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Asus unboxes latest Eee Box

Asus has broadened its Eee Box range with the addition of a dual-core Atom-based mini-desktop. Asus_EeeBox_EB1501_001 Asus's Eee Box 1501: Nvidia Ion plus dual-core Atom The new Eee Box 1501 incorporates Intel’s dual-core 1.6GHz Atom 330 CPU and Nvidia's Ion integrated chipset. Windows 7 Premium comes pre-installed on the …
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2009

High-end Eee Box to gain HDMI, standalone GPU

So first we hear about Asus Eee Box desktops using Celeron rather than Atom processors. Now comes word the company's preparing a high-end model with a standalone GPU. And an HDMI port for all you media centre buffs. The two new models are the B204 and B206 - the original Eee Box was the B200. According to a spec sheet posted …
Tony Smith, 3 Dec 2008

Asus to downgrade Eee Box CPU?

Fancy an Atom-based Asus Eee Box desktop? You'd better hurry - reports coming out of Asia claim the company may be about to ditch the PC's processor for a Celeron CPU. There's no official word yet from Asus, but according to industry insiders allegedly quoting from Asus' own price sheet, the Box is going to get a 1.2GHz …
Tony Smith, 2 Dec 2008

Asus offers replacement Eee Boxes after Japanese virus strike

Asus today claimed it had "resolved" the unfortunate appearance of a virus on Eee Box mini desktop PCs sold in Japan. The company said the problem affected punters who bought one of the machines on 2 or 3 October this year, and it asked anyone who bought an Eee Box in Japan on those days to contact it for a replacement machine …
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2008

Asus Eee Box Atom-based desktop mini PC

Review Asus' Eee marque may be associated with laptops, but it's been applied to desktops too, specifically the Eee Box, a slimline unit designed to stay in one place. The key to this Eee is still low-cost laptop technology: Intel's 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, the same chip used in Asus' top-of-the-line Eee portables. It's backed …
Tony Smith, 10 Oct 2008

Asus admits Eee Box mini PC shipped with virus

Asus has admitted that some of the its Eee Box desktop mini PCs have shipped with a virus. But while the company has only admitted the infection was present in machines shipped to Japan, Register Hardware can confirm that other territories may be affected too. According to an email sent out by Asus, PC Advisor reports, the …
Tony Smith, 8 Oct 2008

Asus confirms Eee Stick controllers

Asus has finally officially launched its Wii-style controllers, which hit headlines earlier this year. Called the Eee Stick, the wireless controller allows users to play games in the same way as on the Wii console. Asus_eee_stick Asus' Eee Stick: a Wii look-alike? The Eee Stick is made up of a seven button “Activation …

Asus Eee Box UK desktop debut delayed?

Updated The UK debut of Asus' Eee Box desktop PC appears to have been put back a month. Originally scheduled for an August arrival, it's now showing up on retail websites with a late September release date. Meanwhile, Asus said stocks of the Eee PC 1000 10in laptop have been taken off a ship and are speeding toward stockists even as …
Tony Smith, 22 Jul 2008
Eee Monitor

Asus readies iMac attack with all-in-one Eee

Asus' attempt to conquer the world with its Eee family continues with the appearance this week of an iMac-alike all-in-one desktop model. Eee Monitor Asus' Eee Monitor: iMac styling The original desktop Eee, the Eee Box, will be joined by the dully named Eee Monitor - as a variety of sites are dubbing the new machine - …
Tony Smith, 2 Jul 2008

Asus: Eee Box fast-boot tech a boon for flustered females

Asus' recent launch of the initially Linux-less Eee Box compact desktop PC mentioned the machine will come with ExpressGate fast info access technology. But what does it do exactly? Well, if Asus' latest YouTube posting is anything to go by, it's a way to get party girls fired. Poor lass wake late. Make up applied and pop- …
Hard Reg, 25 Jun 2008

Asus quietly demos Eee Box

Computex Asus may have focused its attention during the Computex show, held in Taipei this week, on its Atom-based Eee PC 901 and 1000 sub-notebooks, but that didn't stop it showing off its Eee Box desktop. Chinese-language site HKEPC was there to take a few snaps, like these: Asus Eee Box Asus Eee Box Asus' Eee Box: Atom powered …
Tony Smith, 6 Jun 2008

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