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Volkswagen faces fresh Dieselgate lawsuit in Germany – report

In the latest fallout from the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen is facing down a German lawsuit for $11bn over the company's use of software to thwart emissions performance tests. A group of investors in VW has argued that the car maker ought to have told them earlier about the scandal, in which its cars' engine control units …
Gareth Corfield, 10 Sep 2018
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Nissan 'fesses up to fudging emissions data

Nissan, last year accused by UK consumer magazine Which? of faking emissions data, has admitted its own “dieselgate”. The Which? investigation in March 2017 claimed Nissan's X-Trail 1.6 litre engine produced “13 times as much NOx as the Euro 6 limit”. The carmaker instituted an internal review, and in September 2017 found it …

Audi chief exec arrested over Dieselgate car emissions scandal

Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler has been arrested in Germany over the software-enabled Dieselgate emissions scandal, according to reports. Stadler was arrested after a warrant was issued by a Munich prosecutor, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported, adding that his personal flat had been searched by fraud …
Gareth Corfield, 18 Jun 2018

US docs show Daimler may have done a Dieselgate – German press claims

American investigators are looking into Mercedes maker Daimler's use of engine management software that is alleged to help its vehicles pass emissions tests, according to reports. German tabloid Bild am Sonntag splashed yesterday (behind paywall) that US investigators had found "several software functions that helped Daimler …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Feb 2018

VW engineer sent to the clink for three years for emissions-busting code

The engineer responsible for designing the software that enabled Volkswagen diesel cars to cheat on US emissions tests has been sentenced to 40 months in prison and fined $200,000. James Liang pled guilty last year to defrauding the federal government and violating the Clean Air Act, in a plea deal with the US government in …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Aug 2017
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Dodge this: Fiat-Chrysler gets diesel-fuelled sueball from DoJ

Fiat-Chrysler, accused of the same kind of software defeat as landed Volkswagen in hot water, is now the subject of a Department of Justice lawsuit. The case, brought by the DoJ on behalf of America's Environmental Protection Agency, points to vehicles around 104,000 "light duty vehicles" using the company's three-litre …

Volkswagen pleads guilty to three Dieselgate criminal charges

Volkswagen today pled guilty in a Detroit, Michigan, court to scamming the American public through its "Dieselgate" vehicle emissions test cheating. The car giant was charged with breaking environment protection laws, misleading investigators, and swindling citizens. "Your honor, VW AG is pleading guilty to all three counts …
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Mar 2017

Dieselgate: VW pleads guilty, will cough up $4.3bn, throws 6 staff under its cheatware bus

In one of the toughest smackdowns in recent US corporate history, Volkswagen has pleaded guilty to Dieselgate fraud charges, and will cop a massive fine. Meanwhile, six staffers have been charged regarding the engine cheatware scandal and are facing the business end of a trial. According to the US Department of Justice on …
Iain Thomson, 11 Jan 2017
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US judge rubber-stamps Volkswagen's 'Dieselgate' settlement

Volkswagen's proposed US “Dieselgate” remedies can go into effect, a US judge said, approving the disgraced auto-maker's US$14.7 billion settlement. Charles Breyer of the US District Court in San Francisco signed off on VW's offer to around 475,000 owners of 2-litre diesel Audis and Volkswagens that ran software to deliver low …
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VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it – not just a few bad apples, allegedly

A Volkswagen engineer has agreed to spill the details of his involvement in the VW emissions scandal. Former engineer James Robert Liang took a plea deal with the US federal government to cooperate with its ongoing investigation of how the German carmaker cheated American emissions tests and passed off its "clean diesel" …
Shaun Nichols, 12 Sep 2016
Old school emissions testing at the EU's Joint Research Centre

DoJ preps criminal charges for VW over Dieselgate

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is reportedly preparing to file criminal charges in the Volkswagon emissions testing scandal. Citing sources familiar, The Wall Street Journal reports that the DoJ has found evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the German automaker and is in talks with VW lawyers to propose a deal …
Shaun Nichols, 16 Aug 2016
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Investors to be allowed to sue Volkswagen over emission row

Volkswagen investors are to be allowed to sue the carmaker for almost €4m in damages in the wake of Volkswagen's admission last year that it used "defeat device" software in 11 million cars that allowed it to give false results in tests for nitrogen oxide emissions. The Braunschweig District Court said in a statement (link in …
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Aug 2016
Dirty VW Beetle in Sleeper

VW's first US settlement nearly settled

Volkswagen's “dieselgate” part-settlement has received preliminary approval from a US judge. It's the start of a long, slow process for VW to clear its name after it was caught programming diesel engine management systems to enter a low-emission (and low power) state when undergoing emission tests. If the arrangement between …
Dirty VW Beetle in Sleeper

VW finds US$15 BEEELION under the couch to pay off US regulators

Volkswagen has reached a settlement in the USA – or rather, two settlements, since it had to satisfy both federal regulators and the State of California. Its troubles are far from over, and the up-to-US$14.7 billion settlement only covers part of the tab, because it only covers US complaints over the software cheat implemented …
"Nope in Manchester" - Erokism on Flickr - CC 2.0 license

Not good enough, VW: California nixes toxic mix fix in strict interdict

Volkswagen has suffered yet another setback, with California rejecting its proposed fix (a catalytic converter retrofit) and the US Environmental Protection Agency chiming in to agree. It's not yet game-over, though: California's Air Resources Board (CARB) rejected the proposal as "incomplete" rather than inadequate, and wants …

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