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LOHAN chap serves up 'tenner a week' e-cookbook

In response to reader demands following the recent release of his "Food For a Tenner a Week" cookbook, Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team member Neil Barnes is offering the same budget nosh tome in ePub format for a mere £2.99. Matt with Neil's cookbook As with the hard copy (seen above getting the once-over …
Lester Haines, 20 Mar 2015
Sony PRS-T2 Reader

Sony reads the future, quits e-reader market says German report

Earlier this year, Sony decided to quit the North American e-book market and get Kobo to supply content for readers in the US and Canada. The company then staged similar retreats in Europe and Australia. Now, the former Japanese powerhouse has decided to quit the device market as well – worldwide. According to German site …
Oldies deaths rise, e-reader sales fall

Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst

Don’t blame the tablet computer for the demise of the ebook reader. Instead, look no further than aged users who are inconveniently - for Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo et al - kicking the bucket. That’s the claim made by ABI Research, a market watcher which has been tracking the ereader business for more than 10 years. …
Tony Smith, 25 Jan 2013
The Register breaking news

E-reader demand slumps, slapped down by slates

E-book readers sales are taking a pummelling from tablets. IDC, a market watcher, reckons some 19.9 million dedicated e-readers will have shipped in 2012 - 28.2 per cent fewer than were shifted in 2011. Lower prices, the rise of the 7in screen, colour, apps, aggressive promotional activity by tablet makers Apple, Amazon and …
Tony Smith, 6 Dec 2012
Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo illuminated e-reader review

Kobo’s Glo is yet another of the current wave of e-readers with what amounts to a backlit screen. Yes, the light isn’t situated behind the screen, but let’s not split hairs. The system works by shining LED light through the screen and bouncing it back off a reflective layer toward the reader, but the effect is much the same. …
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2012
Kobo Mini

Kobo Mini 5in compact e-reader review

If you think the Kindles and Nooks of this world are too large, Kobo has an alternative: the Mini, a pocket-sized e-ink e-reader with a 5in screen. Kobo Mini Kobo's Mini: pocket friendly for your e-paperbacks Most e-readers out there have 6in panels, but the Mini’s is no less readable for the reduction in size. Kobo’s own …
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2012
Amazon Kindle Touch

Amazon lends e-books free to Prime subscribers

Amazon’s UK wing is now a lending library, albeit a private one exclusive to folk willing to cough up £49 a year. Yes, Amazon Prime subscribers with Kindles can now borrow any of 200,000 e-books for no charge other than their annual Prime sub. They can pick no more than one book a month, but there’s no digital equivalent of …
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2012
Bookeen Cybook Odyssey HD

Bookeen lights up Odyssey e-reader screen

Bookeen has become the latest e-reader maker to offer a device with a ‘backlit’ screen. Enter the Cybook Odyssey HD, a version of Bookeen’s existing reader, this time with a 1024 x 758 screen and an array of LEDs that shine light through the panel to reflect off the screen’s rear surface, highlighting the text. Bookeen Cybook …
Hard Reg, 25 Oct 2012
Jeff Bezos

Amazon's Bezos confirms content pays for Kindle

That Amazon makes little or no money selling its Kindle e-readers has been a popular assumption for some time. But assumption no longer - company chief Jeff Bezos has confirmed Amazon is after content sales profits instead. The first Kindle was launched in April 2008 and cost $399 - £248 at today’s exchange rate - and follow- …
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012
B&N Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight e-reader review

Review It’s not hard to imagine how Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch initial design meeting went. Assorted hardware engineers, industrial designers and marketing types assemble to examine Amazon’s Kindle Touch and work out how they can make something better. And they have. On almost all points, the Simple Touch - and the Simple …
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012
B&N Nook HD+

Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+ hands-on review

Review Giant US book retailer Barnes & Noble is coming to the UK, setting up shop here to sell e-books online rather than finding a foothold in the High Street. Its weapons against established retailers and arch-rival Amazon: the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight 'backlit' E Ink e-book reader and a pair of new tablets able to take the fight …
Tony Smith, 26 Sep 2012
Amazon Kindle Fire e-book tablet

Amazon pitches cheap new Kindles for Blighty

Amazon is bringing its Kindle Fire to the UK almost a year after the 7in Android tablet's US debut. The good news for folk who've been patiently waiting: it's only 129 quid. Punters may prefer the better spec'd Fire HD. It's the obvious choice, particularly since it's only 30 quid more expensive. So, just £159 for a 7in, 1280 …
Tony Smith, 7 Sep 2012
Kobo Mini

Kobo revamps e-reader line, intros mini model

Amazon rival Kobo has revamped its e-book reader line ahead of an anticipated Kindle relaunch from the online retail giant. Kobo's existing reader, the Touch, has been given a lower price, and its 7in Android tablet is now called the Arc not the Vox and features souped up internals and a 1280 x 800 display. Kobo 2012 e-book …
Tony Smith, 6 Sep 2012

Sony opens cover on latest e-Reader

Sony has updated its Reader e-book gadget, a revised version of last year's model with added 'advertise for publishers for free' social networking functionality to encourage Facebook chums to buy books. Sony PRS-T2 Reader The PRS-T2, follow-up to last year's PRS-T1, continues to sport a 6in, 700 x 800 E Ink display with a …
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2012
BeBook Pure e-book reader

BeBook outs Kindle-beating e-book reader

Does half a millimetre matter? E-book reader maker BeBook believes it does. It's relying on that tiny, effectively unnoticeable difference to claim its new 8mm-thick Pure reader is the thinnest of its kind. Its nearest rival is the 8.5mm-thick Amazon Kindle 3, now called the Kindle Keyboard. BeBook Pure e-book reader Apart …
Tony Smith, 14 Aug 2012
Amazon Kindle

Amazon: e-book purchases push past paper's UK wing claims its British customers are now buying more e-books than printed-on-paper editions. According to the online retailer, for every 100 print books sold in 2012 so far, 114 electronic tomes have been purchased. That, it notes, includes sales of paperbacks and hardbacks that lack an equivalent e-edition. …
Tony Smith, 6 Aug 2012
Amazon Kindle 4

Colour Kindle incoming says mole

Colour Kindle, anyone? Yes, we thought that would mean the arrival of the Kindle Fire over here, but the inevitable Taiwanese contract-manufacturer moles say, no, it's a colour e-ink device with a multi-touch sensor overlaying the display. And it'll be out during the second half of the year, they add, by way of Digitimes. The …
Tony Smith, 11 May 2012
Kobo WiFi ebook reader

Asda knocks out Kobo e-reader for £49

Asda has knocked the basic Kobo e-reader to just under 50 quid. Usually £67, it's now £49, though you can add £2.95 to that if you want it delivered, more if you want it delivered quickly. Kobo WiFi ebook reader Or you can pick it up from your local Asda supermarket. The Walmart-owned chain didn't say how many of the low- …
Hard Reg, 5 Apr 2012

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