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Apache says 'no' to Facebook code libraries

The Apache Foundation has declared that none of its new software projects can include Facebook's booby-trapped BSD-licensed code. The foundation's legal affairs director, Chris Mattmann, said over the weekend that libraries, frameworks and tools covered by Facebook's open-source-ish BSD-plus-Patents license should not be …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Jul 2017
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Let's go to work: How bots took over business

Once cloud was accepted as something with various meanings, none of which our customers understood, the IT industry searched for the next big buzzword. It came up with not one but three terms often used interchangeably by people who don't know any better – bots, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is great news …
Sonia Cuff, 14 Jul 2017

Academics 'funded by Google' tend not to mention it in their work

A network of academics on Google's payroll just so happens to churn out "independent research" friendly to their sugar daddy's corporate goals. But two-thirds of the time you wouldn't know it, according to the Campaign for Accountability. An ongoing campaign by the non-profit, called the Google Transparency Project (GTP), …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jul 2017
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European Parliament keen to throw news publishers a bone

Newspapers in Europe are closer to winning the right to ask Google and Facebook to remove or pay for the news story snippets they scrape for their free services – although there's nothing compelling Google (or anyone else) to actually do anything. The furore over "fake news" last year has helped sway MEPs. Put simply, the new …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Jul 2017
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Sniffing the scent of free publicity, Google and Facebook steamroll into net neutrality protest

Hark, ye internet peasants. Google and Facebook today trumpeted that they will join the day of protest against efforts to kill off America's net neutrality rules. The news was welcomed by Fight for the Future, the organization behind the protest planned for Wednesday, July 12. But it also noted pointedly that neither of the …
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Facebook's left hand is fighting for Americans' right to privacy

Facebook's lawyers are racking up the billable hours in the US, with the company winning a lawsuit about tracking and privacy, but still doing battle against the American government over protecting users from government warrants. In a privacy and wiretapping lawsuit, Northern California District Judge Edward Davila decided …
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Facebook's whitebox-all-the-network-things TIP project flexes tentacles

Comment Hard on the heels of Orange's Telecom Track, which will support network infrastructure startups in association with Facebook's Telecom Infra Project (TIP), BT is evaluating startups for a similar scheme. The UK telco has been one of the operators supporting TIP, as a potential way to disrupt the network equipment space ahead …
Wireless Watch, 28 Jun 2017

Facebook hit two billion users today and SugarCRM reminded us you are Zuck's product

Facebook's hit two billion users. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to his creation on Wednesday to share the news. The company later revealed that “Each day, more than 175 million people share a Love reaction, and on average, over 800 million people like something on Facebook. More than 1 billion people use Groups every …
Simon Sharwood, 28 Jun 2017
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UK's Ministry of Fun considers what to tell social media firms about online bullying

The UK government is to start talks with social media providers about a code of conduct that will guide their response to online bullying. The code will issue social media companies with guidance on how to deal with online bullying, and is the first time that they will be subject to legislation on online bullying. It is one …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Jun 2017
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Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube create anti-terror group

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have created a super-team to tackle terrorism. The fearless foursome currently face a tricky foe: public and government sentiment that their social licence could be revoked if they don't do something about their platforms being used to spread hate speech that radicalises users and …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Jun 2017
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Facebook gives itself mission to 'bring the world closer' by getting people off Facebook

Analysis Mark Zuckerberg's given Facebook a new mission statement: “To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together", in the process rediscovering The Social Network™'s original purpose and exposing web utopianism as hopelessly optimistic. The new old direction was given to the world of Facebook on Zuck' …
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jun 2017
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Microsoft throws its weight behind Parisian AI startup factory

Today, Microsoft announced that it'll be throwing its resources behind fledgling AI devs at a soon-to-launch startup space in Paris called Station F. Five initial companies will get a year's helping of Microsoft's "scientific, technological, and business expertise". By the end of the year, it hopes to have created an AI …
Andrew Silver, 20 Jun 2017
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You can't take the pervs off Facebook, says US Supreme Court

Facebook is a sex offender-friendly zone – by order of the Supreme Court. The unanimous decision by the justices strikes down a North Carolina law that forbade anyone found guilty of a sex crime from using "commercial social networking websites" such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, using the logic that they allow minors to …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jun 2017
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Oops! Facebook outed its antiterror cops whilst they banned admins

Facebook last year introduced a bug in its content moderation software that exposed the identities of workers who police content on the social network to those being policed, raising the possibility of retribution. "Last year, we learned that the names of certain people who work for Facebook to enforce our policies could have …
Thomas Claburn, 16 Jun 2017
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Samsung's Galaxy S7 launch

Facebook has a solution to all the toxic dross on its site – wait, it's not AI?

Facebook is once again trying to scrub clean its public image after it was criticized for allowing extremism to spread on its social media platform. “Our stance is simple: There’s no place on Facebook for terrorism. We remove terrorists and posts that support terrorism whenever we become aware of them,” the company declared in …
Katyanna Quach, 16 Jun 2017
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Facebook tried teaching bots art of negotiation – so the AI learned to lie

Let's be honest, despite last year's burst of hype, chatbots haven’t progressed beyond asking and answering simple questions. Still, researchers aren't letting go of their dream of a perfect digital assistant. If bots are to be really helpful, they’ll need to be more than a dumb user interface. They will have to engage in more …
Katyanna Quach, 15 Jun 2017
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Every time Apple said 'machine learning', we had a drink andsgd oh*][

WWDC While touting forthcoming operating system features at its annual developer conference on Monday, Apple made sure to mention machine learning and related AI-oriented terminology over and over. Kevin Lynch, technology veep, talked about Siri, Apple's personal assistant software, becoming more proactive and more aware of watchOS …

Class clowns literally classless: Harvard axes meme-flinging morons

At least ten students due to start at Harvard this fall have had their admission offers torn up – after they swapped offensive piffle online. Specifically, the cyber-garbage was posted on the official Harvard College Class of 2021 Facebook group, set up for applicants who have been accepted by the Ivy League university. Some …
Iain Thomson, 5 Jun 2017

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