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Dolphins can remember each other's signature whistles after 20 years

Camera-carrying DOLPHIN SPY caught off Gaza

Palestinian news outlet Nadae Al Watan reports that a spy dolphin was captured in the Mediterranean Sea off Gaza. The publication says the creature was carrying a cameras and other surveillance equipment. It's alleged the Dolphin is a weaponised aquatic mammal used by Israel to observe Palestinian Islamic resistance movement …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2015
New humpback dolphin species

Shy, bashful HUMPBACK DOLPHINS expose themselves to boffins

A previously unknown species of humpback dolphin has been blithely swimming the waters off northern Australia, according to scientists. A research team made up of scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the American Museum of Natural History and other groups set out to figure out the number of distinct types …
Dolphins play in the water

NO, ELEPHANTS, it's we DOLPHINS who NEVER FORGET our best pals

Dolphins have the longest memories in the animal kingdom, longer even than the famously unforgetful elephant, say scientists: the sea-dwelling mammals remember friends' whistles after being separated for more than 20 years. Dolphins can remember each other's signature whistles after 20 years Mate! How long has it been? 20 …
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Boffins: Dolphins call each other NAMES. Not RUDE ones!

Boffins have piled on yet more evidence that dolphins call each other by name when they whistle to each other. Dolphins play in the water Scientists have reckoned for some time that dolphins have a unique whistle that acts as a distinctive name. Research by marine biologists Stephanie King and Vincent Janik from the …


Updated Worrying news today for any Register readers who may be in the neighbourhood of the Black Sea, as news has emerged that three elite Ukrainian navy killer dolphins, possibly armed with deadly weapons attached to their heads, have gone absent without leave in the region, apparently intent on nookie. As all habitués of these …
Lewis Page, 13 Mar 2013
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The Ukrainian navy is to deploy specially trained dolphins equipped with "pistols fixed to their heads" against possible enemy frogmen, according to reports. Russian newswire RIA Novosti broke the news last week, reporting from the naval base of Sevastopol on the Black Sea. This was formerly home to the Soviet Black Sea Fleet …
Lewis Page, 16 Oct 2012
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US Navy dolphins, sea lions hunt rogue robo-subs

The US Navy has been forced to unleash a crack force of trained dolphins and sea lions to recapture several underwater robots which went rogue off the coast of Virginia earlier this week. A naval news release said that four REMUS 100 "Swordfish" unmanned underwater vehicles had ceased responding to commands during the joint US …
Lewis Page, 9 Jun 2010
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Aus gov dredges up cuter panic-button for kids online

Salvation for children who feel threatened, harassed or bullied on the internet may be close at hand, in the shape of a user-friendly dolphin-shaped "panic button". That appears to be the upshot of discussions now taking place in the Australian Federal Government’s consultative working group on cyber safety. While their …
Jane Fae , 26 Nov 2009
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Sonar causes (temporary) deafness in dolphins

Exposure to military sonar may cause temporary hearing loss in bottlenose dolphins, scientists at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology have found. Tests on a captive dolphin indicate exposure to sonar at high, prolonged levels can cause temporary deafness for as long as 20 to 40 minutes — but only if the dolphin stays close …
Austin Modine, 9 Apr 2009
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US Navy settles sonar lawsuit

The US Navy has settled a whale-saving lawsuit filed by environmentalists challenging the use of military sonar for testing and training exercises around the world, with both parties proclaiming victory. Five environmental groups, headed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), said they reached the deal because the …
Austin Modine, 29 Dec 2008
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Student lends an ear to Welsh-speaking dolphins

Dolphins living off the coast of Wales have their own distinct "dialect", a University of Wales student has discovered. As part of his master's thesis, Ronan Hickey analysed 1,882 whistles from dophins in Cardigan Bay and Ireland's Sannon Bay, Reuters reports. In the process, he found "32 different sound categories, of which …
Lester Haines, 26 May 2007
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US killer robots take jobs from flyboys, dolphins

"Team Warrior", a killer robot manufacturing alliance led by General Atomics of San Diego, CA, announced yesterday that its Warrior Extended Range/Multi Purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (ERMP UAS) would enter production for the US Army, another step in the US forces' ongoing effort to automate most military activities. …
Lewis Page, 22 Feb 2007

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