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Web domain owners paid EasyDNS to cloak their contact info from sight. It was blabbed via public Whois anyway

Domain name registrar EasyDNS has 'fessed up to accidentally leaking cloaked contact details for about 1,500 domain owners in Whois query results for just over 24 hours. Those records – such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses – should have been kept private, and not disclosed in Whois searches, due …
Rebecca Hill, 2 Nov 2018
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It's been a week since engineers approved a new DNS encryption standard and everyone is still yelling

Last week, amid some acrimony, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) formally adopted a new encryption standard for the internet naming systems. But far from the approval of RFC 8484, better known as DNS-over-HTTPS or DoH, putting the issue to bed, it has stirred up a hornet's nest of upset among internet engineers that …
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Oct 2018

In the two years since Dyn went dark, what have we learned? Not much, it appears

The majority (72 per cent) of FTSE 100 firms are vulnerable to DNS attacks, nearly two years after the major Dyn outage. head of 50s-style robot Today the web was broken by countless hacked devices – your 60-second summary READ MORE A similar three in five of the top 50 companies listed in the Fortune 500 are also ill- …
John Leyden, 11 Oct 2018
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DNSSEC in a click: Cloudflare tries to crack uptake inertia

Cloudflare is offering DNSSEC in a single click. The content delivery network (CDN) company has included the option to add the security protocol to your domain name through its dashboard in a single, simple form. The goal, the biz said on Tuesday, is increased adoption. Cloudflare won't be charging for the service, its …
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Sep 2018
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DNS ad-hocracy in peril as ICANN advisors mull root server shakeup

Internet overseer ICANN is considering a self-managed governance model for the world's Domain Name System root servers – and one of the outcomes could be a reduction in the number of root servers. Today, 12 companies operate the 13 DNS root servers that are used by browsers and other software to ultimately translate domain …
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Are your IoT gizmos, music boxes, smart home kit vulnerable to DNS rebinding attacks? Here's how to check

A technique for attacking computer networks, first disclosed more than a decade ago, has resurfaced as a way to manipulate Internet-of-Things gadgets, smart home equipment, and streaming entertainment gizmos. Researcher Brannon Dorsey this week posted an essay explaining how smart home hardware can be vulnerable to a trick …
Shaun Nichols, 21 Jun 2018
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June 2018, and Windows Server can be pwned with a DNS request

Microsoft has released its monthly security update, addressing a total of 51 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities. The June edition of Patch Tuesday includes 11 fixes for critical vulnerabilities in Windows, including Microsoft's solution for the recently-disclosed Spectre Variant 4 chip design flaw. Among the most serious …
Shaun Nichols, 12 Jun 2018

SpamCannibal blacklist service reanimated by squatters, claims every IP address is spammy

Updated SpamCannibal – a defunct service that issued blacklists of known spam servers – was hijacked early on Wednesday morning, spewing its own unwanted crap in the process. El Reg was tipped off by a reader who told us that SpamCannibal is "pumping out Blacklist notifications for some of our servers and then when you go to …
John Leyden, 30 May 2018
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AWS DNS network hijack turns MyEtherWallet into ThievesEtherWallet

Updated Crooks today hijacked internet connections to Amazon Web Services systems to ultimately steal a chunk of alt-coins from online cryptocurrency website The Ethereum wallet developer confirmed on Tuesday morning that thieves redirected DNS lookups for its dot-com to a malicious website masquerading as the real …
Shaun Nichols, 24 Apr 2018

Sorry spooks: Princeton boffins reckon they can hide DNS queries

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a plain-text service that lets anyone who can see “the wire” capture a user's DNS traffic and work out whether they're asking for or So to help enhance its privacy a group of researchers has proposed a more "Oblivious DNS” protocol. However, as the group explained here, …
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Cloudflare touts privacy-friendly public DNS service. Hmm, let's take a closer look at that

Updated Cloudflare has revealed a deal with regional internet registry APNIC to provide a possibly more privacy-conscious DNS resolver at a prestige network address, The biz contends DNS – which translates human-friendly domain names like into numeric IP addresses, such as, used by software – …
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The DNS was designed for diversity, but site admins aren't buying

The world's top eight DNS providers now control 59 per cent of name resolution for the biggest Websites - and that puts the Web at risk, according to a group of Harvard University researchers. The group was led by Harvard's Shane Greenstein, and warned that since 2011, the "entropy" of the DNS (referring to how widely …
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BIND comes apart thanks to ancient denial-of-service vuln

Back in 2000, a bug crept into the Internet Systems Corporation's BIND server, and it lay unnoticed until now. The result: if you're running a vulnerable version of BIND and using DNSSEC, you need to patch the server against a denial-of-service vulnerability. The venerable BIND is the world's most-used Domain Name System (DNS …
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IETF protects privacy and helps net neutrality with DNS over HTTPS

The Internet Engineering Task Force has taken the first steps towards a better way of protecting users' DNS queries and incidentally made a useful contribution to making neutrality part of the 'net's infrastructure instead of the plaything of ISPs. The Register first noticed the technology in this article by Mark Nottingham ( …
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Open source nameserver used by millions needs patching

Open source DNS software vendor PowerDNS has advised users to patch its "Authoritative" and "Recursor" products, to squish five bugs disclosed today. None of the bugs pose a risk that PowerDNS might itself be compromised, but this is the DNS: what an attacker can do is fool around with DNS records in various ways. That can be …
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DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database

The Global Cyber Alliance has given the world a new free Domain Name Service resolver, and advanced it as offering unusually strong security and privacy features. The Quad9 DNS service, at, not only turns URIs into IP addresses, but also checks them against IBM X-Force's threat intelligence database. Those checks …

Google slides DNS privacy into 'Droid developer stream

Android users might get better protection for their browsing records, if a Google experiment takes off. spotted the entry in the Android Open Source Project, which adds DNS over TLS, along with an option to turn it off. The idea of sending DNS queries over TLS is simple: it's in line with the IETF's (and …
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WTH is my domain? OpenSRS and Hover down and out

Updated The domain name server "OpenSRS" crashed and burned during the dead of night following a network failure, taking down scores of customers' portals with it. Normal service has yet to resume. OpenSRS is owned by the operating service Tucows, and according to, there are about 690,000 active websites using it. …

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