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Why waste away in a cubicle when you could be a goddamn infosec neuromancer on £50k*?

The UK government is expanding a programme that aims to get more Brits to consider careers in information security. The Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF) pilot, launched in February 2018, resulted in the selection of seven schemes that intend to increase diversity and widen the net in recruiting for the field. The …
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2018

If you have to simulate a phishing attack on your org, at least try to get something useful from it

Just when it looked as if the US Democratic National Committee (DNC) had finally got one over on the phishing hackers that had been owning it since 2016, the triumph was torn away by a moment of rebellious fakery. On August 20, DNC security partner Lookout's machine-learning system spotted a site impersonating the DNC …
John E Dunn, 29 Aug 2018
MOSCOW, RUSSIA, JANUARY 2017: Russian traditional toy - Matryoshka with a portrait of Putin and Trump. showcase souvenir kiosk Editorial credit: dimbar76 / Shutterstock, Inc.

Trump wants to work with Russia on infosec. Security experts: lol no

Security experts have poured scorn on plans by US president Donald Trump to work more closely with Russia on cybersecurity. After the summit in Helsinki on Monday, both Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin deflected questions related to the US intelligence community's assessment that Russia attempted to interfer in the …
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2018
Wrecked cargo ship abandoned on sea bay

Crappy IoT on the high seas: Holes punched in hull of maritime security

Infosec Europe Years-old security issues mostly stamped out in enterprise technology remain in maritime environments, leaving ships vulnerable to hacking, tracking, and worse. A demo at the Infosecurity Europe conference in London by Ken Munro and Iian Lewis of Pen Test Partners (PTP) demonstrated multiple methods to interrupt and disrupt …
John Leyden, 6 Jun 2018
Whitehall,London unveils cyber security export strategy – only thing missing is the strategy

The UK government has published a details-light "cyber security export strategy" intended to help local SMEs win contracts abroad - despite having struggled to boost its own spend with small businesses. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, who resigned in disgrace as Defence Secretary under David Cameron, strangely pointed …
Kat Hall, 26 Mar 2018

Ugh, of course Germany trounces Blighty for cyber security salaries

Cyber security professionals in Germany earn on average 17 per cent more than their UK counterparts. A survey by recruitment firm Willis Towers Watson found that Germany (£56,485/€64,187) leads cyber security pay1 in Europe, followed closely by Ireland (£55,485/€63,000) and France (£51,197/€58,178). The UK ranks fifth (£48,020 …
John Leyden, 16 Mar 2018

World's cyber attacks hit us much harder in past year – major infosec chief survey

Cybersecurity breaches were twice as severe in the past year, with total financial losses reaching $500,000 (£356,00) per business, according to an extensive survey of CISOs across the globe. Some 32 per cent of breaches affected more than half of an organisation's systems in 2017, up from 15 per cent the previous year, …
Kat Hall, 21 Feb 2018
NHS hosptial photo, by Marbury via Shutterstock

Vast majority of NHS trusts have failed cyber security assessment, Brit MPs told

Every single one of the 200 NHS trusts in the UK so far assessed for cyber security resilience has failed an on-site assessment, MPs on the Public Accounts Committee were told yesterday. There are a total of 236 trusts. There is no timeline on when the remaining 36 will be checked over. In a hearing about the WannaCry …
Kat Hall, 6 Feb 2018

UK infrastructure firms to face £17m fine if their cybersecurity sucks

Infrastructure firms could face fines of up to £17m if they do not have adequate cybersecurity measures in place, the UK government has announced today. The plans follow proposals earlier this year from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport intended to comply with the EU Network and Information Systems (NIS) …
Kat Hall, 29 Jan 2018
Nerd kid, image via Shutterstock

Teach citizens IoT dangers, engineering students cybersecurity, Uncle Sam suggests

The US Department of Commerce (DoC) and Department of Homeland Security have put out a draft cybersecurity report that recommends, among other things, that the American government fund a public awareness campaign on IoT security, and make cybersecurity a compulsory part of future engineering degrees. The 38-page report [PDF] …
Pointing finger, photo via Shutterstock

UK Foreign Sec Bojo to tell Kremlin: Stop your cyber shenanigans... or else!

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson will warn Russia that the UK will retaliate against cyber attacks in a rare visit to Moscow today. Johnson will tell his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that "the UK will continue to defend its interests where they, and those of its allies, are threatened amid concerns that hostilities between …
Richard Priday, 22 Dec 2017

Seek 'passion' and tech skills will follow, say recruiting security chiefs

Plugging the infosec skills gap with expensive consultants or by trying to hire already skilled people won't fix recruitment headaches, Thom Langford, CISO at Publicis Groupe, insisted at the #IRISSCERT conference in Dublin this week. He argued that the industry should be looking for "passionate people and inspire them", …
John Leyden, 24 Nov 2017

'Treat infosec fails like plane crashes' – but hopefully with less death and twisted metal

The world has never been so dependent on computers, networks and software so ensuring the security and availability of those systems is critical. Despite this, major security events resulting in loss of data, services, or financial loss are becoming increasingly commonplace. Brian Honan, founder and head of Ireland's first …
John Leyden, 24 Nov 2017
woman tries to choose between two smartphones

Once more unto the breach: El Reg has a go at crisis management

Hacks played representatives of a hacked company in an incident response exercise run by F-Secure this week. The Live Security product interactive workshop was based on an actual customer experience adapted for a media audience. Around 20 members of the international media became the board members and managers of a company …
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2017
GCHQ Aerial View of Poppy ©GCHQ 2014

Fending off cyber attacks as important as combatting terrorism, says new GCHQ chief

Keeping the UK safe from cyber attacks is now as important as fighting terrorism, the new GCHQ boss has said. Jeremy Fleming, director of the signals intelligence service, said increased funding for GCHQ was being spent on making it a "cyber-organisation" as much as an intelligence and counter-terrorism unit. Fleming, who …
John Leyden, 9 Oct 2017
police in body armour doing a raid

Ransomware keeping cops, NHS and local UK gov bods awake at night

Cybersecurity bods at the Met Police, NHS and the Local Government Association in the UK believe ransomware will be one of the biggest threats facing the British public sector next year. Speaking at the Cyber Security in Healthcare event at the UK Health Show in London, the public sector heads discussed the predicted …
Kat Hall, 28 Sep 2017

What is the cyber equivalent of 'use of force'? When do we send in the tanks?

Cloudflare Internet Summit The United States needs to define a new set of international rules that decides what the cyber equivalent of a missile attack is. So says Avril Haines, former deputy head of the CIA and deputy national security advisor to the Obama Administration. Speaking at the Cloudflare Internet Summit in San Francisco Thursday, Haines …
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Sep 2017

UK infrastructure failing to meet the most basic cybersecurity standards

More than a third of national critical infrastructure organisations have not met basic cybersecurity standards issued by the UK government, according to Freedom of Information requests by Corero Network Security. The FoIs were sent in March 2017 to 338 organisations including fire and rescue services, police forces, ambulance …
John Leyden, 29 Aug 2017

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