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Hawk hits drone

Bird of HEY.... that's MY DRONE! Hawk attacks geek's quadcopter in nature v machine clash

Vid A man in the Boston area of the United States has captured remarkable footage of a hawk strike – at the expense of his quadcopter drone. Christopher Schmidt said he was flying his hobby craft in Cambridge earlier this week when a hawk began to circle. Schmidt, who equipped the quadcopter with a GoPro camera, said he powered …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Oct 2014

Huge FOUR-winged dino SPREAD LEGS to KILL – scientists

Flabbers around the world were gasted this week, as news emerged of a previously unknown flying dinosaur equipped with feathered legs – giving it the ability to make precision landings or attacks on its prey. Feathery death from above The 125-million-year-old dinosaur is of the Microraptor group and is named Changyuraptor …
Lewis Page, 16 Jul 2014
using mobile when, er, upwardly mobile

Ofcom says yes to sat broadband on PLANES (and trains and ships)

A generous allocation of 4,128 MHz worth of spectrum running from 27.5GHz to 30GHz (albeit not contiguous) will give data speeds of 50Mbit/sec to a single plane or ship and an estimated 10Mbit/sec per user thanks to a new frequency allocation from Ofcom. The ruling allows "Earth station antennas" on moving vehicles which will …
Simon Rockman, 22 Jan 2014
Jellyfish flying robot

Our TINY flying robot moves like a JELLYFISH, say NYU boffins

Boffins have already come up with mini-robots that can fly like helicopters and others that fly like insects – but the latest flying bot moves through the air rather unusually, in the same way that a jellyfish swims. Jellyfish flying robot Still from a video of the jellyfish flying bot, which can be seen here. Researchers …

FLIGHTMARE! Inflight cell calling debuts, dealing heavy blow to quality of life

Flying cattle class on most carriers is usually an unpleasant business but it's about to get a lot worse thanks to Gogo, which has figured out a way to let passengers make calls and texts from their mobiles while in flight. Gogo already provides in-flight Wi-Fi for flights using a network of ground stations that an aircraft …
Iain Thomson, 9 Nov 2013
An aeroplane, credit: WikiCommons

Fondling slabs during takeoff WON'T end in a fireball of death - report

The Federal Aviation Administration's advisory committee reckons it's safe for air passengers to read ebooks and use tablets during takeoff and landing – as long as the built-in radios remain switched off. The US governmental body in charge of air transport isn't obliged to follow the recommendation of the 28-member committee …
Bill Ray, 30 Sep 2013
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HALF of air passengers leave phones on ... yet STILL no DEATH PLUNGE

Almost half of UK flyers admit not bothering to switch their phones to flight mode (or off) while in the air, despite the dire warnings. While most just forget, the rest think they know better. The numbers come from holiday booking outfit, who asked almost 2,000 UK flyers about their mobile phone use and found …
Bill Ray, 1 Aug 2013
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More Wi-Fi in the sky: FCC to help keep US flyers tweeting

The US spectrum regulator wants to release 500MHz of radio spectrum for aircraft backhaul, creating cheaper connectivity for passengers taking their entertainment into their own hands. Seventy per cent of American flyers take electronic devices with them, making the screen-back displays increasingly redundant, but mid-air …
Bill Ray, 10 May 2013
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Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings

Updated A Dutch bloke has taken to the air by flapping his arms, proving that humans can fly with the right technology, plenty of time and friends to help with the build. Jarno Smeets flew using wings of his own design, built over the course of a year, and managed to spend a decent minute in the air – longer than the Wright Brothers …
Bill Ray, 21 Mar 2012
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FAA mulls scrapping in-flight iPad, Kindle ban

The FAA is planning a "fresh look" at the use of gadgets during take off and landing, reasoning that if pilots are using them then it's probably OK for passengers too. Talking to the New York Times, the US Federal Aviation Authority said it was bored of waiting for airlines to take the initiative in testing whether electronics …
Bill Ray, 19 Mar 2012

Stream vids to your laptop ON A PLANE ... but prepare to pay

American Airlines is to start offering to stream video to passengers' own kit, as long as that kit is a laptop computer and the passenger doesn't mind paying for the experience. The service offers 100 movies and TV shows, priced at $4 and $1 respectively, which can be streamed during flights on the airline's entire fleet of …
Bill Ray, 5 Aug 2011
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VTOL gyro-copter flying car mates with killer robot

A flying-car company which has struggled for 15 years to win acceptance for its radical gyrocopter/aeroplane technology may have finally broken through into the mainstream. It was announced this week that Carter Aviation technologies - aspiring designer of the CarterCopter Personal Air Vehicle - has partnered with successful …
Lewis Page, 20 Nov 2009
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US clears the air for flying drones

Remotely controlled aircraft need frequencies in which to operate - and quite a lot of them, if the latest US submission to the World Radiocommunications Conference is to be believed. While the military might play fast and loose with unmanned aerial vehicles - to the point of crashing one or two - civilians tend to be more …
Bill Ray, 8 Oct 2009
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Flying 'Motorbike'/Reliant Robin 'to take off next year'

A radical "motorcycle" able to pop out a pair of wings and take to the skies will make its first flight next year, according to reports. Concept of the Switchblade 'sky bike' by Samson Motorworks More Trotters Independent Traders than Judge Dredd movie Lawmaster, really. The "Switchblade sky bike" from US firm Samson …
Lewis Page, 4 Aug 2009
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EMC saves earth from its own private jets

Opinion EMC demonstrated the inherent complexities of saving the planet as it began sponsoring a greenhouse gas supply chain initiative this week, just months after CEO Joe Tucci had a good look at the atmosphere from the comfort of a corporate jet. EMC is helping to pay for World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol …
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2009
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Humvee with frikkin laser on it takes out killer robot

US aerospace leviathan Boeing was delighted yesterday to announce that its Humvee-mounted "Laser Avenger" deathray weapon had shot down a small drone aircraft. The Avenger air-defence Hummer, with added raygun attachment Don't come in sight of me, robot. Well, not for too long. According to Boeing: Laser Avenger achieved …
Lewis Page, 27 Jan 2009
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Brit loonies adventurers headed to Timbuctoo by 'flying car'

An adventurous office developer and "extreme golfer" who was the first man to circumnavigate the UK by jetski now plans an expedition to Timbuctoo in a combination motorised parachute and dune buggy. The "Skycar" vehicle is described as "the world's first bio-fuelled flying car". Concept art from Parajet - the proposed "Road …
Lewis Page, 13 Jan 2009
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DARPA aim to make killer robots invulnerable to damage

Another icy chill of fear for the spine of those who understand the imminence of humanity's extinction at the hands of its erstwhile machine slaves arrived today. News has broken that sinister human quislings operating within the US military industrial complex intend to equip America's fast-building killer robot legions with …
Lewis Page, 16 Dec 2008

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