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An old race car

Microsoft's AI is so good it steered Renault into bottom of the F1 league

Microsoft on Sunday bragged its artificial intelligence technology is behind the, er, success of the massively underperforming Renault Formula One team. In a poorly timed bit of marketing, the Redmond software giant talked up its partnership with the racing team just as the latter finds itself sitting 433 points behind leader …
Shaun Nichols, 18 Sep 2017
Mclaren F1 car with NTT logo

NTT slips into ITC cockpit at F1 legends McLaren

Notoriously secretive F1 team McLaren-Honda is set to race into the cloud with a worldwide tech partnership with Japanese teclo NTT Communications. Speaking to journalists at McLaren’s Woking HQ team, McLaren Technology Group chairman and CEO Ron Dennis said data and analytics played a key role in the McLaren operation. The …
Joe Fay, 8 Jul 2016
Man faceplants in airbag

Wheely, wheely mad: Petrolheads fume over buggy Formula One app

Furious Formula One fans are fed up with the glitzy motor racing contest's official mobile app, which spews out inaccurate driver information and regularly buckles on customers. Worse still, petrolheads who downloaded the app on to their Android and iOS devices were charged a one-off £26 subscription fee for unlimited access …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 May 2015
Williams Mercedes FW37

BT inks deal with Williams F1 for go-faster cloudy goodness

The Williams Formula 1 racing team has sealed a cloud services deal with one-time state telco monopoly BT. This will give the racing team fixed and mobile comms in what they have called a “a multi-year strategic technology partnership”. The deal means BT gets its logos on the headrests of this year's Williams Mercedes FW37 car …
Simon Rockman, 11 Mar 2015
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Mosley thrash'n'tickle vid case against Google opens in Hamburg

Google is being sued in a Hamburg court by Max Mosley, who is claiming that the company has broken German privacy laws by continuing to host a video online which shows the erstwhile Formula One chief engaging in a sordid sex pantomime. Mosley told the Leveson Inquiry nearly a year ago that he would bring a lawsuit against …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Sep 2012
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Anonymous crashes Formula One site over Bahrain protests

Hackers claiming to be from Anonymous have taken down the official Formula One website as protests grow over this weekend's controversial Grand Prix in the Kingdom of Bahrain. "The F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain should be strongly opposed. The Al Khalifa regime stands to profit heavily off the race and has promised to use live …
Iain Thomson, 20 Apr 2012

El Reg takes a spin round Team Lotus's F1 factory

Team Lotus started out with four people in late 2009, and has grown to 200 people and two Formula One cars today. It only got a guaranteed place on the starting grid in December 2009 - and then had to create a team, a car and an infrastructure in four months. Sorting out a normal office network and backup systems in that time …
John Oates, 21 Jan 2011
F1 2010

F1 2010

Review Reverse is a gear not often associated with Formula One, a sport entirely focused on hurtling forwards at breakneck speeds of up to 220mph. But it's one the sport had to engage in recent seasons to reverse a seemingly inexorable decline in popularity. F1 2010 Going off grid - the revolutions begin Several factors combined …
Andrew Bailey, 1 Oct 2010

Jaguar-Land Rover to develop F1-style energy recovery tech

'Leccy Tech Reg Hardware has never really shared Formula One President Max Mosley's belief that the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology that will be allowed in the sport from this year will filter down to road cars. Just goes to show how wrong we can be. Today, Lancashire-based transmission expert Torotrak announced it is …
Alun Taylor, 18 Mar 2009

F1 chiefs ready post-prang battery safety scheme

'Leccy Tech The introduction of KERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems - into Formula 1 has not been without mishap. There was a battery fire at Red Bull, and a BMW engineer received a nasty electric shock during a test at the Jerez circuit in Spain. Now F1 safety supremo Charlie Whiting has announced that track marshals will be issued …
Alun Taylor, 28 Jan 2009

Formula One kinetic energy recovery rigs debut

Formula One Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) are becoming like London buses – nothing for weeks then two come along together. Almost simultaneously, Bosch and Magneti Marelli have announced they will be supplying “off-the-shelf” KERS for the 2009 F1 Grand Prix season. The Magneti Marelli system was initially shown to …
Alun Taylor, 20 Nov 2008
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MI5 spy wife was Formula One chief's Teutonic thrash tart

The case of Formula One boss Max Mosley and his uniformed prostitute flagellation orgy took a new twist over the weekend, as it emerged that one of the ladies of negotiable affection involved was married to an MI5 operative. The Sunday Times reports that the Security Service (MI5) officer in question was forced to resign last …
Lewis Page, 19 May 2008
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F1 chief seeks French ban on orgy video

Formula One boss Max Mosley is seeking a French ban on the video footage showing him engaging in unsavoury activities with five prostitutes. The footage was published on so many websites that a UK judge ruled such a ban would have no practical difference because it had already been widely distributed. The film was briefly …
John Oates, 18 Apr 2008

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