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Bullfrog Productions: Dungeon Keeper 1997

Slap my Imp up: Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper

Antique Code Show This January EA managed to piss just about everyone off with their greedy micro transaction-fuelled Android/iOS reboot of Dungeon Keeper. How dare it sully the joyful memories of this near perfect mix of god game/RTS that kept me busy being an evil overlord back in 1997. Bullfrog Productions: Dungeon Keeper 1997 Fiendishly …
Lucy Orr, 12 Sep 2014
Fifa 12

Comcast and EA said to be planning streaming games service

US cable giant Comcast is reportedly in talks with Electronic Arts about a streaming games platform. Reuters cited multiple sources familiar with the matter when reporting that the companies would collaborate to port EA games for the Comcast X1 cable box platform. According to the report, X1 subscribers would be able to get …
Shaun Nichols, 3 May 2014
SimCity 4

Modder hacks SimCity for unlimited offline play

A server glitch that rendered the latest version of SimCity virtually unplayable mere hours after its launch could have easily been avoided, players say – because contrary to its publisher's claims, the game doesn't actually require network access at all. SimCity fans have been fuming over the outage, leading Amazon to pull …
Neil McAllister, 14 Mar 2013
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Lenovo, EA, Intel unite to DESTROY our childhood memories

CES 2013 Exactly why someone would want to play Monopoly on an all-in-one PC lying flat on the kitchen table, Intel didn't say, but a tableau vivant of a nuclear family doing just that was the centerpiece of a "Bringing Back Family Night" demo the company presented during a press event at CES 2013 on Monday. In the demo, introduced by …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Jan 2013
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Nasdaq's RIM shot: BlackBerry maker ejected from top 100

A US index of top performing non-financial companies has booted out RIM, Netflix and Electronic Arts after the trio's fortunes fell too far. The Nasdaq-100 is updated every year and is broadly based on market capitalisation with some weighting. The disappointing share performance of the former tech darlings led to their …
Bill Ray, 19 Dec 2012

Free games for all after EA discount code goes viral

Electronic Arts (EA) has endured a difficult weekend after a poorly-coded promotion saw a discount code that could be used many times find its way into the public domain, where it sparked a free games downloading spree. The incident seems to have started with this post to a gaming forum, which includes a discount code good for …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Oct 2012
Populous 1989 Bullfrog Productions


Antique Code Show So I just re watched Cabin in the Woods (spoiler alert) and when the big glowing god hand explodes out of the earth in the last frame, I was left with a niggle at the back of my subconscious. Populous 1989 Bullfrog Productions Divine intervention It wasn't till later in the pub that I remembered my formative god/hand …
Lucy Orr, 26 Sep 2012
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Tumbleweed-plagued Google+ is minus Bejeweled and Wooga

Two games developers are withdrawing from Google's troubled social network Google+. Kiddie game dev Wooga and Popcap, which is owned by giant Electronic Arts, confirmed they are deploying their resources elsewhere. Popcap markets the popular Bejeweled game. Tumbleweed via Shutterstock Ironically, it is in games developers' …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jun 2012
Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Review Even the staunchest opponent of all things games would have been hard pushed to avoid the determined advertising campaign waged on us by EA of late. TV spots, billboards, websites, magazines, sides of buses, newspapers, even logos on tanks in one recent London stunt, all liberally displaying brand Battlefield. To say the war …
Mike Plant, 1 Nov 2011
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EA shutters another Oz studio

Visceral, contributor to games like Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno, has followed Team Bondi and two THQ studios into the void with the loss of 21 jobs. The studio’s owner, Electronic Arts, is yet to make a statement on the closure. Australia’s rising dollar has crimped international developers’ operations down under by …
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Console gaming giant goes into handjobs

Game giant Electronic Arts is spending over a billion dollars on phone and iPad gaming company PopCap – the maker of Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies. EA is handing over $650m in cash plus $100m in EA shares to some PopCap shareholders. Additionally PopCap can earn another $550m if it hits sales targets for the next two years …
John Oates, 13 Jul 2011
BioWare – Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare latest hack victim

Electronic Arts, owner of BioWare, is asking users of the Neverwinter Nights forums to re-register on the site after hackers stole several thousand accounts. neverwinterscreenshot An email from BioWare GM and Electronic Arts veep Aaryn Flynn said no credit card or social security numbers had been pinched: "However, hackers …
John Oates, 16 Jun 2011
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EA buys Aussie game studio

Electronics Arts has swooped on Melbourne-based mobile gaming developer Firemint for a reported estimate of somewhere between US$20-40 million. Founded in 1999 the Australian developer is the creator of mobile game hit “Flight Control” and driving game, "Real Racing," which is an iPhone and iPad favourite. Once the deal is …
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Burnout Crash gets PG rating

If there’s an “oops” moment here, it belongs to the game publisher rather than Australia’s Classification Board, but Electronic Arts’ unannounced game Burnout Crash has been unveiled because the Board gave it a PG rating. The game is described as multiplatform, and gets the rating on the basis of “mid-level” violence. Burnout …
Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Review If you’re of a nervous, sensitive disposition I advise you to look away now. For, you see, Dead Space 2 – Visceral’s space-based survival horror – is instantly, and without question, one of gaming’s most gruesome penny dreadfuls to date; eclipsing even its predecessor in the nausea-inducing stakes. Bodies will be mutilated, …
Mike Plant, 28 Jan 2011
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EA takes Angry Birds publisher under its wing

Electronic Arts has purchased Angry Birds publisher Chillingo, thus buying up a significant part of the mobile gaming industry. Reuters puts the price of Chillingo just shy of $20m, though neither company is prepared to provide details. As well as Angry Birds, which was developed by Rovio, Chillingo owns the distribution …
Bill Ray, 21 Oct 2010
Medal of Honour

Medal of Honour

Review For all the pre-release controversy surrounding Medal of Honour, EA's contemporary world shooter is surprisingly understated. The controversy that players would be able to "recreate the acts of the Taliban" was, like most other videogame controversies, founded on rumour and speculation. Served up by credulous politicians and …
Andrew Bailey, 19 Oct 2010
HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180

HP offers gaming PC buyers free game

HP is giving away one of its a laser gaming mouse, a digital headset and copies of Battlefield Bad Company 2 to anyone who buys one of its Pavilion Elite Desktop 150 or 180 PCs. There's always a catch of course, and here there are several. First, you have to buy the PC and the named peripherals - HP Laser Gaming Mouse (model …
Tony Smith, 21 Apr 2010

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