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US Supreme Court

There are other, legal ways to nab Microsoft emails, privacy groups remind Supremes

Allowing Uncle Sam to seize emails stored in Microsoft's Irish data centre would violate foreign data protection laws and risk setting a damaging precedent, the US Supreme Court has been told. In briefs filed in the long-running dispute, IBM and international campaign groups argued that the government does have other ways of …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Jan 2018
Doctors run to save patient. Photo by Shutterstock slammed for NHS data-sharing deal with Home Office

The UK health service's NHS Digital has been accused of operating to a "lower standard of confidentiality" than rest of NHS, in a heated hearing about a deal that requires patient info to be handed over for immigration enforcement. The agreement means that patient record-keeper NHS Digital can be required to hand over non- …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Jan 2018

Facebook settles landmark revenge porn case with UK teen for undisclosed sum

Facebook has settled a case with a 14-year-old girl after the social network hosted revealing pictures of her on a Facebook "shame" page. In perhaps the first case of its kind in the world, Facebook was taken to the High Court by lawyers for a Northern Irish girl, whose nude picture was repeatedly posted to the page between …

France may protect citizens' liberté with ban on foreigners buying local big data firms

France is considering regulating foreign takeovers of businesses in the data protection and artificial intelligence sectors, minister for the economy Bruno Le Maire said on Friday. Le Maire made the comments while touring China with French president Emmanuel Macron. The investment restrictions would be added to the Montebourg …

Carphone Warehouse cops £400k fine after hack exposed 3 MEEELLION folks’ data

Carphone Warehouse has been handed one of the largest ever fines – a whopping £400,000 – from the UK’s data protection watchdog after exposing the details of millions of its customers. An investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office found a “striking” number of “distinct and significant inadequacies” in the phone …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Jan 2018
editorial only image of Whitehall. Pic Daniel Gale/Shutterstock

UK Data Protection Bill tweaked to protect security researchers

The United Kingdom has revealed amendments to its Data Protection Bill to de-criminalise research into whether anonymised data sets are sufficiently anonymous. The legislation, first floated in August 2017, gave rise to worries that researchers would commit a crime if they broke whatever measures were used to anonymise …
Wallet stuffed full of bundles of cash

£185k in fines rain down on dodgy PIs and claims firm for illegal data slurp

A firm of loss adjusters and two rogue private investigators it hired have been given record fines in the UK for illegal trade in personal information. Two PIs obtained a person's financial details, including bank transactions, and handed it over to Kent-based loss adjusters Woodgate & Clark, which then passed it to an insurer …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Jan 2018

Dell EMC patches 3 zero-days in Data Protection Suite

Three vulns in Dell EMC’s Data Protection Suite product that can combine to fully compromise a virtual appliance have been patched by the vendor. Security consultancy Digital Defense Inc, which sniffed them out, said Dell EMC Avamar Server, NetWorker Virtual Edition and the Integrated Data Protection Appliance had a common …
Chris Mellor, 5 Jan 2018
Data breach

US Homeland Security breach compromised personal info of 200,000+ staff

More than 240,000 current and former employees of the US Department of Homeland Security have had their personal details exposed in a data breach. In what it describes somewhat euphemistically as a “privacy incident”, the DHS said the breach could also affect anyone who was part of an investigation by the DHS Office of …
Rebecca Hill, 4 Jan 2018
Confused lost-looking driver with map. Photo by SHutterstock

Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner

A man from Bristol, England, lied to a government agency to get his hands on a private number plate reading "W1 DOW", a court has heard. In a hearing at Bristol Magistrates' Court, Miles Savory – director of Accident Claims Handlers – yesterday pleaded guilty to illegally obtaining the personal information of the plate's owner …
Rebecca Hill, 4 Jan 2018

Merry Christmas, UK prosecutors: Here's a special gift... a slap from the privacy watchdog

Final update The UK Ministry of Justice has been slammed for poor handling of requests for personal records made under data protection laws – and told to fix the 700-plus backlog by October. In an enforcement notice [PDF] issued yesterday, Blighty's data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), said the justice …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Dec 2017

Bigmouth ex-coppers who fed media MP pr0nz story face privacy probe

The cops who blabbed to the press about the UK's disgraced former First Secretary of State's alleged porn stash are to be investigated by Blighty's privacy watchdog. Damian Green, who was today sacked* from his Cabinet role by his old pal PM Theresa May, has been accused of having porn on his work computer. The claims, made …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Dec 2017
Parliament photo by Shutterstock

Hancock's hour: Minister of fun makes quips as GDPR questions cover old ground

UK digital minister Matt Hancock has been doing his best to help silly season live up to its name, injecting quips about sport and theatre among prosaic data protection questions. Yesterday he had the chance to entertain the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee, which had set out for him a fairly pedestrian set of post …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Dec 2017

France gives WhatsApp a month to get slurps in order or face fine

The French information watchdog has told WhatsApp it has a month to comply with data protection laws, or risk being fined. European data protection agencies have become increasingly frustrated with the slurp-happy attitude of the messaging app and parent company Facebook since its privacy policy changed last summer. The …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Dec 2017

Brit film board proposed as overlord of online pr0nz age checks

The British Board of Film Classification will be responsible for regulating age checks for UK users of online porn websites, if the government gets its way. The UK's Ministry of Fun* has proposed the BBFC as the regulator for ensuring sites are using age-verification controls. These checks were made mandatory by the Digital …
Rebecca Hill, 15 Dec 2017
A tortoise catches an orange frisbee. Photo by Shutterstock

European Parliament's ePrivacy rep bemoans members' slow progress

Interview European Union nations are holding up discussions on the hotly debated new ePrivacy law, risking unnecessary regulatory confusion, the MEP leading the wrangling through the European Parliament has said. Initially, the EU intended to implement the ePrivacy Regulation – which sets out privacy rules for electronic communications …
Rebecca Hill, 11 Dec 2017
Parliament photo by Shutterstock

Muzzle our public watchdog much? Data Protection Bill adds affect the ICO

The UK’s data protection watchdog has raised concerns with the government over new clauses slipped into the Data Protection Bill at the last minute, which critics say could undermine the law. The clauses, inserted at the Bill's final committee stage in the House of Lords last month, are likely to receive heavy scrutiny at next …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Dec 2017
A car salesman shows you a range of cars

Car rental firms told: Tell your customers about in-car data slurps

Car rental companies should offer customers explicit information on what happens to data that has been sucked up by connected cars, a civil rights group has said. In a report published today, Privacy International criticised car rental firms for “relying on the small print in terms and conditions” when it came to dealing with …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Dec 2017

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