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Dot-com web addresses prices to swell, thanks to sweetheart deal between Uncle Sam, Verisign

The planet's 138 million dot-com addresses are going to get significantly more expensive to renew over the next decade thanks to a contract signed between dot-com operator Verisign and the US government. New dot-com domains are also set to cost more. The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information …
Image by beccarra

US government charges two Chinese spies over jet engine blueprint theft

The US Justice Department has charged two Chinese spies with stealing jet engine blueprints through a series of online hacks over the course of five years. Zha Rong and Chai Meng work for the Chinese government's state security ministry (JSSD), the US government claims, and collaborated with six hackers and two moles at the …
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Oct 2018
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Amazon tried to entice Latin American officials with $5m in Kindles, AWS credits for .amazon

Amazon offered the governments of Brazil and Peru millions of dollars' worth of Kindles and AWS hosting if they would stop blocking its effort to get hold of the .amazon top-level domain. The governments turned the offer down. This is the latest twist in the long-running saga between one of the world's most powerful companies …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2018
Time to cough up my money

Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing

Analysis UK domain name holders are furious with registrar 123-Reg for automatically charging them an additional £6 a year for a service few of them want or even need. Thousands of .uk domain owners have been informed this week that 123-Reg is "adding advanced protection features" to their domain in the next few weeks. The "upgrade" …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2018
red tape

Euro bureaucrats tie up .eu in red tape to stop Brexit Brits snatching back their web domains

European Union bureaucrats are turning their namesake .eu top-level domain into a red-tape nightmare. Back in May, the European Commission stunned the DNS community – including the company that runs the .eu registry, EURid – by announcing it would scrap 300,000 .eu domain names owned by UK residents due to the country's …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Sep 2018

US govt concedes that you can indeed f**k Nazis online: Domain-name swear ban lifted

NSFW The US government has conceded that you can indeed fuck Nazis on the internet. You can also shit and piss on the cocksucking motherfucking cu... [we get the picture, Kieren – ed.]... tits [that's enough – ed.] Yes, the "seven dirty words" made famous by the comedian George Carlin in 1972 were until just a few weeks ago also …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Sep 2018
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Men are officially the worst… top-level domain

The internet has a case of .men behaving badly, based on new data from international watchdog Spamhaus. In a listing of the top ten worst top-level domains compiled by Spamhaus, .men has come top, followed somewhat bizarrely by .GQ, which is the country code for Equatorial Guinea but also happens to be the name of a famous men …
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Jun 2018

Africa's internet body in full-blown meltdown: 'None of the above' wins board protest vote

A protest vote against corporate mismanagement at Africa's main internet body has sent the organization into freefall. Following the poor handling of a sexual harassment scandal that eventually led to the resignation of its chair and vice-chair, members of Afrinic asked for a vote of no-confidence in the organization's entire …
Kieren McCarthy, 11 May 2018

US citizen sues France over France-dot-com brouhaha

An expat in the US is suing the French government and Verisign after the Fifth Republic seized the domain name The lawsuit, filed in the American federal courts, seeks the return of to the control of the online travel agency Jean-Noel Frydman, a French-born US citizen, set up around the domain …
Gareth Corfield, 30 Apr 2018

Nominet drains mug of tea, leans back, calmly explains how to make Whois GDPR-compliant

The operator of the .uk domain-name registry has outlined the changes it plans to make to its Whois domain registration system to bring it in line with incoming European privacy legislation. Nominet ran a short one-month public comment period asking for feedback on a range of proposed changes to its current system and …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Apr 2018

Australia’s .au admins told to reform or get rooted

The administrator of Australia’s top level .au domain, auDA, has been told to reform or be forcibly stripped of its role. That edict was delivered yesterday by Australia’s minister for communications Mitch Fifield, who ordered a review of auDA after the organisation’s board introduced a Code of Conduct that restricted members …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Apr 2018
Uncle Sam

US government weighs in on GDPR-Whois debacle, orders ICANN to go probe GoDaddy

The US government has waded into the omni-shambles that is the internet infrastructure industry's failed effort to comply with European privacy laws. Having tried to use its behind-the-scenes influence at a recent meeting of DNS overseer ICANN to drive decisions, the Department of Commerce's frustration had led to it going …
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Apr 2018
An angry woman steaming from the ears

Angry Australians, in the .au registry, with the vote of no confidence: CEO, execs face ousting

Australia's .au internet registry members have called for the scalps of its CEO and three Board members as part of an ongoing dispute over how the organization is being run. The call comes as the Australian government continues an investigation into the governance structure of auDA following a series of controversial decisions …
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Apr 2018
dump truck

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin

Brexit has hit the internet, and not in a good way. In an official statement Thursday, the European Commission announced it will cancel all 300,000 domains under the .eu top-level domain that have a UK registrant, following Britain's eventual departure from the European Union. "As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and …
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Mar 2018

Uncle Sam slams plans to give govts final say over domain privacy

A plan by ICANN to let governments collectively decide who is allowed to bypass new European privacy rules over domain names has been blasted by its most powerful member, the United States. At a meeting of DNS oversight organization ICANN, the US government representative told colleagues from across the globe his country didn' …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Mar 2018

It's official: .corp, .home, .mail will never be top-level domains on the 'net

You will never be able to own an official .home, .mail or .corp domain name or email address on the public internet. It means if you have machines called things like storage.home or buildserver.corp on your home or private business network, you can be sure no one will be able to buy domains like storage.home or buildserver. …
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Feb 2018

.UK overseer Nominet abandons its own charitable foundation – and why this matters

Special report Nominet, which runs the UK's domain-name registry, has abandoned its own charitable foundation, raising questions about the organization's direction and accountability. In an email earlier this week, CEO Russell Haworth stunned members of the non-profit, public-interest outfit by announcing that he was withdrawing from the …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jan 2018

Two things will survive a nuclear holocaust: Cockroaches and crafty URLs like ғасеьоок.com

It's been known for a long while that people can use similar-looking non-Roman characters to create internet addresses that look similar to real ones. These dishonest URLs have been doing the rounds for years. And, sadly, the abuse of homographs to craft dodgy web addresses continues well into this day, according to security …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jan 2018

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