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ICO to probe Essex council over data leak

The Information Commissioner's Office is making enquiries into a leak of data possibly involving the details up to 400 users of services provided by Essex county council. The council said that all affected residents had been informed. It has not yet been confirmed that the leak amounts to an offence under the Data Protection Act …

Even brilliant sysadmins need help plugging holes

Sysadmin blog While we must never allow ourselves to fall into the habit of thinking that security is somebody else's problem, the time has come to accept that external help is required. We accept the necessity of outside help in many other areas of business. Yet even when IT security audits are offered at no cost, companies are still …
Trevor Pott, 7 Dec 2011
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ICO smacks Welsh council with record £130k fine

Data privacy watchdogs have fined Powys County Council £130,000, the highest fine the ICO has ever levied, for failing to protect the personal data of vulnerable young people. The Information Commissioner’s Office got out the big stick to punish the Welsh council after it sent details of a child protection case to the wrong …
John Leyden, 7 Dec 2011
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13 MILLION gamers in ID theft scare after Nexon breach

An estimated 13 million gamers have been left at greater risk of ID theft following a breach at gaming firm Nexon. Data including names, usernames, encrypted resident registration numbers and password hashes was exposed as a result of the breach at Nexon, which maintains the popular online role-playing game, Maple Story. The …
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2011
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ICO: NHS data security breaches are just 'plain daft'

NHS staff should be more aware of data security risks as patient confidentiality "is at the heart of what they do", Jonathan Bamford, head of strategic liaison at the Information Commissioner's Office has said. Speaking at an event on healthcare efficiency, he said that he was confounded by the disconnect between staff …
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Toshiba in Rugby World Cup personal data compo cockup

Toshiba has made something of a ruck-up in a Rugby World Cup competition, exposing customer details in the process. UK consumers purchasing new Toshiba laptops were offered a £1 rebate for every point England's Toby Flood scores in the tournament, which kicks off next weekend. Customers were invited to apply by submitting …
John Leyden, 6 Sep 2011
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Agency sends contractors' day rates to 800 RBS staff

Recruitment agency Hays has committed a massive blunder at the Royal Bank of Scotland. An email reminding managers to update timesheets in time for the bank holiday included an attachment with the day rates of 3,000 contractors. It was sent to 800 people at the bank. The row will likely deepen divisions between temporary and …
John Oates, 24 Aug 2011
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NHS bitchslapped by ICO on data security

The Information Commissioner's Office is working with Connecting for Health to try to get the NHS to take data security seriously. The news comes as another five NHS bodies sign undertakings with the regulator to improve processes. Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said: "The health service holds some of the most …
John Oates, 1 Jul 2011
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Gambling companies must be extra careful with personal data

Opinion Companies have to protect the personal data they collect in proportion to its sensitivity, and gambling companies must be particularly attentive to information security. The data that gambling companies collect is particularly sensitive, meaning a data breach could have a serious adverse impact on their reputation and …
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Jun 2011
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Travelodge admits hack

Travelodge has told customers who've received spam email that the company has not lost their credit card details, which is nice. The letter said: Our main priority is to ensure the security of our customers' data, which is why I wanted to make you aware that a small number of you may have received a spam email via the email …
John Oates, 24 Jun 2011
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Travelodge hacked, investigating

Travelodge is investigating its IT systems to discover how customer email addresses have gone astray. The Reg was contacted this morning by a reader who was receiving spam emails to a unique email address he had only given to Travelodge. Several other customers have blogged of similar experiences, here's Shepy's post on the …
John Oates, 23 Jun 2011
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Lulz warns NHS of sick security

LulzSec, the security collective which claimed credit for hacking Sony, has taken to Twitter to warn the NHS that it stumbled across several admin passwords. The Department of Health claimed the breach was nothing more serious than "a very small number of website administrators". It said no national systems were hit - given …
John Oates, 10 Jun 2011
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Man Utd sues supporter over corporate client 'data theft'

Manchester United is suing a supporter who published a list of its corporate supporters on its website last year, a move the football club alleges led to incidents of harassment. Thomas McKenna, 44, allegedly published the list of the club's corporate clients on United Supporters for Change, a group that campaigns against the …
John Leyden, 25 Mar 2011
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Twitter settles with FTC over celeb account hacks

Twitter has settled with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over a complaint that it had failed to safeguard user privacy well enough, a shortcoming that allowed two successful attacks against the micro-blogging network in 2009. The settlement means that Twitter will be obliged to establish a more rigorous information …
John Leyden, 14 Mar 2011
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UK doctor loses unencrypted laptop containing patient data

A UK doctor faces a disciplinary inquiry after an unencrypted laptop containing confidential patient data was stolen from his home. The unnamed junior medic acted against regulations set by the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, his employers. The doctor took unencrypted patient information – including names, dates …
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2011
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Brazilian banker's crypto baffles FBI

Cryptographic locks guarding the secret files of a Brazilian banker suspected of financial crimes have defeated law enforcement officials. Brazilian police seized five hard drives when they raided the Rio apartment of banker Daniel Dantas as part of Operation Satyagraha in July 2008. But subsequent efforts to decrypt files …
John Leyden, 28 Jun 2010
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Durex India eStore spills customers' personal details

A site that sold Durex condoms in India has threatened a whistleblower with a legal nastygram in the wake of an admitted security breach involving leaked client details. Problems with the site surfaced earlier this month after a customer noticed that simply changing the order ID numbers in a URL allowed …
John Leyden, 26 Mar 2010
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Zurich Insurance promises changes after data loss

Zurich Insurance has promised to improve its information security after losing personal financial information on 46,000 British clients through careless handling of unencrypted backup tapes. The back-up tape, which also contained personal details of 1,800 third party insurance claimants from the UK, was lost by Zurich's South …
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2010

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