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Google introduces Chromebook-control-freaking-as-a-service

Google's launched management-as-a-service for Chromebooks, as part of its ongoing efforts to make the browser-centric computers more attractive to business. Google's announcement of the new service blends a few new items and a few previously-announced business tools. Perhaps most useful among the new bits is a single sign-on ( …
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Desktop options today

Dtop Strategy Tomorrow's desktop is mobile. It's a phone, a smart device of some sort, a laptop - and there will of course be some fixed PCs in there too. But enterprises already need to cater for an increasing proportion of mobile workers, and that proportion is set to grow. The challenge is not just how to deliver enterprise-level …
Manek Dubash, 22 Mar 2011

Windows group policies in the real world

Sysadmin Blog I admit: group policy is a pretty dry subject. If you are reading an article about group policy, you aren’t here for my sense of humour. This means that you are seeking a few technical tidbits. In Windows, it's not easy to do this. Group policy changes with every iteration of Windows. Some group policy topics can be approached …
Trevor Pott, 30 Jun 2010
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Knowing your GPPs from your GPSes

Sysadmin Blog In my last set of articles I discussed why managing systems via Group Policy Objects (GPOs) is easier, especially for junior administrators who either don’t know the scripting languages or the ins and outs of the operating systems and applications they manage. Today we're focussed on what the Windows NT6 operating systems, ( …
Trevor Pott, 28 Jun 2010

You can't know it all

Sysadmin Blog I pride myself on my depth of knowledge. I read quickly, and I read profusely. I study everything from medicine to technology, physics to music. For reasons that are likely part genetic, part neurotic hangover from my upbringing, I have an irresistible requirement to learn and understand everything. So how exactly did I miss …
Trevor Pott, 25 Jun 2010

Physical vs virtual: What's your poison?

Sysadmin Blog Virtualization is not new - mainframes have been doing it for ages, and other non-x86 operating systems have been slicing up servers for quite some time as well. Yet if I had to pin a single IT label on the first decade of this century, I'd tag it as the decade of x86 virtualization. Virtualization went mainstream in the …
Trevor Pott, 15 Jun 2010

Spicing up desktop management with social networking

Sysadmin Blog Social networking, at least that which involves computers, has evolved greatly over the past few decades. The internet has allowed many new forms of self expression and interpersonal communication to flourish. By today’s modern standards of social networking, I’m positively a luddite. I simply don’t do social networking. I …
Trevor Pott, 14 Jun 2010
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Does the Help Desk have a future?

Workshop With the rapid development of service desk ‘self help’ tools and the even faster adoption of ‘community’ web sites by many users to help them work things out is the help desk on the slippery slope to becoming a thing of the past? If desktop virtualisation takes off does that mean the end of the help desk as we know it? Or are …
Tony Lock, 9 Oct 2009

Three short papers about desktop TCO

Our weekly ransack of the Reg Whitepaper library yields three Wintel papers all promoting best desktop PC practice. First up is Intel and vPro, which has been a bit of a marketing flop and, in its first iteration, a tad lacking on the management front. Intel wants us all to look again at vPro for reduced total cost of ownership …
Team Register, 17 Dec 2008

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