are "where flame wars, trolling, and other unpleasantness run wild", says Blizzard, the publisher of the mega-online game. And it thinks it knows how to get everyone to behave more nicely. With the next iteration of its forum, the company is to publish users' real names in full on official …
Drew Cullen, 7 Jul 2010
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Apple, Google, Microsoft – are you a Brand Taliban or Brand Evangelist?

Day in, day out commenters do battle on Reg forums behalf or against companies. It used to be Microsoft, and then Google, but lately our readers are most polarized when discussing Apple. Why the passion, the animus? As some commentards note, we are talking about a phone here, a way of doing things there, and a software-based …
Drew Cullen, 23 Jun 2010
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Microsoft kills off newsgroups

Microsoft is killing off its newsgroups and encouraging users to move to forums instead. The software giant has over 2,000 public groups covering its various products, as well as 2,200 private groups for the likes of Microsoft resellers. But from June 2010 these will be moved to revamped forums on TechNet, MSDN and Microsoft …
John Oates, 5 May 2010
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Kids' sites 'must register moderators'

Organisations with interactive websites likely to be used mainly by children must ensure that staff moderating the sites are not barred from working with children from October. It will be a criminal offence for an organisation to knowingly employ a barred person for a regulated role, such as moderating children's sites. The …
OUT-LAW.COM, 4 Feb 2009
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Hello, this is Oracle - we're not in right now

The technical forums for Oracle's entire software and services catalogue - a support and collaboration resource for thousands worldwide - have been down for two-days. Visitors to the database giant's forums, described by Oracle as containing 2.5 million messages about "every conceivable nuance of using Oracle products or …
Gavin Clarke, 29 Aug 2008

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