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Exploding femtocells: No need for a full recall, says Vodafone

Vodafone says that anxious customers of its home femtocell box are safe, despite experiencing continuing brownouts. Although Vodafone is replacing the Alcatel-made units on request, it has declined to carry out a full recall. Vodafone sells the Sure Signal V3 femtocell for £69 to help users with notspots in their home. But for …
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Apr 2017
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Three's 'Home Signal' femtocells fail, restore mobile black spots

Updated UK telco Three appears to be having problems with its Home Signal femtocells. The Home Signal is promoted as “a great way to make calls and send texts if you have trouble getting signal indoors” because it hooks a small mobile phone cell - a femtocell – into a DSL connection. For punters whose homes are in mobile blackspots, …

For pervasive 5G and IoT, prepare for wind turbines on cells

As growing user populations and hunger for mobile capacity drive ever-smaller cell sizes (even before the advent of 5G), electricity becomes a problem. A group of researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology reckon renewables will be the only way to power the small cell networks of the future. In this …
Allows signals to reack those difficult places

Ericsson resurrects not-spot swatter

Mobile phone hardware firm Ericsson has relaunched its Radio Dot indoor mobile base station, aimed at networks which want to provide indoor coverage for major corporate clients. The radio dot uses CAT5/6/7 to link to the radio unit The radio dot uses CAT5/6/7 to link to the radio unit Radio Dot is a system of small …
Simon Rockman, 30 Jun 2014

Femtocell flaw leaves Verizon subscribers' Wi-Fi and mobile wide open

Security researchers have demonstrated a flaw in femtocells that allows them to be used for eavesdropping on cellphone, email, and internet traffic. The hack was demonstrated on Verizon hardware, and the telco giant has issued an update to patch the vulnerability, but up to 30 other network carriers use systems with software …
Iain Thomson, 15 Jul 2013
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Spidercloud spins biz-wide webs for Mindspeed mini-masts

Enterprise-level private cellular networks will be as easy to fit as Wi-Fi. That's according to femtocell-leader Mindspeed, which has impregnated its chips with Spidercloud's wizardry to make small cells work better together. Mindspeed makes book-sized base stations that can configure themselves automatically once connected to …
Bill Ray, 12 Sep 2012
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French mobile femtocells vulnerable to rogue base station hack

Security researchers have detailed further flaws in the femtocell base station technology supplied by mobile carriers to consumers and small businesses as a means to improve 3G mobile connectivity in buildings by taking advantage of existing broadband connections. Security shortcomings in Vodafone's femtocell signal booster …
John Leyden, 9 Aug 2011
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Voda: Femtocell phone-hacking vuln was fixed in 2010

Vodafone said that claims of a vulnerability involving its femtotell base station technology relate to a flaw it fixed a year ago. Security shortcomings in Vodafone's femtocell signal booster technology create a possible means for hacker to intercept calls or impersonate users that connect via a compromised device, The Hacker' …
John Leyden, 14 Jul 2011
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MAJOR HACK: Voda femtocells open phones up to intercept

Updated Security researchers claim to have uncovered a serious security hole in Vodafone's mobile network. Security shortcomings in the femtocell technology supplied by the mobile phone giant create a means to extract information that would allow hackers to intercept calls or impersonate users that connect through a compromised device …
John Leyden, 14 Jul 2011
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Femtocells at tipping point: Don't want to become also-RANs

The femtocell industry gathered for its fourth annual world summit this week, and it was clear that significant progress had been made since the last London-based gathering. In June 2010, the tiny base stations had achieved wide acceptance as carrier controlled devices to improve indoor coverage and support offload. However, …
Wireless Watch, 26 Jun 2011
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That's the frequency, Kenneth

Last November we kicked off a competition to identify the radio frequencies used by various bits of kit around the modern home, and now we have a winner, and some explanatory notes. No one managed a clean sheet – of the 18 questions the maximum score was 16 and only a handful of readers managed that. But from the random hat we …
Bill Ray, 25 Apr 2011
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Optus launches '3G at home' femtocell

Optus has launched Australia’s first consumer femtocell service to a chorus of shrugs and yawns. Australians with a fixed broadband connection can now use that service to connect 3G devices with the device, marketed as Optus 3G Home Zone, ensuring that they can "get five bars" of 3G coverage in their homes. With the device …
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picoChip gulps another $20m

Bath-based femtocell specialist picoChip has raised another $20m in equity funding, but with a million chips already sold it's about rapid expansion rather than running costs. PicoChip designs chips for use in femtocells - very small base stations that connect over domestic broadband. As that market expands picoChip needs more …
Bill Ray, 15 Jun 2010
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Sure Signal not so sure

Vodafone's Sure Signal is supposed to provide connectivity to the disconnected, but for the last few days the service has been far from sure despite relying on customers paying twice. Punters who shelled out 50 quid on the promise of getting a connection over their own ADSL line, where no wireless service was available, have …
Bill Ray, 24 Mar 2010
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Femtocells in spotlight as new route to LTE

MWC As expected, femtocells are one of the big themes of this year's Mobile World Congress. Operators like Vodafone UK, its joint venture SFR in France, Softbank in Japan and AT&T in the US are getting serious about their HSPA femto deployments in the home, and the industry is looking ahead to 'greater femtocells' - the ones that …
Wireless Watch, 18 Feb 2010
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Femtocells wilt under attack

Security researchers have turned their attention to femtocells, and have discovered that gaining root on the tiny mobile base stations isn't as hard as one might hope. Researchers working for TrustWave will present details of their successful attacks against femtocells at the ShmooCon security conference next week in …
Bill Ray, 2 Feb 2010
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Vodafone revs up UK femtocell program

Last June, Vodafone UK became the first European operator to go live with femtocells, though the indoor base stations remained somewhat shadowy in the carrier's portfolio. Now it is bringing them out into the marketing daylight with a rebranding and a price cut. The device, originally called the Vodafone Access Gateway, is now …
Wireless Watch, 19 Jan 2010
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Femtocells know you're home again - but so what?

Intrinsyc has been demonstrating a handset app that changes the user's interface when they get home, though no one is mentioning the most obvious application. Intrinsyc demonstrated its application, UX-Zone, along with Airvane, ip.access and Ubiquisys to prove cross-manufacturer compatibility. The app runs on Windows Phone or …
Bill Ray, 16 Nov 2009

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