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Australia's Dick finally drops off

Imagine a parallel universe in which Steve Jobs or Clive Sinclair decided the best way to bring their products to the world was a chain of retail stores, complete with a Colonel-Sanders-like icon of their very own faces to helm the brand. That's more or less what happened in Australia, where in the early 1970s a chap named …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Apr 2016

Dick Smith database, web store sold to Kogan

Australian online retailer Kogan has announced it's going to buy the online properties of the failed Dick Smith Electronics, chiefly because it reckons the brand retains enough recognition to make it worth the effort. Well: there's also the matter of a customer database, and here, the story gets interesting, because users were …

Dick limps towards inglorious end: Gadget retailer on the brink

Updated Troubled gadget retailer Dick Smith Electronics is teetering on the brink, with banks sending in receivers after the company requested a trading halt. The company has appointed McGrath Nicol as its voluntary administrator, and lenders HSBC and NAB have sent in Ferrier Hodgson's James Stewart as receiver. Dick Smith …
Dick Smith Electronics Logo

325 Dicks sell for AUD$20m

Australian retailer Woolworths has offloaded the 325-store electronics chain Dick Smith to Anchorage Capital Partners for just AUD$20m. The retailer signalled its intention to do so earlier this year after a review of its operations decreed the electronics retailer was not core to its business or a likely source of future …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2012
The nine-inch DVD player recalled by Dick Smith Electronics

Hot nine-incher pulled by Dick

Retailer Dick Smith Electronics has recalled a nine-inch portable DVD player, pictured below, after the device’s batteries were found represent “… a potential fire hazard.” The recall notice says the batteries, Lithium Ion affairs, will only reheat “in rare cases”. But that’s surely one case too many given that devices of this …
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jul 2012
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Firm Dick sales excite buyers

“A number of potential purchasers have expressed interest” in acquiring Dick Smith from Woolworths, according to half-year results released today. The report shows why the chain may not be an entirely impotent force in the market – sales were up 2.4% for the half despite generally tough retail trading conditions. New format …
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Woolworths cuts off Dick

Woolworths has rung the death knell for bricks-and-mortar electronics retailing in Australia, as it announced that it is divesting its iconic Dick Smith electronics chain. The company has decided that gadgets won't ever match groceries, booze and gambling, and yesterday outlined plans for a $AU300 million restructure of the …

Dick Smith faces tricky times

Australia's iconic high street gadget, TV and computer retailer Dick Smith faces an uncertain future, following the announcement that parent company Woolworths will be conducting strategic review of the underperforming electronics chain. Woolworths has already closed seven Dick Smith in the 2011 financial year. Analysts are …
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Kogan plugs 'cheap stuff' bug

Technology e-tailer Kogan has pledged to honour hundreds of hugely discounted orders that were placed while a bug afflicted its Website. For nearly two hours Kogan’s online shoppers were able to punch in several promotions simultaneously, combined with free shipping, which resulted in over 500 orders of Kogan’s set top box and …
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Website FAIL flings freebies at Kiwi punters

The Australian tech retailer Dick Smith unexpectedly gave its New Zealand online customers a massive discount when its ecommerce system failed and allowed transactions to be processed for zero dollars. Delighted customers yesterday reported their booty stashes via Twitter, with one buying a 27inch iMac for free but charged NZ$ …

Dick Smith pr0n mobe heads for eBay

The mobile phone at the centre of the Dick Smith Electronics preloaded porn scandal will on Monday hit eBay complete with the snaps that reduced a sickened Cairns woman to a state of shock. One of the Dick Smith mobile phone snaps For those of you not up to speed on the whole sorry affair, the university student was sold a …
Lester Haines, 18 Sep 2008

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