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Dido queen of carnage steps down from TalkTalk

Chief exec of TalkTalk, Dido Harding, is to step down from the company after seven years in the role. Harding presided over TalkTalk during its catastrophic cyber-attack in 2015, in which nearly 157,000 users' financial details were divulged and which cost it £42m. Founder of the biz Charles Dunstone will take over from …
Kat Hall, 1 Feb 2017

TalkTalk's appeal against paltry ICO data breach fine thrown out

TalkTalk has lost its appeal against the Information Commissioner's Office decision to fine the company £1,000 for a data breach last year. The ICO imposed a monetary penalty on TalkTalk for its failure to notify the Commissioner of a personal data breach within 24 hours after its detection, in circumstances it considered were …
Kat Hall, 1 Sep 2016

TalkTalk CEO Dido Harding pockets £2.8m

Dido Harding, the chief exec of beleaguered firm TalkTalk, was handed £2.8m in salary this year, despite the company suffering a catastrophic cyber attack last year. The payout included base salary, shares and cash – the latter being related to performance targets between 2012-2015, the biz said in its annual report today. …
Kat Hall, 20 Jun 2016

TalkTalk broadband customers continue to flee

Broadband customers at TalkTalk continued to flee the operator during the first three months of this year, with 126,000 customers switching away from the provider. That was on the back of 250,000 broadband customers switching to other suppliers in the previous quarter, according to research from Kantar World Panel. Some 17 …
Kat Hall, 14 Apr 2016

Cyber security buck stops with me, says Dido Harding

The chief executive of TalkTalk, Dido Harding, has told MPs that she alone is responsible for cyber security at the company, but that the operator does not yet know if the major hack it experienced in October was avoidable. The hack led to the personal details of more than 156,000 people being accessed by hackers and the …
Kat Hall, 16 Dec 2015

TalkTalk boss on Joe Garner exit, Virgin Media support for Openreach and THAT attack

ECTA Regulatory Conf '15 TalkTalk boss Dido Harding has described the departure of BT Openreach’s chief Joe Garner as a big headache for the former state monopoly – which is in the midst of battling to retain the infrastructure wing of its business. Garner resigned on Monday, having been poached by Nationwide to head up the building society. Speaking …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Nov 2015

Here's how TalkTalk ducked and dived over THAT gigantic hack

Timeline It has been almost two weeks since the "cyber attack" on the TalkTalk website of 21 October, yet the company is yet to tell its customers how their data was compromised. TalkTalk's CEO Dido Harding has yet to offer anything more than a token apology regarding the company's security practices, which allowed more than a million …
Dido Harding - bank of england

Hacked TalkTalk CEO: Dead as a Dido? Nope, she refuses to quit

TalkTalk boss Dido Harding has refused to bow to pressure to step down from her role, as the fall out from its cyber attack debacle continues. Earlier today the company 'fessed up to having 21,000 unique bank account numbers and sort codes breached, 28,000 obscured credit and debit card details, and 1.2 million customer email …
Kat Hall, 30 Oct 2015
TalkTalk YouView set top box launch

TalkTalk hush-hush on compo for up to 4 million customers after mega cyber attack

TalkTalk boss Dido Harding went from one Blighty news broadcaster to another on Friday, admitting that the budget telco had screwed up but declining to commit to compensating customers affected by the major criminal attack on its system. The ex-jockey claimed that it was too early for TalkTalk to know the extent of the …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Oct 2015
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TalkTalk's broadband base continues to fall as TV subs grow

TalkTalk reported flat sales during its second quarter as some of the budget telco's subscribers switched off the ISP in favour of a rival provider. The company's boss Dido Harding blamed a "noisy" market in the build up to the start of the Premier League football season. Churn on TalkTalk's broadband base rose to 1.7 per cent …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Nov 2013
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TalkTalk's commercial director WalkWalks away from telco

TalkTalk's outspoken commercial director David Goldie has resigned from the company's board after 14 years helping the business grow. He oversaw the telco's shift from Opal to Carphone Warehouse to TalkTalk. "As one of the main architects of TalkTalk, David has made an enormous contribution to TalkTalk and in fact to the …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Sep 2013
The Register breaking news

Sky rudely barges TalkTalk off the top-three UK ISP podium

The decline and fall of TalkTalk sales each quarter is becoming a regular tale of woe for the budget telco, which this morning told the City that revenues had once again gone south as the company bled yet more punters. The numbers also tell another story: TalkTalk is no longer the third-biggest ISP in the country. That …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Nov 2012
The Register breaking news

TalkTalk to Ofcom: 'Talented, lovely monopolist' BT must be reeled in

While broadband minister Ed Vaizey insisted this morning that competition remained active in the dash to grab public sector cash aimed at the deployment of faster fibre networks across Britain, TalkTalk's boss is worried about the lack of rivalry in the business. National telco BT remains the only operator to have secured …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Oct 2012

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