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Kids want Santa to bring iPads not consoles

Reg readers may be grizzled old gits who have no truck with all that shiny fluff that Jobs bloke puts out, but younger generations are in love with the stuff. According to market watcher Nielsen, US kids aged between six and 12 are more likely to nag their parents for an iPad this Christmas than any games console, be it fixed …
Hard Reg, 24 Nov 2010
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Red Wii, DS coming to UK this month

Nintendo's red Wii, coloured to commemorate the 25th anniversary of release of Super Mario Bros will be coming to the UK on 29 October. Nintendo Wii red The pack will contain red console and a suitably hued Wii Remote Plus - it has built-in Motion Plus circuitry - and Nunchuk. You'll also get a copy of New Super Mario Bros …
Hard Reg, 11 Oct 2010
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Nintendo 3DS misses Xmas launch window

Nintendo's upcoming 3D handheld console, the 3DS, won't debut until next year, the videogames pioneer has admitted. Result: a lot of kids will get 'old' tech as presents this Christmas. Nintendo's global roll-out kicks off on 26 February with the Japanese launch, with the gadget arriving in the US and Europe early in March - …
Tony Smith, 29 Sep 2010
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Doctor Wii game comes to the Nintendo Who

Doctor Who is a kids' programme, right? Which no doubt explains why developer Asylum Entertainment is bringing out a couple of Who games for Nintendo's Wii and DS. Both feature Doctor number eleven and leggy sidekick Amy Pond, pitching the pair of 'em against the Daleks and the Cybermen. Doctor Who: Return to Earth Doctor …
Tony Smith, 26 Aug 2010
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo shows off 3D DS

Nintendo has introduced the - not unexpected - 3D-enabled version of its DS handheld console. The - surprise, surprise - 3DS does indeed display 3D without the need for special spectacles, using half of its 3.53in, 800 x 240 display to show the left-eye image and the rest for the right-eye picture, making for a combined 400 x …
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2010

Nintendo confirms 3D handheld console coming

Nintendo is working on a version of its DS handheld console with the ability to display 3D content, the videogames pioneer has said. And it won't need special glasses, the company promised. Nintendo didn't say much more, beyond indicating a launch date before April 2011, the end of Nintendo's next financial year. A release …
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2010

Xbox 360 reverses plunging console sales trend

Games console sales in the US fell 38 per cent last month when compared to June 2008, market watcher NPD's latest numbers show. Microsoft alone can take some solace. It was the only console maker to shift more units in June 2009 than in June 2008. Back then, it sold 219,000 Xbox 360s. In June 2009, some 240,600 were sold. …
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2009

Nintendo financials reveal impressive Wii, DS sales

Nintendo’s full-year financial results have seen it fall just shy of projected global DS and Wii sales, but the videogame giant still shifted a shedload of consoles during the year. During its fiscal year ended 31 March 2009, Nintendo shipped a whopping 25.9m Wiis, though it had hoped to shift 26.5m. The firm shipped 31.1m …
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Ex-EA man schools iPhone game makers

GDC 09 With an average of 165 apps released for the iPhone each day, it seems like everyone and their Aunt Mable has suddenly become a mobile developer - and all for a platform less than a year old. Apple created an exceedingly easy path for independent game makers to enter the ecosystem with its iTunes App Store. But for developers …
Austin Modine, 24 Mar 2009

Nintendo shifts 100m DS consoles worldwide

Nintendo DS sales have topped a whopping 100m units worldwide, the videogames giant has claimed. The figure’s a combination of sales for all the DS variants: the original DS, released back in November 2004, the DS Lite, which appeared in 2006, and the DSi - which was only launched into Japan in November last year and won’t …
James Sherwood, 12 Mar 2009

Nokia, Nintendo and Sony struck in wireless patent spat

Friday the 13th is always a dodgy day - for the paranoid at least. And for Sony, Nintendo and Nokia, it seems - it was the day that a US firm chose to file a patent violation lawsuit claiming all three of them have trampled over wireless data transfer technology it owns. Wall Wireless LLC, a Texas-based firm, is attempting to …
James Sherwood, 24 Feb 2009

Nintendo names UK DSi launch date

Nintendo has revealed that it’ll launch the latest addition to its DS handheld console range – the DSi – in Europe this April. The DSi was originally expected to land in Europe during the summer, but Register Hardware reported last month how a Nintendo document had revealed the firm’s plans to bring the launch forward to “ …
James Sherwood, 20 Feb 2009

Amazon to make Kindle mobile

Amazon has confirmed that books currently available for its Kindle e-reader will soon be accessible on mobile phones. The company – which is also expected to launch a redesigned Kindle later this month – said the gadget’s books will soon be available on a variety of handsets. It hasn’t specified which phones will be able to …

Nintendo unveils Wii health channel

Nintendo obviously cares about the wellbeing of its customers, because it’s announced plans to launch an interactive health monitoring channel for the Wii. Wii_balance_board The details are in Japanese, but you get the general idea Although specific details are still somewhat sketchy, it’s thought the channel will be …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2009

Study slams brain-training games' mental improvement claims

A survey has concluded that brain-training games don’t provide the rigorous mental workout you may have thought they did. Games such as Big Brain Academy on the Wii, and Dr KawaShima’s Brain Training on the DS, supposedly help keep your mind sharp by putting your brain through various mental exercises. However, a study by …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2009

Nintendo sells metric %#@&-load of Wiis in November

Nintendo sold a staggering number of video game consoles in November, moving more than 2m Wiis in the US alone and smashing sales records for a non-December month... twice. Nintendo's Wii: raining on its rival's parade Wii shipments in the US totaled 2.04m in November, according to the market bean-counting firm, NPD. The …
Austin Modine, 12 Dec 2008

Amazon and Nintendo cash in on e-reading

E-book readers are in high demand this year, so Amazon’s taken to selling “refurbished” Kindles. And Nintendo’s launched a mini library of novels for its DS handheld console. In the last week numerous sources have reported that Amazon’s own e-reader – Kindle – is in such high demand that the online retailer may not have enough …

Handheld games console three-way shoot-out

Round-up For the last few years, the handheld games market has been dominated by the now-traditional rivalry between Sony’s PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS Lite. This year, though, there’s a surprise new kid on the gaming block: Apple’s second-gen iPod Touch. Apple is touting the new Touch as "the funnest iPod ever" (sic), and …
Stephen Dean, 7 Nov 2008

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