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Herdwick sheep walk towards the camera

Court battle date set for £300m BT Cornwall termination dispute

A legal showdown between BT and county of Cornwall, over the local council's plans to prematurely exit its £300m outsourcing contract with the telco giant, is to be heard in the High Court in December. The adversaries are to fight out their dispute over the termination of the BT Cornwall contract this year, due to BT …
Kat Hall, 8 Sep 2015
Marconi and transmission equipment

Marconi: The West of England's very own Italian wireless pioneer

Geek's Guide to Britain This is the story of a 22-year-old technology genius, who, stung by the lack of interest in his work in his homeland, moved to a new country to develop his ideas. In a single year, this individual extended the performance of a key technology of his time by a factor of more than 20. It sounds like an outlandish tale even by …
SA Mathieson, 23 Feb 2015

Cornwall chokes on £300m local gov deal with IT kingpins

Cornwall Council has stalled a £300m ten-year deal to outsource its call centres and other IT systems to the private sector. The county's councillors voted 93-0, with seven abstentions, to put the brakes on the contract, snubbing BT and CSC which had each put in bids for the huge cash pot. The move came after 6,000 people …
Anna Leach, 26 Oct 2012

Pasty munchers scoff at £300m council deal with comms kingpins

Cornwall Council says it remains committed to a £300m strategic partnership proposal with either BT or CSC that it insists will help it protect frontline services and reduce costs by at least £5m a year. It follows a council debate earlier this week at which the partnership plans were criticised by elected councillors. Now, …
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EE and BT get LTE extension

Ofcom has granted BT and Everything Everywhere an extension to their test licence for cohabited LTE spectrum until the end of 2012, much to the relief of the trialists. The trial, which is testing how effectively LTE can be used to share radio spectrum, was supposed to wind up at the end of January, which would have left the …
Bill Ray, 25 Jan 2012
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BT, EE's mobe broadband trial jump-starts Cornish village

Halfway through their Cornish next-gen mobile broadband trial, BT and Everything Everywhere have demonstrated that sharing LTE infrastructure and radio spectrum works - and that they might even be able to make it pay. The companies worked together to install Long-Term Evolution (LTE) tech into two base stations, and supply 180 …
Bill Ray, 30 Nov 2011
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Cornish cow plucked from jaws of death by Navy chopper

A Cornish cow, trapped on steep cliffs near Port Isaac, was hoisted to safety recently slung beneath a Royal Navy rescue helicopter. A cow being rescued by 771 Naval Air Squadron. Credit: Crown Copyright/MoD 2011 West-country whirlybird flying cattle action. Had the naval copter not been called in by the RSPCA, the trapped …
Lewis Page, 9 Jun 2011
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BT and EE join together for Cornish LTE

BT and Everything Everywhere are working together to build a trial network in Cornwall, providing fixed and mobile internet access over the same network and via the same infrastructure. That infrastructure, comprising two base stations, will cover 25 square kilometres around the Cornish village of St Newlyn East. BT said that …
Bill Ray, 25 May 2011

Rare metals found in Cornish tin mine

A Cornish tin mine hopes to be producing hundreds of kilos of valuable indium – used in iPads and other devices and costing up to £500 a kilo. The primary provider of the substance is Canada, where indium is associated with zinc mining. It used to be used for high performance metal bearings in aircraft but is now mostly used …
John Oates, 11 Feb 2011
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NASA buys cutting-edge Cornish robot

In a triumph for West Country technical prowess and engineering knowhow, NASA has ordered a robot made in Cornwall. Here's a vid: Admittedly the Cornish droid - a humanoid contraption powered by compressed air and known as RoboThespian - is not intended for use in space like the mighty, 12-foot-tall Canadian "Dextre" unit …
Lewis Page, 7 Sep 2010
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Virgin Media to trial IPTV off-cable network

Virgin Media will trial delivering its TV and broadband services via copper phone lines as part of plans to expand its footprint beyond the cable network laid in the 1990s. The firm will run a small trial in Cornwall in partnership with fibre optics firm Vtesse Networks this winter. Residents of Higher Pill, in Saltash, and …
The Register breaking news solves pensioner crisis by wiring them up to the net

The UK is spending £31m on a pilot to see whether computers and high tech devices can help it dodge the demographic time bomb being primed by an increasing number of old people cluttering up the country. It comes as the government tries to kick-start another round of debate on how it will deal with a spike in the number of …
Joe Fay, 12 May 2008

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