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Jeffrey Katzenberg

DreamWorks CEO: Movie downloaders should pay by screen size

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of film studio DreamWorks, has suggested that Hollywood should move to a new pay-per-screen-inch pricing model as movie downloads become more popular. Speaking at the Milken Global Conference in Los Angeles, Katzenberg said that in the next ten years he would like to see the movie industry move to the …
Iain Thomson, 30 Apr 2014
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Marvel: 'Come and get 'em! 700 first-issue comics! FREE!'

SXSW Comics-juggernaut Marvel's servers may be overheating at this very moment: it's currently giving away over 700 first issues of some of its most famous comics to anyone with an internet connection. The company announced the deal at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, on Sunday and downloaders have until Tuesday …
Iain Thomson, 11 Mar 2013
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BBC dishes out fanboi-only telly downloads ahead of ITV plans

The BBC's mobile iPlayer app will now let users download content for watching later – provided they have an Apple device of course. Sonic Screwdriver - Doctor Who Lucky fanbois can nab last night's episode of EastEnders or the latest Doctor Who for perusal at their leisure for up to 30 days, though once they've started …
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BlackBerry App World hits 3bn downloads, 27bn more to go

BlackBerry's app store – BlackBerry App World – has notched up 3 billion downloads, parent company RIM boasted in a upbeat developers' blog post. There are now over 90,000 apps in the store, the post says. Apple's App Store has seen 30 billion downloads as of June and has about half-a-million apps on its books, but the 3 …
Anna Leach, 9 Jul 2012

Scientists plan 3D printable robots for the home

A team of academics has won a $10m grant for a five-year project to develop robots that can be designed and manufactured by anyone within 24 hours. “Our goal is to develop technology that enables anyone to manufacture their own customized robot. This is truly a game changer,” said Professor Vijay Kumar, who is leading the team …
Iain Thomson, 5 Apr 2012
iTunes logo

US movie viewers make sudden shift to net

Lovefilm subscribers in the UK are already streaming more content over the net than they're receiving on disc through the post, and now it's been claimed that folk in the US will acquire more paid video content online this year than on physical media. According to IHS Screen Digest, a market watcher, Americans will this year …
Tony Smith, 23 Mar 2012
BBC logo

WTF... should I pay to download BBC shows?

Feature The outgoing Director General of the BBC, Mark Thompson, recently announced plans for Project Barcelona, a download store for material from the BBC archives. At the moment, you can watch most BBC programmes for seven days after broadcast, free of charge using iPlayer. In a few cases, a whole series may be available for a …
Nigel Whitfield, 20 Mar 2012
Kingston USB 3.0

Films-on-USB kiosks come to airports

Travelling to the US this summer? Take your Android tablet or Windows laptop with out and you may be able to grab a movie or two on USB stick for the flight home. The oddly named Digiboo this week began rolling out kiosks at US airports which allow travellers to buy or rent one or two films which are copied onto a USB Flash …
Tony Smith, 16 Mar 2012

Warner Bros boss moots 'disc-to-digital' scheme

Warner Bros wants you to trade in your DVDs for cloud-stored video files, the home entertainment's president has indicated - its latest method to persuade punters to buy rather than rent. Speaking at a Morgan Stanley tech confab in San Francisco this week, Warner Home Entertainment Group President Kevin Tsujihara outlined an …
Tony Smith, 2 Mar 2012
Dixons Knowhow

Dixons preps movie download service

Dixons Retail - better known these days as Currys and PC World - will launch an online movie service on Thursday. Called Knowhow, the service will initially be available on Windows and Mac computers, but Dixons promised Android and iOS apps "within the next six months". Some smart TVs - most likely Dixons' own brand, Logik - …
Tony Smith, 28 Feb 2012
iTunes logo

World music sales slide despite digital dividend

Digtal music sales rose eight per cent worldwide during 2011. Good news for Apple, owner of the download-centric iTunes Music Store, but not for CD sellers: the industry as a whole saw revenues slide three per cent. Industry organisation IFPI said recorded music sales revenues fell from $16.7bn in 2010 to $16.2bn in 2011. …
Tony Smith, 23 Jan 2012

Swiss insist file-sharers don't hurt copyright holders

The Swiss government has ruled that downloading pirated copies of films, music and videogames for personal use will remain legal because it is of not detrimental to copyright owners. Last year, the Swiss Senate ordered an investigation into the impact downloading may have on society, in case further legislation was required on …
Caleb Cox, 5 Dec 2011
Xbox Live

Ten... top Xbox Live game downloads

Product Round-up After looking at ten top videogames for PlayStation Network last week, it's Microsoft's turn to step up to the table. As mentioned in the PSN round-up, forking out for the latest triple-A titles is unnecessary if you're prepared to live without the over-the-top graphics and the 200+ hour gameplay of epics like Skyrim. Spend a …
Caleb Cox, 29 Nov 2011
PlayStation Network

Ten... top PlayStation Network game downloads

Product Round-up Games are expensive these days, with contemporary titles often commanding in excess of £50. Some people even paid thousands for an early copy of Modern Warfare 3. But why should you fork out so much for games on disc when there's plenty of much cheaper and no less entertaining offerings available through your console's network …
Caleb Cox, 24 Nov 2011

Compact Disc death foretold for 2012

The major record labels are planning to kill off the CD format by the end of next year to make way for digital downloads only. That's the claim made by music site Side-Line which says it heard whispers that the end of the CD is nigh from music industry insiders. That said, it has failed to get any official confirmation from …
Caleb Cox, 7 Nov 2011
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Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

Online tests from have found more "internet blackspots" in the south of England than in the north and found the quickest internet access in the UK is in Leamington Spa with download speeds of 18.665Mb/s. The numbers come from people conducting their own tests via the comparison site's online tests and should be …
John Oates, 22 Aug 2011

Apple delivers Orange aid

Orange is again rewarding its customers with film content after teaming up with iTunes to offer a free movie download every week. Orange Film The company's new service Film to Go lets Orange customers grab one free film every Thursday to watch on their PC, laptop or iOS device. As with other rentals over iTunes, content …
Caleb Cox, 8 Aug 2011
Blu-ray DVD

People watch movies on stuff

Digital downloads may be ever increasing in popularity, but physical discs reign supreme when it comes to movie viewing and expenditure. For now. In the last three months, 77 per cent of US consumers reported watching films on DVD or BD - a stat that is unchanged from last year, the market research firm NPD reports. By …
Caleb Cox, 19 Apr 2011

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