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SanDisk speeds up CloudSpeed Eco, raises capacity

SanDisk has souped up its CloudSpeed Eco SSD for cloud service providers, doubling its capacity and raising throughput, courtesy of a process shrink. CloudSpeed Eco Gen 1 was introduced at the end of March last year as a cost-effective SSD for cloud service provider use. It was built using a 19nm chip process and held up to …
Chris Mellor, 1 Jun 2015

Nokia's pedal-powered charger rolls into stores

Nokia has finally pedalled out its mobile phone charger for bicycles. The gadget is now available to buy in the UK. Connect one up, get riding, and the dynamo uses the movement of the wheels to charge your Nokia handset. The charger kit may ring a bell from its announcement last summer, but the eco-friendly device is finally …
Caleb Cox, 2 Feb 2011
Orange Power Wellies

Orange Power Wellies: march and charge your mobe

Stuck in the mud and powerless? Orange is taking groundbreaking steps in the eco world to replace carbon footprints with muddy footprints. Step forward the Orange Power Wellies; footwear that generates electricity. Orange Power Wellies If you keep running, your phone will too Renewable energy experts GotWind, has …
Caleb Cox, 8 Jun 2010

Brits not sold on eco handsets

Several handset manufacturers have already started marketing eco-friendly mobile phones, but a new survey’s discovered that only a small minority of Brits are actually sold on so-called eco phones. Opinium Research – on behalf of website Moneysupermarket – quizzed 2088 UK adults earlier this year and discovered that a whopping …

Sony hints at eco-friendly HD TV future

Exclusive Sony is set to make its TVs more environmentally friendly, and all you have to do is lie down and go to sleep. Sony_Bravia_WE5_01 Sony's Bravia WE5: scans for viewer movement The electronics giant recently launched the 100Hz Bravia WE5 “Eco” TV, which is fitted with a motion-sensor that tells the set to switch its display …
James Sherwood, 24 Mar 2009
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Brussels: Old-school lightbulbs to be gone by 2012

The European Commission has adopted new regulations which will see ordinary incandescent lightbulbs phased out across Europe. Users will be able to choose in future from fluorescent lamps, including energy-saving "bulbs", and more-efficient halogen incandescents. "These groundbreaking measures respond to the request of the …
Lewis Page, 19 Mar 2009

Canadian prof: Green IT is a waste of time

A prominent Canadian academic in the tech-policy field has said that "Green IT" initiatives don't work. "Most of the negative environmental impacts [of IT] occur in the form of completely unintended, second and third order effects," says Professor Richard Hawkins of Calgary Uni. "These 'rebound' effects may not be mitigated by …
Lewis Page, 25 Feb 2009
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Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

Analysis There's widespread media panic at moment over the news that French and British nuclear-missile submarines collided beneath the Atlantic earlier this month. But in fact atomic-powered and -armed submarines have been bumping into each other - and sometimes sinking - for decades with no significant effects. No, seriously. They …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2009
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Norfolk town's schools first to be heated by burning cattle

A "trailblazing" Norfolk town has begun heating many of its buildings - including the schools - by burning oil made from melted-down cow and pig carcasses. The strategy is described as "equal or lower in carbon footprint than natural gas". News of the 12-month biofuelled heating trial comes courtesy of the University of East …
Lewis Page, 10 Feb 2009
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One-tonne 40ft snake prowled superhot prehistoric jungles

Scientists say they have discovered fossil remains of a colossal prehistoric snake that once roamed the superheated Paleocene jungles of South America. The one-tonne Titanoboa cerrejonensis would have been more than 40 feet long and ten feet around at its thickest. Investigating brainboxes say the mighty snake's huge size was …
Lewis Page, 5 Feb 2009
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Forget Google rationing: Only lighting farts can save the planet

Analysis Assertions by a Harvard University environmentalist and green-website promoter that two Google searches cause carbon emissions equivalent to boiling a kettle appear to be based on questionable numbers. Building on the new research, the Reg can also exclusively reveal that three days of normal human farts cause the same amount of …
Lewis Page, 12 Jan 2009
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Prof: Use wind turbines as flywheels to smooth output

A team of Wisconsin-based academic engineers have come up with a novel idea for smoothing out wind turbines' erratic power output in gusty conditions. In essence, the Milwaukee team's idea is to use the turbine itself as a giant flywheel to siphon off energy spikes and so offer more consistent output. The research was led by …
Lewis Page, 9 Jan 2009
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Windfarm lobby bows to ASA and cuts CO2 saving figures

The British Wind Energy Association, which promotes the UK windfarm industry, has been forced to halve its figures on carbon-emission reductions by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The BWEA had formerly made its calculations on the basis that every kilowatt-hour (or "unit") of electricity generated by a wind turbine …
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008
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Brussels ploughs ahead with biofuel plans

In a move which has surprised analysts and environmentalists, the European Union will leave plans for strong takeup of biofuels sourced from food crops unchanged. A plan has been agreed in Brussels which will see biofuels dominating Europe's "renewable" transport quotas in coming years. EU Observer reports that the member …
Lewis Page, 9 Dec 2008
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MIT boffins crack fusion plasma snag

Boffins at MIT say they have cracked some tricky problems in the design of power stations running on nuclear fusion, though they hasten to add that many more hurdles remain before fusion energy becomes a reality. "There's been a lot of progress," says Earl Marmar, head of the Alcator Project at the MIT Plasma Science and …
Lewis Page, 5 Dec 2008
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CBI calls for UK lo-carb tech spend 'equal to weapons'

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called for the British government to give development of low-carbon technology the same emphasis as it does that of weaponry. At present, around £250m of government funding goes into low-carbon tech annually, while the Ministry of Defence spends on the order of £2.5bn on the …
Lewis Page, 13 Nov 2008
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Date set for Jatropha Jumbo biofuel-2.0 test flight

Boeing and Air New Zealand have announced that they will carry out the first flight test of "second generation" sustainable biofuel in an airliner on 3 December. The planned test will be carried out using an Air New Zealand Boeing 747 flying from Auckland. During the flight, one of the jumbo's four Rolls-Royce engines will run …
Lewis Page, 12 Nov 2008
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Bombproof TV rolling-news eco bins target the City

City workers not yet living in old fridge boxes under motorways will now be able to receive news of their redundancies even faster, as a new video news channel may soon deploy onto street screens across the Square Mile. The screens will be attached to recyclo-eco-bins - which will also feature secret terrorist-bomb-proofing …
Lewis Page, 5 Nov 2008

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