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Q: Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?

The BBC has simultaneously proved Betteridge's law of headlines and got the Daily Mail into a right tizz with an interactive piece entitled "Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?" The question arises ahead of the forthcoming Euro 2016 tournament as the result of some England footie fans' penchant for donning …
Lester Haines, 7 Jun 2016
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GE boffins build micro-lungs to cool PC innards

Researchers at General Electric has developed a new air-cooling system based on human lungs that's half the size of conventional computer fans but just as effective at keeping things chilly. GE cooler You just purse your lips and... (click to enlarge) The prototype uses 40mm by 40mm thin metal plates which are bonded to …
Iain Thomson, 12 Dec 2012
Dyson Hot

Dyson spouts hot air

Dyson unveiled another household appliance with a space-age twist this week, tweaking its range of Air Multipliers to include a heating element. The Dyson Hot has a similar look and feel to the company's other blowers, but warms rooms instead, with a target temperature you can set from the display on its base. It includes the …
Caleb Cox, 15 Sep 2011
Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson delivers new deskfan duo

Appliance giants Dyson has announced two additions to its deskfan range. Stepping away from the original loop design, the AM02 Tower Fan, available in iron/blue and all-silver finishes stands at approximately a metre tall. Designed to take up minimal floor space, it amplifies air 16 times, drawing in 33 litres each second. …
Caleb Cox, 22 Jun 2010

Brocade's file virtualisation efforts come to nought

Brocade's StorageX file virtualisation push is to end with a whimper, with the formal last ship date passing with a roadmap to nowhere, meaning support withdrawl in 2012. StorageX enables users to access files from a variety of physical file stores all virtualised into a single file pool with a global namespace. However, …
Chris Mellor, 12 Nov 2009
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Brit forces get hoverstare ducted-fan droid

The British armed forces are purchasing innovative backpackable ducted-fan hoverbots, intending to use them for checking ahead of ground convoys on the dangerous roads and tracks of Afghanistan. In you go, little guy - we're right behind you. The machines in question are the well-known Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), …
Lewis Page, 15 Jan 2009

La Cie's quiet fans

External storage supplier La Cie has found a way to quieten its external drives by adding staggered notches to the trailing edges of the fan blades. How does that work? This is my understanding of the airflow and acoustics involved. A typical drive or CPU-cooling fan has, La Cie says, seven blades. These blades are angled and …
Chris Mellor, 12 Dec 2008
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MoD kit chief: Blighty unsure of supersonic stealth jumpjet

The head equipment purchaser at the UK's ministry of defence (MoD) has implied that Britain maintains an open mind on whether it will purchase the new F-35B supersonic stealth jumpjet to operate from its new aircraft carriers. General Sir Kevin O'Donoghue, Chief of Defence Materiel, seemed to confirm that there was a backup plan …
Lewis Page, 27 Nov 2008
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Another 180 'hover & stare' ducted fan bots for US forces

The US military has ordered a further 180 hovering ducted-fan spyeye robots, renowned for their ability to operate in tight places and "stare" through windows at will. The latest Honeywell MAV - now branded T-Hawk™ The latest in "hover & stare" - now with moving eyes US manufacturer Honeywell announced the order yesterday …
Lewis Page, 5 Nov 2008
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Brit firm to demo serious flying robo-saucer in 2009

A small British company developing a unique form of hovering aircraft says it will soon demonstrate a new and much more serious version of its technology. An electric GFS saucer in flight Saucer technology in action. GFS Projects of Peterborough was registered in 2002, following early efforts by former hovercraft engineer …
Lewis Page, 27 Aug 2008
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Royal Navy plans world's first running-jump jet

British boffins and test pilots are continuing to work on a new deck-landing technique, to be employed by Blighty's upcoming generation of supersonic stealth jumpjet drivers when coming aboard the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers. It seems possible that the "Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing" (SRVL) may become a routine …
Lewis Page, 21 Aug 2008
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British pilot makes first supersonic stealth jumpjet flight

The world's first supersonic stealth jump-jet has made its debut flight, with a British test pilot at the controls. However, the F-35B "Lightning II" - intended to replace the famous Harrier in various armed forces including the RAF, Royal Navy and US Marines - isn't expected to show off its vertical-thrust abilities until next …
Lewis Page, 12 Jun 2008

His 'n' Hers USB kits to end battle of the sexes?

Buying presents can be an arduous task, but when pondering the perfect gift for the gadget geek - or geekette - in your life then look no further than the His and Hers USB gift set. men_usb The USB gift set for men For the men, the set includes a mini vacuum cleaner with brush, a desk lamp, a cup warmer and a mood light …
James Sherwood, 16 Jul 2007

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