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HP adds Eucalyptus to Helion cloud, but OpenStack still reigns

HP has restored Amazon Web Services compatibility to its Helion cloud product line, just over a year after it dropped support in favor of focusing on a mix of OpenStack and its own, in-house technology. The reinstated features come in the form of a new version of Eucalyptus, the AWS-friendly open source cloud-building software …
HP cloud

HP gulps cloud upstart Eucalyptus, says Helion is all-in for ... OpenStack

HP has acquired open-source hybrid cloud software maker Eucalyptus, in a surprise move to bolster its Helion cloud offerings – but what that means for the Eucalyptus software is anyone's guess. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but a Reuters report cited an unnamed source who claimed it went down for less than $100m. …
Neil McAllister, 11 Sep 2014
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OpenStack, OpenSmack. Eucalyptus 3.4 soldiers on with AWS integration

Eucalyptus was created to clone the Amazon cloud for on-premises deployments, but recent advances by Bezos & Co in private software, aggressive development by Microsoft of Azure, and momentum in OpenStack raise a pitchfork of challenges for the open-source infrastructure management system. The 3.4 version of Eucalyptus was …
Jack Clark, 23 Oct 2013

EMC's ViPR: Is it really that venomous?

Storagebod There’s a lot of discussion about what EMC's ViPR is and what it isn’t. How much of this confusion is deliberate and how much is simply the normal of fog of war which pervades the storage industry? Firstly, it's a messy announcement; there’s a hotch-potch of products here, utilising IP from acquisitions and from internal EMC …
StorageBod, 15 May 2013
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Eucalyptus clones more AWS features for cloud control freak

Amazon Web Services will not build you a private copy of its own cloudy infrastructure for your own use, and it believes, as its top brass reiterated again last week, that there is no such thing as a private cloud. But don't tell Eucalyptus Systems that. The company was founded to try to clone AWS, and with its 3.3 release, it …
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Eucalyptus pushes pedal to metal, turns cloud control knob up to 3.2

Eucalyptus Systems, the company behind the open-source cloud controller of the same name, has just rolled out the 3.2 release of its software. With its latest release, it is sticking to its cloud fabric knitting and ramping up its business and customer base, and it certainly needs to get on top of this, especially while …
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Amazon, Eucalyptus team on cloud compatibility

Amazon has made it pretty clear that it does not believe in private clouds – except its own, on which it sells outsiders capacity through its Amazon Web Services. But if companies want private clouds, it has to do something. And that something is to give the nod to Eucalyptus Systems, a maker of a private cloud stack that clones …
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Canonical enterprise chief jumps for Eucalyptus cloud

Ubuntu-steward Canonical has lost the executive heading up its enterprise business to cloud-floater Eucalyptus Systems. Paul Holt, Canonical's director of corporate services, has been named vice president of sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Eucalyptus. Holt replaced former Canonical executive Neil Levine on …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Oct 2011
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Open source cloud-builder respawn: Eucalyptus 3.0 looms

Marten Mickos and Eucalyptus have pumped new life into their build-your-own–cloud platform, revamping its approach to open source while adding new code designed to protect users from catastrophic failures. On Wednesday, Eucalyptus unveiled version 3.0 of its eponymous platform, a means of building Amazon-like "infrastructure …
Cade Metz, 24 Aug 2011
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Univa skyhooks grids to clouds

Univa, the upstart HPC software company that forked Oracle's Grid Engine this January, has grafted it onto both the public Amazon EC2 cloud and onto private clouds based on the open source Eucalyptus framework that clones EC2. Why on earth would you need to mix grid software, which harvests compute cycles from clusters of …

Ubuntu eats OpenStack for clouds

Ubuntu Linux and cloud fabric enthusiasts, say goodbye to Eucalyptus and say hello to OpenStack. The Ubuntu Developer Summit is underway in Budapest, Hungary, this week, and the top brass of Canonical – a number of whom are departing the company – and the top techies in the Ubuntu community have finally come to a decision …

Hybrid clouds: You know they make sense

Cloud If you are wondering why hybrid clouds are the future, look no further than last week's massive crash in Amazon’s Virginia data centre, where its EC2 cloud and related storage clouds are hosted. Despite the fact that Amazon creates supposedly independent “availability zones” within its data centres to ensure that outages are …
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More than one way to build a cloud (and there always will be)

Cloud The open systems revolution of the late 1980s and early 1990s, which espoused interoperability between platforms, made the various Unix operating systems the world’s most popular server platforms. If you consider Linux a kind of Unix, then you can argue that although Windows has spread into small and medium businesses, the …

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

Canonical's short march towards multi-touch success (or its slow slide in to oblivion) is a step closer to completion. On Thursday, it released the Ubuntu 11.04 beta. Codenamed Natty Narwhal, Ubuntu 11.04 is the first version of the Linux distro that defaults to Unity, the multi-touch interface we were once told was for touch- …
Gavin Clarke, 1 Apr 2011
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Shuttleworth sees fewer clouds in Ubuntu's future

There are some tough decisions ahead about which cloud open sourcers should support in the next major version of Ubuntu. Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has said that "firm decisions" are required about the cloud platforms that can be supported. Shuttleworth made the announcement while revealing the animal- …
Gavin Clarke, 7 Mar 2011
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Ex-MySQL boss plots Second Cloud Coming

Open...and Shut It's always unwise to count out Marten Mickos. The former chief executive of MySQL scored big when Sun Microsystems bought the ever-rising open-source database star for a cool $1bn, and seemed destined to bring this same Midas touch to open-source cloud computing vendor Eucalyptus Systems, the company he currently runs. But in …
Matt Asay, 1 Mar 2011
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OpenStack: 'There will be only one Ubuntu cloud'

Strata Con The next version of Ubuntu will offer not one but two open source build-your-own cloud platforms: Eucalyptus and OpenStack. On Thursday, Canonical – the commercial operation that backs the Ubuntu Linux distro – officially announced that it would include OpenStack after offering Eucalyptus for a little over a year. But Jim Curry …
Cade Metz, 3 Feb 2011
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Canonical embraces LAMP stack of the heavens

Strata Con OpenStack – the open source "infrastructure cloud" project founded by Rackspace and NASA – has released a second version of its platform codenamed Bexar. Bexar includes updates to both halves of the project: OpenStack Compute, for serving up on-demand access to readily scalable processing power, and OpenStack Storage, a …
Cade Metz, 3 Feb 2011

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