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Enterprise storage vendors cosy up to small businesses

The storage landscape is changing. The storage products and skills needed for a small firm have so far been very different from those needed in large enterprises. Yet we now have some storage vendors delivering enterprise-class products aimed at workgroups, while some enterprise buyers choose mid-range products to save money. …
Chris Mellor, 9 Jun 2014

Just how flash is your enterprise storage rig?

Minipoll Enterprise storage is really important. Flash is the hot new storage technology. So surely the use of flash in enterprise storage infrastructures is the hottest, most important issue of the moment? Well, that’s where we’d like you to help us out. We’ve put together a mini-poll to help us gauge just how much attention Reg …
Team Register, 18 Sep 2013

Is storage kicking servers in the battle of the bundles?

Converged infrastructure products, integrated computing platforms, single-stack solutions, data centre in a box: whatever you call them, the benefit of buying storage, servers and networking in a single, pre-engineered bundle is that, vendor-wise, when something goes wrong, you've only got one butt to kick. That's not quite …

What's wrong with tape backup?

Another week, another rummage through Reg Whitepapers. This time we delve into enterprise storage for your delectation. Let's kick-off with an ideological onslaught against tape backup for multi-branch operations. The case against Tape backup and the evolution of branch office data This paper from Double Take Software …
Team Register, 3 Dec 2008

Spin-down Copan spins itself down some

Comment Persistent data storage supplier Copan is downsizing with staff layoffs, unpaid leave and staff paycuts. The startup company's board heeded the Sequoia Capital recession slide deck and prompted CEO Mark Ward to revise his plans for the company, whose main product is the Revolution MAID array with up to 75 per cent of its …
Chris Mellor, 24 Nov 2008
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NetApp peers into the economic gloom

NetApp is refusing to give guidance for the next quarter. You can guess why. CEO Dan Warmenhoven today passed on a forecast for Q3'09. "It is very difficult to predict the depth and duration of the downturn," he said "The uncertainty around customer IT spending intentions reduces our confidence in the validity of our pipeline …
Chris Mellor, 13 Nov 2008
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Shrinking primary databases

Stripping out old records from primary databases could pay big bucks in terms of reclaimed disk capacity, faster database operations and backups. Clearpace has technology to do this and archive the extracted records in de-duplicated form on cheap SATA arrays. UK-based HP reseller 2e2 will resell and use Clearpace's NParchive …
Chris Mellor, 12 Nov 2008
Bell Microproducts

Bell Micro touts Emulex 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs

You've read the headline - it's a 'significant' product, according to Bell Micro, the storage distie, which is making new 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs available in Europe. Compared with the earlier 4Gb/s configurations, the new models offer more headroom to 'consolidate more resources, free up servers and reduce procurement and …
Team Register, 20 Aug 2008

Brocade unfurls FCoE roadmap

Brocade is aiming to deliver an FCoE switch and FCoE server adapters, and sign a tier-one HBA OEM by the end of the year. FCoE means Fibre Channel over Ethernet and involves sending Fibre Channel (FC) protocol messages across ethernet links. Traditionally FC messages pass through a fabric with switches and director nodes …
Chris Mellor, 15 Aug 2008

Low-end EMC NSX is on its way

To better compete with NetApp, EMC is to launch a low-end version of its Celerra NSX NAS gateway product. A NAS (network-attached storage) gateway is a server presenting files to accessing application servers but storing them on a storage area network (SAN), The Celerra NSX (pictured) is a data center-class NAS and IP storage …
Chris Mellor, 30 May 2008

Brocade ex-CEO guilty of options fraud

Gregory Reyes, the former boss of Brocade, has been found guilty of securities fraud concerning backdated options. A San Francisco jury today convicted him on ten counts of altering the IT storage company's records and lying over option practices. Reyes could face a jail sentence of up to 20 years and a fine of $5m - small …
Drew Cullen, 7 Aug 2007
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Pillar packs more storage in Axiom boxes

Storage unstart-up Pillar Data Systems has contracted a case of the market's green fever, but focusing its appeal to data centers worried over skyrocketing operational costs through power and cooling, but the size of their box. Pillar feels the eco-friendly hype-masters have committed the sin of overlooking the size of the …
Austin Modine, 20 Jun 2007

DATAllegro: an update on Version 3

When DATAllegro announced earlier this year that it had partnered with Dell to provide node processing capabilities and EMC to be its disk provider I was not particularly impressed. In particular, I heard the words about EMC salespeople earning commission on the disks sold within DATAllegro systems but didn't understand the …
Philip Howard, 19 Jun 2007

Symantec promises unified storage for managers

Vision 2007 Symantec continues to rally 'round its Network United banner with Data Center software Prez Kris Hagerman's keynote at the Symantec Vision conference at Las Vegas. If one can measure a company's enthusiasm for a project by velocity and gusto in which it lobs soccer balls into the audience — it's clear this is serious business. …
Austin Modine, 13 Jun 2007

EMC Avamar extends to NAS and virtual machines

EMC Corporation has announced new data deduplication capabilities in EMC Avamar version 3.7, which now also supports VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) for the protection and reduction of backup times within and across virtual machines. Avamar backup and recovery software features unique global data deduplication technology …
Clay Ryder, 12 Jun 2007

Cisco Borgs NeoPath

Cisco is buying NeoPath, a small Silicon Vallley storage management software vendor. Terms for the privately-held company are undisclosed. Founded in 2002, NeoPath claims over 50 customer installations for its File Director products, which - says Cisco -simplify the management of network attached storage (NAS) and other file …
Drew Cullen, 13 Mar 2007

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