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10 Downing Street. Pic: Sgt Tom Robinson RLC/Crown copyright

Downing Street secretly deletes emails to avoid exposure to FOIeurs

Email records on computers in Downing Street are subject to automatic deletion within three months through a system which makes it almost impossible for the public to view them under the Freedom of Information Act, former staff have disclosed to the Financial Times. Reporters at the salmon-pink broadsheet discovered that this …
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UK biz needs fattening up on gov IT contracts, says No10 bod

Tim Luke, a policy adviser to Number 10, wants Blighty's government IT contracts spread more broadly and punting more money towards companies that don't to sell out abroad. He also thinks kids should be taught to code like real men. Luke advises Downing Street on business and enterprise, and was speaking to silicon shippers …
Bill Ray, 26 Apr 2012
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Downing Street on Phorm: 'Meh'

Downing Street has palmed off responsibility for enforcing the law around its web monitoring and profiling technology to the Information Commissioner. The Prime Minister's response to a public petition today comes despite his Home Office having given a positive pre-launch legal opinion in private to Phorm and BT. The petition …
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Gordo entertains a couple of lapdancers

Two lapdancers from the Spearmint Rhino chain yesterday shimmied their way to Downing Street to present a petition protesting against the attempted reclassification of their places of work as “sex encounter establishments”. According to the Sun, backbench Labour MP Roberta Blackman-Woods has proposed the move which would "make …
Lester Haines, 5 Nov 2008
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Police quiz BT on secret Phorm trials

City of London police questioned BT earlier this week as part of a probe into the covert wiretapping and profiling of the internet use of tens of thousands of BT customers during tests of Phorm's adware system. City of London CID met BT representatives on Tuesday. Officers have been examining the dossier of evidence handed to …
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Gordo returns to website in crisis

The Prime Minister has returned from his holiday to find his £100,000 blog, which launched last week is taking a bit of a shoeing in the press. Downing Street has learned that running a high tech, interactive, multimedia Nu Meeja operation* isn't as easy as El Reg makes it look. First, there's been a round of open sourcey …
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Downing Street rejects 'Clarkson for PM' petition

Having given due consideration to an e-petition demanding that Gordo stand down and make way for Jeremy Clarkson as PM - a campaign which attracted an impressive 49,447 signatures - Downing Street has posted a response on its YouTube channel: We'll take that as a no, then. A shame, really, because it means the dream of …
Lester Haines, 20 Aug 2008
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Brown's website is Web2.0tastic

Ten Downing Street has a new website, or rather blog. And it's hip. Based on open source WordPress code, the site ticks off every Web 2.0 word-bingo box - even claiming to be in Beta. It's got everything the kids want: A Flickr page, a YouTube channel, podcasts and even a Twitter section - "it's 10 Downing Street here! I'm at …
John Oates, 13 Aug 2008
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Gordon Brown's secret life as network admin

Gordon Brown is known as a bit of a micro-manager, but who knew he also took so much personal responsibility for keeping Downing Street IT systems up and running? How else to explain why his email account is still out of action and the e-petitions service - suggested as an alternative way to talk to him - is out of action …
John Oates, 6 Aug 2008
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Click here to save Bletchley Park

Those among you who feel strongly that the government should intervene to save Bletchley Park for the nation are invited to sign an e-petition aimed at prompting just such action. The petition states: "Please do not allow this crucial piece of both British and World culture to disappear. If ever an example were needed of …
Lester Haines, 30 Jul 2008
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Brown's aide, Mata Hari and the BlackBerry

One of Gordon Brown's senior advisers lost his BlackBerry on a recent trip to China after he was picked up by a woman in a disco. Downing Street is insisting the device was lost rather than stolen, but the incident is bound to raise more questions about the government's inability to look after data. The man was accompanying …
John Oates, 21 Jul 2008
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Prime Minister's email takes month off

British citizens wishing to write to Prime Minister Gordon Brown via email are currently being told that the service is down due to maintenance work. Number 10’s website is currently carrying this message about Brown’s inability to receive emails from pen-shy members of the public: This service has been temporarily suspended …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jul 2008
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Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'

Gordon Brown has been accused of deliberately misleading the public by claiming that not retaining genetic profiles of innocent people on the National DNA Database (NDNAD) would have led to 114 murderers getting away. The charge was made on Friday by the genetics lobby group GeneWatch UK. It analysed a speech the Prime …
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EU mulls intervention over BT's secret Phorm trials

The European Commission is considering intervening over the failure of UK data watchdogs to punish BT for the way it secretly co-opted tens of thousands of customers into trials of Phorm's profiling system to serve them targeted advertising. At the end of May, the Information Commissioner's Office told Stephen Mainwaring, …

Downing Street rejects Vista petition

A petition on Downing Street's e-petition website which called for fairer pricing of Microsoft's Vista operating system has been rejected. The petition called on the PM to "bring pressure on Microsoft to stop them overcharging the UK for its Vista Operating System". The petition noted that a fully-fledged version of Vista …
John Oates, 9 May 2007
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ISPA to members: play fair on fair use

Internet providers' trade association ISPA has told its members to stop advertising "unlimited" broadband unless they are explicit and transparent about their fair use policies. Over recent months public calls have grown louder for action against ISPs who hawk "unlimited" services, without monthly download limits or bandwidth …
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Children to nag adults through CCTV

CCTV cameras will bark orders at people who misbehave in the streets of eight major British cities as part of a government scheme to cajole people into respecting authority. Faceless bureaucrats will tell people off when they are being "anti-social" by dropping litter, behaving drunkenly, fighting, and, presumably, smashing up …
Mark Ballard, 4 Apr 2007
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Blair spams road protesters

The petition opposing Tony Blair's proposal to introduce road pricing and vehicle tracking closed last night and the 1.8 million signatories all received an email, supposedly from the Prime Minister, explaining why their opposition is misguided. The email thanks people for taking part in the exercise and promises: "Before we …
John Oates, 21 Feb 2007

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