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Astroboffins trace mysterious noise from hard rock in space

The source of unusual faint pockets of microwave radiation found only in a few regions of the Milky Way has been traced back to tiny specks of nanodiamond dust. A paper published in Nature Astronomy on Monday cracks the mystery of anomalous microwave emission (AME). It was first discovered in the late twentieth and early …
Katyanna Quach, 11 Jun 2018
The $20 diamond that yielded the ringwoodite sample

SATANIC 'HELL DIAMOND' tells of sunless subterranean sea

For years scientists have theorised about the amount of water locked in the Earth's infernally hot depths, frustrated at not being able to get at a sample. Now geologists claim to be closer to an answer – thanks to a single ugly diamond found in Brazil. The $20 diamond that yielded the ringwoodite sample The brownish gem – …
Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io

Diamonds are forever POURING down on Jupiter, Saturn - boffins

Storms on Saturn and Jupiter form hailstones of pure diamond, according to a paper published for the 45th meeting of the American Astronomical Association. Dr Kevin Baines of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory told the delegates that when huge weather systems on the gas giants create …
Iain Thomson, 15 Oct 2013
Credit: Haven Giguere/Yale University

That 'DIAMOND SUPER EARTH' may actually be WORTHLESS ball of gas

A "diamond super Earth" discovered a year ago may not be anywhere near as valuable as previously suggested. A graduate student at the University of Arizona has examined data that appeared to point to the existence of a diamond-stuffed world circling 55 Cancri, a star which is 40 light-years away from Earth. Scientists at Yale …
Jasper Hamill, 10 Oct 2013

COMET DIAMONDS from SPACE found in Libya's glass desert

A team of scientists from the University of the Witwatersrand have discovered the first evidence of a comet's impact on Earth – a small black pebble filled with diamonds. comet Frying tonight... "Comets always visit our skies – they're these dirty snowballs of ice mixed with dust – but never before in history has material …
Iain Thomson, 8 Oct 2013

Quantum computing comes closer as diamonds get spooky

International boffins are chuffed today to publish cunning research in which they demonstrate quantum entanglement - the "spooky action at a distance" so disliked by Einstein - between a pair of small synthetic diamonds: and, this is the clever bit, at room temperature rather than in a cryogenic chamber or similar, so bringing …
Lewis Page, 2 Dec 2011

App maker asks $600 for BlackBerry bling

Affluent BlackBerry users can spread their smugness further with a pointless $600 (£379) app that shows they aren't just stupidly rich but also rich in stupidity. Fortunatus, from developer Sander Stall, dazzles displays with an image of a diamond and offers an exclusive chat room to mingle with other plump-pocketed pea-brains …
Caleb Cox, 24 Nov 2010
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iPhone 4G blingmobe: Yours for £13k

The fanbois among you who haven't spunked all your wad on sex toys may be interested in flashing the cash on the iPhone 4G Diamond Edition - an absolute snip at £12,995. The iPhone 4 Diamond Edition The Apple blingphone is described as "another masterpiece" from Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes. The blurb explains: "The whole …
Lester Haines, 8 Jul 2010
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Naomi Campbell to appear in war crimes trial

Supermodel Naomi Campbell will be summonsed to a war crimes trial in The Hague, the Telegraph reports. Mercifully for fans of the battling Streatham clotheshorse, she is not accused of committing terrible atrocities on unarmed civilians with a PDA, but rather will appear as a witness in the trial of former Liberian president …
Lester Haines, 1 Jul 2010

T-Mobile replaces Compact IV with... Compact V

Exactly one year to the day after T-Mobile launched its Compact IV smartphone, the network operator has unveiled the handset’s successor, called, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Compact V. Tmob_compact_v_02 T-Mobile's Compact V: replaces the Compact IV The Compact IV was a rebranded HTC Diamond, so it won’t surprise you to …
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'Nanodiamond' asteroid tracked from space to desert impact

An international alliance of astronomers are exceedingly chuffed to announce the first occasion of an asteroid being tracked from space, through impact with the Earth's atmosphere and thence to recovery of fragments on the ground. "Any number of meteorites have been observed as fireballs and smoking meteor trails as they come …
Lewis Page, 26 Mar 2009

HTC launches updated Touch Diamond and Pro

MWC HTC today announced updates to two of its flagship touchscreen mobile phones, unveiling the Touch Diamond 2 and the Touch Pro 2. HTC_Touch_diamond_2 HTC's Touch Diamond 2: Distinguishing between the two is actuallu pretty difficult, since both handsets mirror one another on features at almost every turn. Only looks truly …
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USAF seeks diamond gunports for electropulse ray-cannon

The US Air Force has made an appeal for a range of new technologies which it will need in building its planned new arsenal of aerial rayguns. In particular, it wants large artificial optically-correct diamonds for use as portholes through which to shoot electropulse microwave blaster cannons. Under its "Directed Energy [Weapon …
Lewis Page, 28 Jan 2009
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Fraunhofer boffins tout new 'diamondballs' mech tech

German boffins at the famed Fraunhofer Institutes - developers of mp3 audio compression, among other things - are now working on another critical technology. To wit: bearings covered in ultrahard coatings of artificial diamond. A plastic bearing cage, coated in artificial diamond by the Fraunhofer IWM Slick as ice. The …
Lewis Page, 27 Jan 2009
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New Van Gogh pic discovered using German atom-smasher

There may be some readers out there who aren't entirely clear just what synchrotrons - enormous, kilometre-wide magnetic doughnuts used to thrash electrons within an inch of their lives - are actually for. Today, the news furnishes us with a partial answer - you can use a synchrotron to see old paintings hidden beneath other …
Lewis Page, 31 Jul 2008

HTC Touch Diamond

Review With the Diamond, HTC probably reckons it has a device that can stop lurking in the bushes, and instead leap out and bash the iPhone over the head with a brick. The first thing that struck us about the Diamond was how small it was. We were expecting something altogether more iPhone-like in both size and weight, but the HTC is …
Alun Taylor, 8 Jul 2008

HTC slides out Touch Pro

Touchscreen typing isn’t for everybody, so HTC has remodelled its new Touch Diamond handset to create one that also has a slide-out Qwerty keyboard. HTC_Touch_Pro_05 HTC's Touch Pro: the Diamond with a keyboard HTC’s calling its latest phone the Touch Pro, despite it looking almost identical to the Touch Diamond – aside …

T-Mobile takes a shine to HTC's Diamond

HTC may have only officially announced its new Diamond handset yesterday, but T-Mobile hasn’t wasted any time in rebranding the phone and preparing it for UK sale. The network operator has renamed the would-be iPhone killer the MDA Compact IV. Despite HTC telling Register Hardware yesterday that the 7.2Mb/s HSDPA 3G handset …

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