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Sonic waves $323m in DivX marriage proposal

Roxio owner Sonic has sucked up DivX in a $323m deal it claims will streamline "over the top" movie distribution. DivX is best known for its codec technology, which enables decent quality video transmission, and has cropped up in a range of devices from handsets to TVs. It is notorious for a long-running dispute with Universal …
Team Register, 2 Jun 2010
Pioneer BDP-51FD

Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-ray Disc player

Review It's not been easy for Pioneer of late, what with the painful withdrawal from the high-end plasma TV market that it had dominated with the Kuro, the best plasma family on the planet. However, life goes on and this spritely little Blu-ray Disc player should go some way to putting the spring back into Pioneer’s step. Pioneer BDP …
Lewis Caliburn, 19 Mar 2009

Hacking the Apple TV

Part 2 Apple’s Apple TV set-top box supports all the audio and video file formats that iTunes, iPods and iPhones can handle. That’s plenty for many folk, but for those who favour less mainstream formats or widespread ones that Apple’s not keen on — DivX, for one — it severely limits the value of the machine. Fortunately, once the …
Nick Hawkesmoor, 13 Feb 2009

DivX rolls out DivX 7

CES DivX today launched DivX 7. Hoorah. The major points of the new version are: it's still free, you can get "high-performance true HD" - 1080p to the rest of us - playback, and it now supports H.264 HD files - in a .mkv container - and AAC surround sound. DivX also announced the launch of the DivX Plus Certification programme …

LG to show super-slim set at CES

LG is gunning to make itself one of the tech firms to watch this year, following its release of details concerning an upcoming super telly: the 55in LH9500. LG_LH9500 LG's LH9500 is just 24.8mm thick The LH9500 LCD, which has been spotted by several online sources, is a meagre 24.8mm thick, yet still boasts 1080p and a 2, …

LG launches 8Mp full-of-firsts cameraphone

LG has taken the wraps off its superlative-laden eight-megapixel cameraphone, which it'll bring to Blighty next month. The LG-KC910 is not only the slimmest 8Mp cameraphone on the market, LG claimed, but it's also the first to sport a touchscreen interface. It's also the first with Dolby Mobile sound tech, the Korean company …
Tony Smith, 4 Sep 2008

LG spills Secret beans

LG can’t keep a secret, but it’s hoping to shift a few. The South Korean handset manufacturer today launched Secret, a phone it actually unveiled a couple of weeks back. The slider phone is the latest addition to LG’s Black Label series, which already includes the Chocolate and the Shine. We already knew the phone had a five- …
James Sherwood, 24 Apr 2008

TVs to play DivX thanks to AMD

DivX-encoded content looks set to be available across a wider range of multimedia devices, following its handshake with chip manufacturer AMD. The two companies have signed a licensing agreement that’ll allow AMD to include DivX’s video technology with its Xilleon processor range. AMD and DivX are yet to decide which specific …
James Sherwood, 17 Jan 2008

DivX comes to the Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 dashboard update has sneaked in something extra: the hoped-for addition of DivX playback functionality. The Xbox Team’s official blog includes an AVI file support FAQ, which says the console now “supports files encoded using MPEG-4 Part 2, Simple and Advanced Simple Profile”, which the team adds are “often …

Official: PS3 to get DivX through firmware upate

PlayStation 3 gamers will soon have access to DivX digital video content through their consoles after Sony yesterday agreed to a tie-up between the two companies. Although a release date hasn’t yet been announced, DivX claimed it will certify the PS3 in the “near future”. Once completed, PS3 owners old and new will be able to …
James Sherwood, 14 Nov 2007

D-Link to bring DivX onto your HD TV

DivX has teamed up with D-Link to incorporate its DivX Connected HD digital media platform onto the Wi-Fi firm's DSM-330 network box, giving users access to PC-based DivX content via their TV. DLink_DSM330 D-Link's DSM-330: now with DivX Movies, pictures and music can be streamed over a wired Ethernet connection or over …
James Sherwood, 15 Oct 2007

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