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How the flying snake looks in simulation

The underbelly of simulation science: replicating the results

Replicating computer-simulated science is harder than you think, as a group of aerospace researchers from George Washington University have found. In fact, without decent versioning, documentation, publication of data and rigorous evidence standards, simulations that attract headlines both in academic and general media should …

Nvidia's new CUDA 6 has the 'most significant new functionality in the history of CUDA'

Nvidia has released CUDA 6, an upgrade to its proprietary GPU programming language that it says "includes some of the most significant new functionality in the history of CUDA." For our money, the most important aspect of CUDA 6 is its unified memory scheme, which The Reg described in some detail when the CUDA Toolkit 6.0 was …
Rik Myslewski, 16 Apr 2014

Nvidia reveals CUDA 6, joins CPU-GPU shared memory party

Nvidia has announced the latest version of its GPU programming language, CUDA 6, which adds a "Unified Memory" capability that, as its name implies, relieves programmers from the trials and tribulations of having to manually copy data back and forth between separate CPU and GPU memory spaces. CUDA 6 Unified Memory schematic …
Rik Myslewski, 16 Nov 2013

Nvidia stretches CUDA coding to ARM chips

ISC 2013 Nvidia's new CUDA 5.5 release aims to overcome the inherent mathematical suckiness of the ARM architecture by unleashing the powers of GPUs working in conjunction with those popular low-power chips – and not just ones from Nvidia. Nvidia is working on its own implementation of a 64-bit ARM processor, code-named Project Denver …
The Register breaking news

Nvidia and ARM: It's a parallel, parallel, parallel world

GTC 2013 Nvidia envisions a future in which ARM processors and the GPU-maker's CUDA parallel-computing platform and programming model will work together in perfect harmony, and the company has a raft of planned CUDA enhancements to not only make that coexistence seamless, but to enhance that programming environment for discrete GPUs, as …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Mar 2013

Nvidia's 2015 Tegra ARM chip promises '100X' speed-up

GTC 2013 Nvidia has fleshed out details about its next Tegra mobile processor, code-named Logan, and revealed that its long-running 64-bit ARM "Project Denver" effort will yield its first fruit from Logan's follow-on, code-named Parker. "Logan has something we've been dying to bring to the world for so long," Nvidia cofounder, …
Rik Myslewski, 19 Mar 2013
Open-mouthed Burmese python

Nvidia, Continuum team up to sling Python at GPU coprocessors

GTC 2013 The Tesla GPU coprocessor and its peers inside your Nvidia graphics cards will soon speak with a forked tongue. Continuum Analytics has been working with the GPU-maker to create the NumbaPro Python-to-GPU compiler. We all call it the LAMP stack, but it should really be called LAMPPP or LAMP3 or some such because it is Linux, …

Nvidia launches Nsight CUDA dev tools into Eclipse

GTC 2012 Nvidia kicked off its GPU Technical Conference today by launching an updated version of its Nsight development platform that wraps around the CUDA compiler set and now interfaces with Eclipse-based integrated development environments. Nvidia also unwrapped updated versions of the Nsight tools that plug into Microsoft's Visual …
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Nvidia ditches homegrown C/C++ compiler for LLVM

Graphics processor and SoC chip maker Nvidia is hosting its GTC Asia conference in Beijing this week, and with the next-generation Kepler GPUs being pushed out to early next year, there isn't any new chippery to salivate over. But Nvidia has some new compilers and a revved up CUDA development kit to make things interesting just …
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Meet the boffin who gave GPUs a bigger bang for the Buck

SC2011 One of the presentations I caught at SC11 was by GPU computing pioneer Ian Buck - which is a good name for a pioneer, I think. Buck’s Stanford PhD thesis, Stream Computing on Graphics Hardware, capped his research into using GPUs as computing resources and his work to develop Brook, one of the earliest programming languages …
Dan Olds, 12 Dec 2011
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Nvidia flexes Tesla muscles

2010 was the breakout year for Nvidia’s Tesla division, according to Tesla VP Andy Keane, who spoke at the company’s Industry Analyst Day earlier this month. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s right, and a quick review of the last year tells the story. Three of the top five systems on the Top500 list sport Nvidia GPU …
Dan Olds, 28 Mar 2011
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Nvidia revs up CUDA GPU coder toolkit

Nvidia has staked a large part of its future on the idea that GPUs and their massively parallel architectures can replace CPUs for a big chunk of computational jobs. But parallel programming on one device is tough, across two incompatible devices is very difficult, and across clusters of hybrid machines can be very tricky indeed …

Nvidia plugs-in Visual Studio with CUDA 3.1

Nvidia announced some new CUDA stuff last week, a new developer kit (3.1) and the Parallel Nsight Visual Studio plug-in, both designed to make it easier for ISVs and other coding types to support Nvidia GPUs in their apps. Our pal TPM has a typically detailed story here. One thing that jumped out from the introductory …
Dan Olds, 29 Jul 2010

Nvidia kicks out CUDA 3.1 for GPUs

If GPU coprocessors are going to go mainstream as adjuncts to CPUs in workstations and servers, the programming has to get easier and developers have to be able to exploit the languages, libraries, and development tools they have traditionally been using to create applications for PCs and servers. With the launch of the CUDA 3. …
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Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA

Remember Terra Soft and its Yellow Dog Linux for Power processors? Well, Yellow Dog is no longer the darling Linux for Apple machines since the latter company switched to Intel Core and Xeon processors for its PCs and servers a few years back. And Terra Soft doesn't exist any more, after it was acquired by a Japanese company …
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Nvidia previews next-gen Fermi GPUs

SC09 Graphics chip maker and soon-to-be big-time HPC player Nvidia raised the curtain a little higher on its next-generation of graphics co-processors at the SC09 supercomputing trade show in Portland, Oregon, this week, and it is arguable that the GPU co-processors aimed at personal supers and massive clusters alike were the star of …

Nvidia fires off Fermi, pledges radical new GPUs

Nvidia last night introduced the new GPU design that will feed into its next-generation GeForce graphics chips and Tesla GPGPU offerings but which the company also hopes will drive it ever deeper into general number crunching. While the new chip is dubbed 'Fermi', so is the architecture that connects a multitude of what Nvidia …
Tony Smith, 1 Oct 2009

Nvidia to axe 360 jobs

Nvidia is to rid itself of 6.5 per cent of its worldwide workforce, the graphics chip maker has admitted. The cuts, which will see 360 Nvidia staff being handed redundancy notices, will have all been made by the end of October, when the chip maker's third fiscal quarter comes to a conclusion. Nvidia's Q3 balance sheet will …
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2008

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