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TVonics HV250

TVonics seeks Brits to beta test BBC iPlayer over Wi-Fi

UK DVR maker TVonics is looking for "a small amount" of folk who own its DTR-HV250 set-top box to test its implementation of BBC iPlayer. The DVR lacks an Ethernet port, so TVonics is looking for owners with a Wi-Fi network at home. Presumably, it'll supply a USB Wi-Fi dongle to clip into the DTR-HV250's rear-facing USB port …
Tony Smith, 8 Sep 2011
TVOnics DTR-Z500HD

TVOnics to add BBC iPlayer to DVRs

TVOnics will add BBC iPlayer to its Freeview HD set-top boxes on Friday. TVOnics DTR-Z500HD TVOnics DTR-Z500HD The 26 August update will be delivered through the manufacturer's website. Just download it it a USB stick, plug that into the DVR. In addition to the BBC catch-up service - accessed through the red button on the …
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2011
Virgin Media

Virgin Tweets a sorry for TiVo series link snafu

Virgin Media left serial linkers hanging this weekend after a glitch centred on its highly promoted TiVo-based DVR borked the box's ability to auto-record entire series of programmes. The bug struck on Saturday, but by yesterday evening a workaround had been devised by users posting on Virgin's forum. Not that forcing the box …
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2011
Virgin Media

Virgin teases with TiVo iPad app snap

Virgin Media has revealed it's working on an iPad app that'll tap into its TiVo-designed DVR, Media TV. As proof, it 'leaked' this snap: Virgin Media TiVo app It also invited hacks and bloggers to "speculate as you wish" based on the "few things in the image that may pique your interest". All we can see is a spotlights …
Tony Smith, 29 Jun 2011

Panasonic refreshes 3D Blu-ray recorder range

Panasonic has added depth to its Blu-ray recorder range, with the introduction of two 3D compatible models, the DMR-BWT800 and DMR-BWT700. Each recorder packs twin Freeview HD terrestrial tuners for simultaneous recording of two separate channels. Subtitles and 5.1 sound settings can also be captured. Users can save TV …
Caleb Cox, 4 May 2011
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Samsung unwraps first DVR

Samsung has introduced its first DVR, a set-top box capable of grabbing and recording Freesat HD programmes. The SMT-S7800 contains a 500GB hard drive - good to hold 120 hours of HD content, or 250 hours of standard-definition material, Samsung said - and two tuners for watching one show while recording another. Samsung SMT- …
Hard Reg, 23 Mar 2011
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Virgin turns on third Tivo tuner

Virgin Media has begun pushing out an firmware update that will activate the third tuner built into its new, Tivo-branded set-top box. Most DVRs have two tuners, allowing you to record one channel while watching another. Virgin's box will now let you record three shows at once - assuming, of course, you can find something …
Hard Reg, 17 Mar 2011
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TVonics intros 'durable' DVR

UK DVR specialist TVonics has introduced its second Freeview HD recorder, this one with a rather more discreet design than the company's first such offering. The "physically durable" metal-cased DTR-Z500HD follows the oblong TVonics design of old making it rather better at slotting into your AV stack than last year's huge DTR- …
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2011
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LG claims 'flicker free' 3D TV first

LG has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world's first 3D TV to be independently checked and approved for lack of flicker. Dubbed the Cinema 3D - aka the LW5700 - the telly was given the 'flicker free' thumbs up by European test labs TÜV and Intertek, LG said. LG Cinema 3D LW5700 The company claimed the telly " …
Tony Smith, 16 Feb 2011
Tivo logo

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops

Long-time UK TiVo owners are up in arms because the company is to effectively stop their boxes from working to the full. TiVo has announced that from the start of June, its old PVRs will no longer operate beyond playback of TV programmes that have already been recorded at the point. TiVo insisted that the boxes "may" be able …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2011
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Humax adds BBC iPlayer to Freeview HD DVR

Set-top box specialist Humax will this weekend begin adding its TV Portal IPTV interface to its HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR. The Humax TV Portal will initial provide access to BBC iPlayer, Flickr and Wiki@TV, but Humax said it will be adding Sky Player for BSkyB customers in "a matter of weeks". Humax TV Portal Despite its …
Tony Smith, 4 Feb 2011
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SeeSaw offers ads-free catch-up telly

UK IPTV service SeeSaw is to allow punters to prune out the ads with it pads out the programmes it offers. There's a catch, of course: the ad-avoiding offering, which is called SeeSaw NonStop, will cost you £3 a month. SeeSaw said it will only charge you 99p for ad-free for the rest of 2010. SeeSaw offers catch-up TV and old …
Tony Smith, 24 Nov 2010
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Virgin Media readies 1TB TiVo set-top for Brits

Virgin Media today said it is bring TiVo back to Blighty with a 1TB set-top box capable of grabbing HD and 3D content from the cable company. Virgin and TiVo announced a year ago that they were going to bring the DVR pioneer's technology to the UK. TiVo itself never set up shop here, though Thomson and BSkyB jointly offered …
Tony Smith, 3 Nov 2010
TVonics DTR-HD500

TVonics DTR-HD500 Freeview HD DVR

Review The design is bonkers, of course. TVonics has never favoured the box-like looks preferred by its rivals, of course, but the DTR-HD500, with its oval, upward sloping front-meets-top, owes more to the likes of the Sony PlayStation 3 than other DVRs. TVonics DTR-HD500 TVonics' DTR-HD500: has to go on top That said, even the …
Tony Smith, 22 Oct 2010
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TVonics debuts Freeview HD DVR

UK set-top box maker TVonics has announced its first Freeview HD DVR. TVonics DTR-HD500 The twin-tuner, 500GB capacity DTR-HD500 not only sports HDMI output, but it also packs in a pair of HDMI inputs, allowing users to feed the DVR and two other players to their telly through a single cable. That's handy if you want as …
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2010
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Software update to convert Humax set-top box to DVR

Humax will next month roll out a firmware update that will allow its HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD set-top box to record programmes on USB-connected storage devices. The T2 is a single-tuner device, so the update won't bring the box full DVR functionality, but you'll get the ability to pause and rewind live broadcasts. Humax HDR-Fox …
Tony Smith, 8 Sep 2010
Freeview HD logo

Freeview HD Set-top Receivers

Group Test Freeview’s HD service is rolling out around the UK, and about half of the population should be able to receive it in time for the World Cup this summer. The new service also promises better picture quality for a range of programmes on BBC HD, ITV 1 HD and Channel 4 HD, with Welsh viewers swapping Channel 4 for the S4C Clirlun …
Nigel Whitfield, 20 May 2010
Freeview HD logo

Philips preps Freeview HD set-top pair

Updated Consumer electronics company Philips is preparing to release a pair of Pace-made Freeview HD set-top boxes, due to go on sale in the coming months. April will see the arrival of the DTR5520 HD, a receiver which will followed a month or so later by the HDT8520 HD, a 500GB hard drive-equipped DVR. Both units will pick up …
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2010

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