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Put your tin-foil hats on! Wi-Fi can be used to guesstimate number of people hidden in a room

Video Wireless network gear can be used to estimate the number of people hidden behind walls, according to fresh research out of America. Saandeep Depatla, a PhD student, and Yasamin Mostofi, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, both at the University of California, Santa Barbara, were able to figure out more or less …
Katyanna Quach, 19 Sep 2018

Lights, camera, AI-ction! Robo-drones turned into spies, er, filmmakers

Video Cameras on drones have helped make aerial photography more accessible – and with machine-learning software, they may be able to assist budding filmmakers in the future, too. A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the US, and Yamaha Motors in Japan, have published a paper showing how drones can be used …

How much is the drone biz worth to the UK? How's £42bn by 2030 sound? – PWC

Accounting house PwC has stuck its fingers in the air and declared that drones will create more than 600,000 jobs in the United Kingdom. They've also said it will add more value to the UK than the entire Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish manufacturing sectors combined. A 28-page PwC report titled "Drones – taking the UK's …
Gareth Corfield, 29 May 2018
Drone shooting

Boffins urge Google to drop military deal after Googlers storm out over AI-based super-drones

Hundreds of academics across the world have signed an open letter urging Google to stop working with the US Department of Defense in analysing drone footage using its AI technology for Project Maven. The open letter, which has nearly reached 300 signatures at the time of writing, was started by the International Committee for …
Katyanna Quach, 15 May 2018

Google assisting the Pentagon in developing AI for its drones

Google is working with the US Department of Defense to develop AI algorithms to identify objects in videos taken by drones. So far, it’s unclear exactly what technology is being used and how involved Google are. But it’s all part of Project Maven, a programme launched by the Pentagon last year in April. The goal is to start …
Drone shooting

US Army warns of the potential dangers of swarming toy drones on US soldiers

US warplanners are going to have to deal with an increasing drone threat, both from off-the-shelf hardware today to possibly more intelligent dangers. The increasing power and sophistication of "hobby drones" is making them attractive to insurgents, according to a report drafted by the US National Academy of Sciences, …
Chanel Data Centre Sunglasses

Drones replace models on Dolce & Gabbana catwalk

Fashion house Dolce and Gabbana has replaced human models with drones. The company staged events in Milan over the weekend and, as Fashionista reported, kept the crowds waiting for over an hour on Sunday while displaying multilingual and insistent requests to turn off anything capable of connecting to or creating a WiFi signal …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Feb 2018
EU parliament photo2 via Shutterstock

EU aviation agency publishes new drone framework. Hobbyists won't like it

The EU Aviation Safety Agency has formally opined that drone hobbyists should be banned from carrying out beyond visual-line-of-sight flights. If the opinion is adopted, virtually all medium-sized hobby and prosumer drones will be caught by the new EU rules, effectively turning their pilots into criminals – unless they …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Feb 2018

No parcel drones. No robo-trucks – Teamsters driver union delivers its demands to UPS

The Teamsters labor union wants package delivery giant UPS to promise not to replace any of its drivers with drones and self-driving trucks. The demand was made as part of ongoing negotiations between UPS and its 260,000 union workers in North America. The Teamsters presented the biz with a 91-page document detailing demands …
Shaun Nichols, 25 Jan 2018

Drone perves defeated by tinfoil houses

If a drone-creeper is snooping on you, you could catch them by grabbing the video stream – but what if it's encrypted? Even then, detection turns out to be pretty straightforward: as researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Weizmann Institute of Science explain, you don't need to decrypt the stream at all, …

Brace yourselves for the 'terabyte (sic) of death', warns US army IT boss

The outgoing head of the Defense Information Systems Agency, which handles computer security for the US Department of Defense, has warned a massive cyber-attack is "looming" at the American military's door. Over lunch on Thursday, Army Lieutenant General Alan Lynn, who retires in a few months, told the Armed Forces …
Iain Thomson, 12 Jan 2018
Boeing cargo drone

Up, up and a-weigh! Boeing flies cargo drone with 225kg payload

Boeing’s revealed it hastily-cobbled-together a cargo drone. The “cargo air vehicle” (CAV) has a payload of 226kg (500 pounds). The aerospace giant has revealed the craft is powered by battery, boasts eight counter rotating blades and is 4.57 meters long, 5.49m wide, 1.22 meters tall and weighs in at 339 kilograms. Boeing 747 …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jan 2018

Russia claims it repelled home-grown drone swarm in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that its forces in Syria have been attacked by a swarm of GPS-guided drones carrying improvised explosives. The attack took place on the night of December 5, with 13 drones were picked up on radar. Ten aimed themselves at Russia’s Hmeymim air base and three more headed for a logistics …
Iain Thomson, 10 Jan 2018
smug windsailing man on turquoise ocean makes surfer sign at gopro camera

GoPro exits drone market and slashes jobs amid sales warning

Action camera maker GoPro is exiting the consumer drone market and slashing 254 roles after issuing a sales warning. GoPro issued a sales warning for its fourth quarter results of $340m (£250m) for the three months to end of December - down 37 per cent on what it previously turned over for the same period last year. It has not …
Kat Hall, 8 Jan 2018's new drone

Special delivery: Pizza, parcel-slinging drones inch closer to reality

America's aviation watchdog, the FAA, has put forward a plan for how delivery drones will be governed. The federal regulator's rule-making committee on Tuesday issued a report [PDF] that is a key milestone in the adoption of delivery drones in the Land of the Free. The UAS Identification and Tracking Aviation Rulemaking …
Shaun Nichols, 20 Dec 2017
Canard Drones inspects airfield lighting with, er, drones. Pic: Breed Reply

America's drone owner database is baaaack! Just in time for Xmas

Fellow Americans: if you receive a drone as a Christmas gift this year, you will probably have to register it with the US federal government. President Trump today signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 that will reinstate rules created by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2015 that required …
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2017
Juvenile Bald Eagle

The eagle has been grounded: Dutch anti-drone squadron retired

The Dutch police's scheme to use eagles as drone-intercepting assistants has turned out to be as successful as the British skier who shares their name. The theory was, according to police spokesman Marc Wiebes, that "the bird sees the drone as prey and takes it to a safe place, a place where there are no other birds or people …
Richard Priday, 12 Dec 2017

Japanese quadcopter makes overworked employees clock out

A Japanese company is using a quadcopter drone to help its employees know when to pack it in for the day. Taisei, a Tokyo-based office management company, says that its T-Frend bot will start buzzing around offices next spring. The drone service, operated in partnership with NTT East and Blue Innovation, will fly around …
Shaun Nichols, 8 Dec 2017

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