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Nature ISN'T fragile nor a bossy mother-in-law - top eco boffin

Comment The Green movement needs to rethink its philosophy from the ground-up. That's according to Peter Kareiva, a leading conservation expert and chief scientist for The Nature Conservancy, the world's biggest environmental group. It must abandon the idea that nature is "feminine" and in particular that it's "fragile", he said, …
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Google cools data center with bathtubs, dishwashers

Google has partnered with a local water-treatment utility to cool a massive data center using greywater – that's water recycled from residential bathtubs, showers, washing machines, and the like. The data center in question is located in Douglas County, Georgia – that's the Georgia of Sherman's March to the Sea, not the …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Mar 2012
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Would putting all the climate scientists in a room solve global warming...

Entourages are not something that delegates bring to a conference. Especially if the delegate is a humble public sector scientist. But the private invitation-only event I attended at Downing College Cambridge this week was no ordinary conference. It was an attempt to bring together leading climate scientists and IPCC figures …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 May 2011

Dell samples shrooms for server shipping

Dell will begin shipping its PowerEdge R710 rack server in übergreen packaging made from – wait for it – mushrooms. "While it sounds unusual, this is an advanced biotechnology," writes Dell procurement director Oliver Campbell on the Direct2Dell blog, calling mushroom packaging "a way to utilize common agricultural waste …
Rik Myslewski, 7 Apr 2011
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Greenpeace co-founder talks biotech, nuclear and climate

Interview Canadian environmentalist Patrick Moore describes himself as a treehugger. As a co-founder of Greenpeace, who was on board the Rainbow Warrior when it was blown up, he hardly has to prove his chops. He's now published a memoir-cum-manifesto, Confessions of A Greenpeace Dropout. He's in favour of ground heat pumps – every new …
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Happiness Index: Don't move to Vanuatu

Did you know people in Haiti, Burma and Armenia are all better off than in Britain? And the Congo is happier than the USA? That's what the London think-tank New Economic Foundation reckons in its second "Happy Planet" rankings. But even NEF admits that its "happiness" rating or HPI doesn't really measure human happiness, and …
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Ex-BBC science man slams corp: 'Evangelical, shallow and sparse'

The BBC's environmental coverage has come under fire from a former science correspondent. Award-winning author and journalist David Whitehouse says the corporation risks public ridicule - or worse - with what he calls "an evangelical, inconsistent climate change reporting and its narrow, shallow and sparse reporting on other …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2009
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Pro-Heathrow demo challenges Carbon Cult killjoys

As eco warriors descend on Parliament this afternoon to protest against the expansion of Heathrow, an obscure counter demonstration will be taking place. It's quite unusual: Modern Movement will be demonstrating in favour of something, not against it: cheap travel. "What we want to counter is the small number of green …
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Feb 2009
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We need cheap, abundant energy. Here's how

Energise! [ This week, El Reg brings you extracts this week from Energise! - a fresh look at energy policy and innovation - eds] Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus (1818) suggested that human power over nature could lead to tragedy. Then, a century after Shelley’s lone doctor foolishly experimented with human …
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Britons face carbon spotchecks

Britons should be subjected to random carbon spotchecks and intensive surveillance of their diets, transport and waste disposal habits, says the Government's architecture and design quango in a new report today. The word "monitoring" occurs 19 times in the 32-page publication by the Commission for Architecture and the Built …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Sep 2008
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Anti-science Greenies keep Africa poor, says boffin

What's happened to Sir David King, surface chemist and the former chief scientific advisor to the Government? Perhaps something fell on his head. The man dubbed the "King of Climate Porn" achieved notoriety at the turn of the decade as the architect of the Foot and Mouth holocaust - which unnecessarily slaughtered seven …

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