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eDP 1.4a

FOCUS! 7680 x 4320 notebook and fondleslab screens are coming

An update to the DisplayPort standard is promising to bring about a new line of 8k screens for notebooks, tablets and all-in-ones. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has published a new standard for embedded display hardware. The eDP 1.4a update will support connections of 8.1Gbps per-channel and allow for …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Feb 2015
iOS spangles at WWDC

Apple dangles Spangles while Dabbsy's cables rankle

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Yet another Apple keynote has just whizzed by without so much as a squeak of useful criticism. The non-revelations in the opening keynote of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week confirmed just about everything that had already been leaked. To summarise, there will be an iOS upgrade that looks like …
Alistair Dabbs, 14 Jun 2013
WiGi Alliance logo

WiGig crew to cut DisplayPort cables

VESA, the organisation behind DisplayPort and past monitor connection technologies, must have fallen a little out of love with wireless connectivity. Two years after entering into an alliance with WiGig, the 60GHz band high-speed WLAN standard, it this week felt the need to renew its vows. Highlighting the two institutions’ “ …
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2012

Vesa to enable backlight arrays on laptops, tablets

Display standards body Vesa has announced a new version of its Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) specification that paves the way for laptop screens and tablet panels with TV-like array backlighting. It's all done in the name of power conservation, of course, and the eDP 1.4 specification includes a number of technologies designed to …
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2012
WiGi Alliance logo

WTF is... WiGig

Feature It's now more than two years since the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WGA) released the first full version of its 7Gb/s would-be next-gen Wi-Fi technology. There's been some activity in the intervening 26 months, including the first big multi-vendor interoperability test, but the second of these "plugfests" has only now taken place …
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2012
Inside Apple's Thunderbolt cable

Intel preps Thunderbolt docking tech for Ultrabooks

Intel is developing a would-be standard docking connector for Ultrabooks. The technology is based on its Thunderbolt bus. The spec, revealed by VR-Zone, calls for a chunky plug that combines a mini Thunderbolt port and a proprietary connector for power and other data buses. What vendors connect the other end to is up to them …
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2011

Intel demos Panel Self-Refresh power-saving tech

IDF 2011 Intel today demo'd an interesting screen-based power-conservation technology: Panel Self-Refresh (PSR), part of the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard. PSR incorporates a frame buffer into the display's own electronics, allowing it to refresh the screen's pixels directly rather than continuously requesting image data from the …
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2011
Inside Apple's Thunderbolt cable

Pricey Apple Thunderbolt cable inner chippery exposed

Want to know why Apple is charging £39 - $50 in the US - for its Thunderbolt cable? For once it's not entirely the company's price-high-for-fanboys policy - the cable is an active transmitter. Apple's Thunderbolt cable Apple's Thunderbolt cable: on the outside... The kit disassemblers at have found that the …
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2011

Universal wireless tech to gain HDMI

WiGig, the 60GHz wireless networking tech capable of delivering gigabit speeds, is to gain HDMI compatibility. The organisation behind the technology, the WiGig Alliance, last night announced the finalisation of the first release of its WiGig Bus Extension (WBE), a so-called "protocol adaption layer" that allows traffic from …
Tony Smith, 29 Jun 2011

Intel throws Thunderbolt

Now we know why Intel was dragging its feet with USB 3.0 support - it's got its own competing interconnect that's twice as fast in Thunderbolt (formerly known as Light Peak). Thunderbolt is a 10Gbit/s, bi-directional, dual channel, copper link containing an Intel controller chip and supporting two protocols: DisplayPort and …
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2011
The Register breaking news

Apple brands Intel 'Light Peak' as Thunderbolt

Apple's take on Intel's 'Light Peak' high-speed IO technology will be call Thunderbolt, it has emerged, and it will be delivered through the new MacBook Pro's DisplayPort connector. Throughout the morning, snaps have appeared online showing the specification stickers on the back on the new MacBook boxes. The first ones were in …
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2011
The Register breaking news

Case cut-outs connote iPad 2 SD, HDMI connectivity

Circumstantial evidence that the iPad 2 will sport not only its customary array of portage but also an SD card slot and a HD TV connector come from pics of a plastic case that have popped up online. The snaps, posted by website MIC Gadget, show a small space on the top of the case and another on the left-hand side. You can see …
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2011
The Register breaking news

Gigabit WLAN tech to shoulder Wireless DisplayPort

Vesa, the organisation behind DisplayPort, has selected the Wireless Gigabit Alliance's 60GHz networking technology as the basis for a future wireless version of the digital monitor cabling standard. Wireless Gigabit - aka WiGig - can provide data links of up to 7Gb/s over a 10m range. That's no sufficient bandwidth to deliver …
Tony Smith, 3 Nov 2010

Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' to go all out for DisplayPort

IDF Intel has selected DisplayPort as the standard linkage between its next-generation processors' integrated graphics cores and the host system's screen. Current CPUs typically use LVDS - Low-Voltage Differential Signaling - to connect screen to GPU, but Intel's PC chip chief, Stephen Smith, said DisplayPort - to be used in its …
Tony Smith, 13 Sep 2010
The Register breaking news

Belkin bridges Xbox 360, PS3 and... iMac

Accessory maker Belkin has come up with a gadget that will allow you to, say, play Blu-ray Discs on an iMac. Or use the Mac's screen for your PS3 games. Belkin HDMI-DP adaptor It's an HDMI-to-Mini DisplayPort converter that takes a 1080p signal from an HDMI source and pumps it out through a Mini DP connector. Hook the latter …
Tony Smith, 25 Jun 2010

DisplayPort 1.2 launched at last

The Video Electronics Standards Association (Vesa) clearly just missed finishing off the DisplayPort 1.2 specification in time for the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of the month, because it's launched the spec a mere ten days afterward. That said, DP 1.2's key features had already been well telegraphed: primarily …
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2010

Apple's mini DisplayPort added to Vesa standard

Vesa - the organisation overseeing DisplayPort - has added Apple's compact version of the digital monitor connector to its specification sheet. Apple introduced its mini DisplayPort connector in 2008, rolling them out with the first metal MacBook, later renamed the 13in MacBook Pro. The company subsequently offered the …
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2009

4K by 2K resolution, Ethernet-equipped HDMI 1.4 announced

Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please welcome HDMI 1.4, the latest incarnation of the all-digital hi-def interconnect. Due for publication by the end of June, the HDMI 1.4 spec's key elements are integrated networking, support for bigger screen sizes, 3D friendliness and a new, more compact connector. The addition of …
Tony Smith, 28 May 2009

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