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Cricket ball hitting stumps

Facebook fails in bid for streaming sports rights

Facebook has again suffered a setback in India, this time finding that around US$600m wasn't enough to secure five years worth of digital distribution rights for cricket matches. Cricket is India's national sport and television audiences exceed fifty million for many of the 60 matches in the annual Indian Premier League (IPL …
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Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and BT bid for Indian cricket online

Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and BT have been revealed as bidders for rights for India's top sporting attracting, the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket competition. IPL matches often attract more than 100 million television viewers and the League runs all-but-daily for nearly two months, making it a media monster with few …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Oct 2016
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Just not cricket: Microsoft's big data Googly called No Ball

Microsoft's attempt to re-write one of cricket's oddest rules has been rejected by its statistical guardian. This story starts with India's mania for cricket and especially one-day and Twenty20 cricket*. When matches in those abbreviated forms of the game are interrupted by weather, a formula called “The Duckworth Lewis Method …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Sep 2016
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Indian scientists teach computers to see by watching Cricket

Indian researchers from Xerox and the International Institute of Information Technology at Hyderabad have used the sport of Cricket to develop a novel approach to interpreting human movement recorded by video. As the trio of authors from the Institute's Centre for Visual Information Technology write, in an ArXiv paper titled …
Simon Sharwood, 26 Nov 2015

Cricket's nervous nineties are a THING, say econo-boffins

Cricket's “nervous nineties”, in which batsmen hit the brakes as they approach milestones like a century, aren't just an invention of television and radio commentators. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) statisticians say it's a measurable thing. According to research from QUT's Business School, the numbers from 3,500 …
Ashes Cricket 2013

Anglo-Australian cricket brawl spills over into coding clash

The British publisher behind the game Ashes Cricket 2013 has pulled the product from sale and given up on further development, blaming the Australian developer it contracted to do the job for a buggy and unplayable product. Milton Keynes-headquartered 505 Games farmed out the job of developing the game to Melbourne-based …
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013
International Cricket 2010

Barmy Army to get Wi-Fi to the seat for cricket's Ashes

Reg-reading Barmy Army members headed to Australia for the return Ashes* test cricket series will find a marvellous combination of cricket and technology await them during the series' fourth match, after the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) announced it will introduce WiFi to the seat. Details of exactly what is on offer, and how …
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Ashes latest: Don't show Ozzies THIS perfect spin bowl science ... too late

Nobody knows how the “ball of the century” crept around Mike Gatting's bat and leg in 1993 except the king-of-spin Shane Warne – until now. Ahead of today's opening of the England versus Australia Ashes Test, a brace of Oz physicists have crunched the numbers for a spinning ball, stuck them into elite maths package Matlab - …

Throwing arms let humans rise above poo-flinging apes to play cricket

The unique human ability to hurl objects such as cricket balls fast and accurately is what lifted us above our early rivals for world dominance, according to new research. "There were essentially two questions we asked – one of them was why are humans so uniquely good at throwing, while all other creatures including our …
Lewis Page, 27 Jun 2013

450-year-old football was hard to kick

The Journal Procedia Engineering has published the proceeds of the 2012 Engineering of Sport Conference and may therefore have answered so many questions about sport that there is no longer any point in going to the pub. There are over 150 papers on offer in the trove and all appear to be serious science, including this one ( …
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2012
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Vodafone turns to AWS for cricket streaming app

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) “never elegantly and cost-effectively” solved the problem of delivering online content to phone-wielding hordes during its long association with the Australian incarnation of Big Brother. But the company has nailed a cricket-streaming app first time, thanks to cloud services from Amazon Web …
Simon Sharwood, 20 May 2012
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Thodey chimes in on TV Now decision

Telstra CEO David Thodey has told journalists and analysts that the telecommunications industry “needs clarity” following the Federal Court decision which clearly and simply said “Optus TV Now is legal”. In other words, since the clarity provided by the Federal Court is not the clarity Telstra wants – with $AU153 million …
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Australian sports get busy with copyright special pleading

Australia’s sports administrators, usually busy trying to steal each others’ audiences, have discovered the spirit of cooperation in the face of the Optus TV Now Federal Court decision. The prime minister has confirmed that the Australian Rugby League, Australian Football League, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, and the …
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Twitter off-limits for cricketers

Cricketers at this year’s World Cup one-day tournament have been told to keep their fingers off the Tweet button by the International Cricket Council. Concerned at the opportunity social media presents for match-fixing messages, the ICC has told players and team officials “no Twitter” during matches. Bookmakers will be forced …
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US woman @theashes gives in to Twitter, flies to Sydney

A US children's nanny whose boyfriend gave her the twitter handle @theashes, prompting a flurry of confusing messages by cricket-loving tweeters as a result, has made it Down Under for the final test match in Sydney. Ashley Kerekes, 22, had turned on text notification for new messages on her phone. As a result she received a …
John Leyden, 6 Jan 2011
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US woman @theashes stumped by cricketing tweets

A US woman, with no interest in cricket, came to regret picking the twitter handle @theashes after she was bombarded with messages about the test match in Brisbane over the weekend. The Massachusetts woman initially reacted with exasperation when her feed became overrun with talk of wickets, seamers and silly mid-offs. "This …
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2010
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Vodafone throws cash at Cricket betting and loyalty card apps

Vodafone has awarded £100,000 to Cardmobili, with Roulette Cricket getting £50,000, as the most innovative mobile startups identified by the operator's Clicks competition. Roulette Cricket is a British effort, and involves betting toy money on the direction of the next boundary strike in a live game of cricket, while being …
Bill Ray, 27 Sep 2010
International Cricket 2010

International Cricket 2010

I don't like cricket... oh, no... oh, actually, wait a minute, I really don't like cricket. It's not that I don't admire the game. Cricket and I once had a two-year love affair, which peaked with England's win in the 2005 Ashes series. International Cricket 2010 It's funny, they're in creases I still respect it as the …
Andrew Bailey, 28 Jun 2010

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