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Rocket Labs' It's Business Time mission launch

Rocket Labs mean business, Brits stick pin in Mars map, and Japan celebrates HTV-7’s dive into the atmosphere

Roundup This week Rocket Labs launched six satellites into the nether, the British team on ESA's ExoMars mission had a think about where to land their rover on the red planet in 2021, and Japan helped successfully scrap a load of space crap. Rocket Labs declares that it is indeed Business Time as Electron flings sats into orbit The …
Richard Speed, 13 Nov 2018
Astronaut on mars . Photo by shutterstock

Flying to Mars will be so rad, dude: Year-long trip may dump 60% lifetime dose of radiation on you

A year-long round trip to Mars could give you more than half the maximum radiation dose recommended for an astronaut's entire career, according to data collected by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. The spacecraft, weighing in at over 4,000 kilograms (8,801lb), was launched by the European Space Agency and its Russian counterpart …
Katyanna Quach, 20 Sep 2018
Sun photo via Shutterstock

Solar winds will help ESA probe smell what Mercury's cookin'

Researchers at the Technische Universität Wien in Austria have found that solar wind can do far more than project lights in the Earth's night sky. The work, published in the journal Icarus, found that while we on Earth are treated to displays such as the Northern Lights, bodies that lack the Earth's protective magnetic field, …
Richard Speed, 13 Jun 2018
NASA tech inspects MOMA

Toaster oven-sized boffin box bound for Mars to search for life

A team from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center gathered last week to bid farewell to a mass spectrometer as it began its journey to the red planet via an assembly plant in Italy. The instrument is a key component of a toaster oven-sized lab, called the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA), which will detect evidence of …
Richard Speed, 25 May 2018
First Sentinel-3B Image (pic: ESA/EUMETSAT)

ESA's all-seeing space eye captures momentary sunshine over Britain

The newly launched Sentinel-3B satellite has snapped its first shots of home, delighting boffins back on Earth. The latest addition to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Copernicus programme was launched on 25 April from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome and successfully placed in orbit. Less than two weeks later, scientists have got …
Richard Speed, 10 May 2018

European Space Agency wants in on quantum comms satellites

The European Space Agency is looking to build a communications satellite to send data securely using quantum key distribution. On Thursday, it signed a contract with SES Techcom S.A, a satellite communications company based in Luxembourg, to develop QUARTZ (Quantum Cryptography Telecommunication System). Quantum entanglement …

Double double, soil and trouble, fire burn and heat shield bubble: NASA cracks rover, has dirty talk with ESA

There was good news and bad news for interplanetary exploration today. The bad news is that the heat shield for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover has cracked. Thankfully, it hasn't even taken off let alone attempted to land on Earth's sister world. The good news is that NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have signed an agreement …
Richard Speed, 27 Apr 2018
ESA's Gaia star map

Incredible Euro space agency data leak... just as planned: 1.7bn stars in our galaxy mapped

The European Space Agency (ESA) has emitted a huge dump of data from its Gaia mission to 3D map the Milky Way. Wednesday's mega-release, containing high precision measurements of nearly 1.7 billion stars, dwarfs the first release of data in 2016, which pinned down the position of 1.14 billion stars and the distances and motion …
Richard Speed, 26 Apr 2018
ESA Sentinel 3 (pic: ESA/ATG medialab)

Russians poised to fire intercontinental ballistic missile... into space with Sentinel-3 sat on board

The European Space Agency (ESA) is all a-quiver at the prospect of the second Sentinel-3 satellite launch, due this evening atop a Russian Rockot launcher. The spacecraft will ride to space at 1757 UTC on 25 April from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia aboard an elderly converted Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ( …
Richard Speed, 25 Apr 2018

Cosmic prang probe: Euro space boffins to smash sats, virtually

The European Space Agency is launching a new research project to study satellite collisions in space. “We want to understand what happens when two satellites collide,” said Tiziana Cardone, an ESA structural engineer leading the project, on Tuesday. “Up until now a lot of assumptions have been made about how the very high …
Katyanna Quach, 25 Apr 2018
TESS delayed while Mars Express reboots (pic: ESA and SpaceX)

NASA's TESS mission in distress, Mars Express restart is a success

A Guidance and Navigation Control (GNC) issue scuppered last night's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) launch atop a SpaceX Falcon 9. Conversely, the European Space Agency (ESA) celebrated a successful restart of the Mars Express orbiter following a software update. TESS is less Scheduled for launch yesterday, the …
Richard Speed, 17 Apr 2018
Mars Express (pic: ESA)

European Space Agency squirts a code update at Mars Express orbiter

The European Space Agency's (ESA) Mars Express orbiter is getting a software refresh as a reward for 14 years spent circling the red planet. Mars Express arrived in orbit at the end of 2003, and set about collecting high-resolution imagery of the surface, spotting water and detecting methane. Not too shabby for a spacecraft …
Richard Speed, 11 Apr 2018
ExoMars parachute inflation (credit: ESA/I.Barel)

Let's go to Mars, dude: Euro space parachute passes maiden test

The European Space Agency (ESA) claimed today that the first test of the giant parachute destined for use by the ExoMars lander has been a success, paving the way for more ambitious trials before an eventual attempt on the Red Planet itself. The 195kg parachute assembly was lofted to 1.2km above Kiruna, Sweden, before being …
Richard Speed, 29 Mar 2018

ESA's Ariel mission will boldly spot exoplanets not seen before

The European Space Agency is launching a mission to find out how planets form and how life emerges in space, it announced on Tuesday. Ariel, also known as the Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey mission, will narrow down on the search for exoplanets and is expected to launch in 2028. Other spacecraft …
Katyanna Quach, 21 Mar 2018

Pasties in SPAAAAACE: Cornwall hopes for slice of £50m spaceport cash

Cornwall has thrown its hat in the ring to become the prime location for Human Centred Space businesses by 2030. The UK Space Agency is deciding where to splash £50m to build British spaceports. Spaceports are intended to help Blighty access a global market for launching small satellites worth £10bn over 10 years, and offer …
Richard Speed, 7 Mar 2018
Red giant and neutron star interaction (pic: ESA)

It's ALIIIIIVE: Boffins detect slow-moving zombie star

The European Space Agency's INTEGRAL space observatory has captured an unusual piece of stellar voodoo: the moment when a dead star was brought back to life by a nearby red giant. The slowly rotating core of the zombie star was revived by x-ray flares from its engorged neighbour, giving rise to a high energy emission from the …
Richard Speed, 5 Mar 2018
 Schiaparelli separating from Trace Gas Orbiter. Pic: ESA–D. Ducros

Euro Space Agency probe begins search for guff gas on Mars

The European Space Agency's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) is to conduct its final aerobraking manoeuvre this evening prior to starting its mission of sniffing for Martian methane. TGO should finally settle into its proper orbit tonight, 400km above the red planet. It was launched nearly two years ago aboard a Russian Proton …
Richard Speed, 21 Feb 2018

ViaSat hops into bed with European Space Agency in €68m deal

Satellite outfit ViaSat is forming a €68m (£60m) public-private partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), which among other things is intended to fund ground stations for home broadband speeds of 100Mbps. The programme will focus on developing fixed and mobile terminals to allow its ViaSat-3 satellites to provide a …
Kat Hall, 6 Nov 2017

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