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Firefox OS RHS teaser

Firefox OS lands in Germany – with France, Asia, and more to come

Mozilla's Firefox OS continues its slow march across the globe, with carriers set to begin shipping devices running the open source, browser-based smartphone platform in additional developed markets this week. Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica has previously sold Firefox OS phones in Spain, but the bulk of its efforts have …
Neil McAllister, 17 Jul 2014

Deutsche Telekom: We don't need no steenkin' set tops

IFA 2013 One of the big pieces of news from the IFA in Berlin came out of Deutsche Telekom’s network day, where it showed its progress so far in its search for a set-top-free IPTV world. Deutsche is one of Europe’s leading pay TV players and looks ready to adopt the "cloud" for TV. It has been looking into what it calls " …
Faultline, 9 Sep 2013

Deutsche Telekom launches 'NSA-busting' encrypted email service

Deutsche Telekom and United Internet have launched a super-secure German email service that they claim defeats the data-sniffing shenanigans of the likes of the NSA. The partners announced that they were starting an initiative for "secure email communication across Germany". "Germans are deeply unsettled by the latest reports …
The Register breaking news

Unmasked: Euro ISPs raided in downloads strangle probe

Three internet providers raided by European g-men probing allegations of throttled download speeds have been named. The officials burst uninvited into the head offices of Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telefonica, which operates O2 in the UK, as part of an investigation into alleged anticompetitive behaviour. The trio are …
Jasper Hamill, 15 Jul 2013

Report: IPCom gets rich off Deutsche Telekom patent payment

Patent warehouse IPCom may have scored a massive royalty payout from Deutsche Telekom, with Reuters reporting the settlement to be worth hundreds of millions of euros. "It is their biggest settlement so far," said one anonymous source with knowledge of the deal. IPCom, which is backed by US asset managers Fortress Investment …
Iain Thomson, 4 Jul 2013
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MetroPCS shareholders approve sweetened T-Mobile merger

Shareholders in US mobile minnow MetroPCS have approved an improved offer from Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA subsidiary after the Germans sweetened the terms of their offer. Institutional investors had balked at the merger, saying it loaded the company down with too much debt. But Bloomberg reports they have accepted a deal …
Iain Thomson, 24 Apr 2013
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Germans Joyn in the operator-backed rival to Skype

Deutsche Telekom has jumped aboard the Joyn bandwagon, joining Telefonica to extend interoperable VoIP and other IP services to eighty per cent of Germans - and pushing security alongside functionality. The service is live now, for those who want to download the Joyn Android client from Google Play. An iOS version us promised …
Bill Ray, 6 Mar 2013
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Networks go over the top to meet the enemy

MWC 2013 One of the things mobile network operators complain about most is how they have to invest in infrastructure while over the top (OTT) players are making all the money. So it takes a brave man to take part in a keynote when he’s one of those OTT pariahs. At the “Future of Communication” keynote that man was Talmon Marco, co- …
Simon Rockman, 27 Feb 2013
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ZTE to launch Mozilla-based phone in Europe in 2013

CES 2013 Chinese electronics firm ZTE is ramping up its efforts in support of the Mozilla Foundation's open source Firefox OS for mobile phones, and if all goes well, it could deliver a device targeting European customers as early as this year. In an interview at the CES 2013 conference taking place in Las Vegas this week, Cheng Lixin …
Neil McAllister, 10 Jan 2013
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BP hires Deutsche Telekom to send email up in smoke

BP Oil will push 100,000 staff mailboxes into the cloud after the fuel giant signed a deal with Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems division to reorganise its internal communications. The five-year contract tasks T-Systems with setting up an internal messaging system for 83,000 BP employees worldwide, an overhaul that will include …
Anna Leach, 20 Jul 2012

Layoffs at Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems over... for now

T-Systems claims to have concluded its voluntary redundancy (VR) programme and has initiated some compulsory lay-offs under a cost-cutting programme. The IT arm of Deutsche Telekom providing desktop services, system integration and computing and network services kicked off the process a month ago. It employs 40,000 bods …
Paul Kunert, 14 Mar 2012

Deutsche Telekom shatters data-transfer speed record

Researchers at Deutsche Telekom's T-Labs have blasted bits at impressive velocity down a single optical fiber, breaking the previous long-distance data-transfer record by more than a factor of two. The bit boffins achieved a 512 gigabits-per-second transmission rate over a single optical fiber from Berlin to Hanover and back, …
Rik Myslewski, 7 Mar 2012
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German ISP doesn't have to block foreign 'illegal' betting sites

A German internet service provider (ISP) does not have to block its customers from accessing foreign betting websites even if they are considered illegal in the country, according to reports. The Administrative Court of Düsseldorf ruled that Deutsche Telekom did not have to block access to the sites, according to a translation …
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Jan 2012
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Groupon, Deutsche Telekom to cake EU in coupons

Daily deals site Groupon has signed a partnership agreement with Deutsche Telekom to push out coupon deals to mobile users in multiple European countries. Deutsche said its users will have access to Groupon’s mobile services without having to download a separate app. The roll-out is scheduled to start in the first half of this …
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Deutsche Telekom: 'FCC, DoJ didn't give AT&T deal a chance'

Deutsche Telekom, parent of T-Mobile USA, has hit out at US regulators over the collapse of its merger deal with AT&T in the US. AT&T and T-Mobile USA abandoned their planned marriage yesterday, a move that was no surprise after huge resistance from the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice. Both …
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AT&T gives up on T-Mobile pre-merge purge

Talks to sell off some of AT&T's assets to make its merger with T-Mobile USA seem a little less anticompetitive have reportedly stalled. People familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that one of the options to get regulatory approval for the deal - offloading assets to make the end company less of a behemoth - …
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AT&T and Deutsche Telekom stall for time with DoJ

AT&T and Deutsche Telekom have given themselves an extra month to figure out how to rescue their legislator-challenged deal for T-Mobile USA. The US Department of Justice agreed to postpone its court case against the deal, in which AT&T snaps up Deutsche's US subsidiary, until January 18. The telcos were due in court this …
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Germany gloomy over AT&T merger

The German government, the largest shareholder in Deutsche Telekom, is not sharing the telco's optimism that the deal to merge its US mobile operations – T-Mobile USA – with AT&T will go through. Officials have told (paywall) the Financial Times that Berlin is increasingly worried that the deal will go down the tubes because …

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