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Buffalo ExpressCard IFC-EC2U3/UC

Buffalo USB 3.0 ExpressCard 34

Review With USB 3 storage now gathering momentum, fitting a SuperSpeed interface to your computer seems like an option worth investing in now. Even laptop users aren’t left out of this buss ride, if there’s an ExpressCard 34 slot available. Such cards are still quite a rarity, with Buffalo’s IFC-EC2U3UC dual-port adapter being among …
Shaun Dormon, 15 Nov 2010
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

Belkin preps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adaptors

Accessory specialist Belkin is gearing up for the SuperSpeed USB revolution with a pair of products that will add the new 5Gb/s bus to your computer. Desktop owners will be able to use the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe Add-in Card, which is exactly what Belkin says it is. The card occupies any PCI Express slot and has a pair if USB …
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2010
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

SuperSpeed adaptor goes on sale

Keen to leap into the SuperSpeed era? There may not be many USB 3.0 devices you can use, but at least you can now prep your notebook for the new bus standard. Accessory supplier Brando has begun selling an ExpressCard 34 add-in with a pair of SuperSpeed ports built in. ExpressCard USB 3.0 adaptor Brando's ExpressCard USB 3.0 …
Tony Smith, 24 Nov 2009

Apple SD Cards fuel (more) Mac tablet chatter

A SanDisk investment commentator, blogging as Savolainen, reckons Apple is going to introduce a tablet or netbook-type Mac. Yes, you've heard this before. But this time, the evidence lies with the SD Card adoption by MacBook Pros. Notebook computers used to employ a PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International …
Chris Mellor, 30 Jun 2009

Asus' own Eee-beater spied on web

Asus' Eee-beater mini laptop, the N series, has made its first appearance online after it emerged the Taiwanese manufacturer had decided to compete with itself. French-language site has posted a stack of piccies of the 10.2in machine, all of which have clearly come direct from inside Asus' marketing department. …
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2008

PCMCIA pitches USB 3.0-friendly ExpressCard update

The ExpressCard add-in standard for notebooks is to be updated to bring on board compatibility with USB 3.0, the PCMCIA organisation announced at CeBIT this week. ExpressCard 2.0 will double the data transfer rate between card and host to 5Gb/s - just above USB 3.0's target data speed, 4.7Gb/s. ExpressCard 2.0 will support USB …
Tony Smith, 7 Mar 2008

Sonnet readies ExpressCard 21-in-1 card reader, writer

Mac accessory maker Sonnet Technologies will this week begin selling its ExpressCard adaptor capable of taking a staggering 21 different memory card types. Unlike previous ExpressCard 34-format card readers - such as Griffin Technology's ExpressCard 5:1 Reader, reviewed here - 21-in-1 Multimedia Memory Card Reader and Writer …
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2007

D-Link unveils desktop and mobile Wi-Fi cards

D-Link has priced up its notebook-oriented ExpressCard-format 802.11n Wi-Fi adaptor. It's also rolled out a PCI Express version. DLink_DWA-643 D-Link's DWA-643 adaptor: high-speed wireless for the mobile user The DWA-643 Wireless N XpressCard Notebook Adapter sports an ExpressCard 34 design. In addition, to 802.11n, it …
James Sherwood, 25 Sep 2007

Sonnet intros Firewire+USB, 12-in-1 card reader ExpressCards

Mac accessory specialist Sonnet Technologies has rolled out a pair of ExpressCard add-ins: a 12-in-one memory card reader for one, and a USB 2 and Firewire port adaptor for the other. Sonnet 12-in-1 ExpressCard reader Sonnet's 12-in-1 card reader The memory card reader's not unlike one released by Griffin Technology …
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2007

ExpressCard 34 digital TV tuners debut in Japan

Travelling to Japan with your ExpressCard-equipped notebook? Then you may care to sample the delights of the nation's bizarre - by Western standards - telly programming with local supplier Sanwa's new ExpressCard 34 digital TV tuners. Sanwa ExpressCard 34 Japanese TV tuners Sanwa's ExpressCard Japanese TV tuners for Mac ( …
Tony Smith, 14 Jun 2007

Creative tunes laptop-friendly X-Fi audio enhancer to UK

Creative announced its X-Fi ExpressCard laptop sound module in Japan more than a month ago, but it's now confirmed the add-on is coming to the UK. Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio for notebooks Creative's SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio... Dubbed the SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Notebook, the add-in has analogue …
Tony Smith, 13 Jun 2007

Creative tunes up laptop-friendly X-Fi audio enhancer

Creative is to bring its X-Fi audio enhancement technology to notebook computers - at least, notebook computers with an ExpressCard 54 slot on board. Dubbed the SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Notebook, the add-in unit was announced today in Japan. The card has analogue and digital optical 3.5mm input and output ports, and a …
Tony Smith, 9 May 2007

Sonnet add-in to tune UK MacBook Pros into to eSATA

Mac add-on specialist Sonnet has launched its Tempo Serial ATA ExpressCard in the UK. Aimed at Apple's MacBook Pro line, the card allows laptop users to hook up a pair of eSATA-enabled hard drives. Sonnet Tempo ExpressCard 34 eSATA add-in The slimline card contains a 3Gbps SATA controller, though since the ExpressCard …
Tony Smith, 1 May 2007

D-Link first to offer 802.11n ExpressCard for laptops

D-Link has begun shipping one of the first pre-standard 802.11n wireless networking adaptors that will slip into a notebook's ExpressCard slot. D-Link DWA-643 Xtreme N ExpressCard 802.11n adaptor The Xtreme N-branded DWA-643 is an ExpressCard 34 device so it should also fit into laptops with ExpressCard 54 bays. Alas, the …
Tony Smith, 4 Apr 2007

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