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Google Glass FIDO dog project

Google Glass going to the dogs: FIDO project computerizes canines

Google's head-mounted Glass computers may be the hipster fashion item of choice, but a pilot project by the Georgia Institute of Technology has built a system that uses them to communicate with our canine companions. Dubbed FIDO – a rather labored acronym for Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations – the system …
Iain Thomson, 15 Jul 2013
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US Navy builds master control for military drone ops

The US Office of Naval Research (ONR) has successfully trialed a new computer system that controls airborne drones, automated craft on (or under) the water, and ground-based robots online via a central server. The new Common Control System (CCS) – although El Reg bets its developers call it Skynet – would allow any combatant …
Iain Thomson, 6 May 2013
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HotLink punts freebie SuperVisor virty control freak

The SuperVisor control freak that lets VMware vCenter to do unnatural things to non-VMware hypervisors and clouds is getting a 2.0 rev with a bunch of new features. This update comes just as HotLink, the company behind the tool, has decided to make it up in volume and provide a full and freebie version of SuperVisor that we can …
Griffin Helo TC Assault

Griffin Helo TC Assault

Geek Treat of the Week Griffin’s Helo TC Assault helicopter is the latest version of its app-powered chopper. Griffin Helo TC Assault Like the Battling Gyro helicopters I reviewed here a few weeks ago, the new Griffin offering spices up your aerial activities by adding the ability to enter combat. When the red mist descends, the Assault allows …
Kenny Hemphill, 30 Apr 2012
Dijit Android app icon


Android App of the Week It’s two-for-one this week as I take a look at the Dijit remote control app and Griffin Technologies' Beacon accessory, which connects to your phone over Bluetooth and then operates your home entertainment kit. Dijit Android app screenshot   Dijit Android app screenshot Devices get basic layouts, such as this one for a Sky+ …
Alun Taylor, 27 Mar 2012
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FCC ponders: When is it OK to switch off networks?

The FCC wants help deciding who should have the right to switch off mobile networks, and under what circumstances they should be permitted to exercise that right. Right now it's not clear, on either side of the pond, under what circumstances an authority can request a network operator shutdown part of its network, or if the …
Bill Ray, 6 Mar 2012
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GaleForce control freak paints clouds KVM red

Gale Technologies, one of the many companies that wants to manage your private and public clouds, has revved up its GaleForce cloud control freak to 6.0, and is improving its support for XenServer-based clouds and adding KVM to the mix. While many cloud control tool vendors are coming at the market for a heritage in systems …
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Vodafone Android app babysits lazy parents' kids

Vodafone has launched an app to help middle-class parents who've equipped their offspring with Android handsets to control what their ankle-biters see and hear. Using the free-to-all Vodafone Guardian app a parent can limit specific applications to specific times, as well as restricting outgoing calls/texts and ignoring …
Bill Ray, 1 Dec 2011
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Convirture revs up cloudy control freak

Convirture is revving up its ConVirt family of server virtualization and cloud management tools to the 3.0.1 level, supporting more operating systems and public clouds, and also including a free trial of its Enterprise Cloud edition. Convirtue is among a legion of virtualization and cloud control freaks that have been coming …
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Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says

Updated Hackers destroyed a pump used by a US water utility after gaining unauthorized access to the industrial control system it used to operate its machinery, a computer security expert said. Joe Weiss, a managing partner for Applied Control Solutions, said the breach was most likely performed after the attackers hacked into the …
Dan Goodin, 17 Nov 2011
Nigel Tufnel - photo © James Cumpsty

Eleven - if you will - rocktastic music movies

Round-up 11 November 2011 - 11/11/11 - is Nigel Tufnel Day, a day to celebrate pushing the envelope as far as it can possibly be pushed - and then pushing it one step beyond that. As Spinal Tap's lead guitarist would say: "An 'undred years ago, a great war - the greatest since the Romans - came to an end. It was all quiet on the Y …
Caleb Cox, 11 Nov 2011
Surc universal remote case for iPhone

Surc universal remote case

Accessory of the Week I’ve looked at a number of devices, including the Gear4 Unity and the ThinkFlood RedEye, that allow you to use an iOS device as a remote control for your TV, DVD player and other AV kit. The Surc is another. However, it takes a slightly different approach. Surc universal remote case for iPhone Instead of using a plug-in …
Cliff Joseph, 28 Oct 2011
Griffin Helo TC iPhone-controlled helicopter

Griffin Technology Helo TC

Geek Treat of the Week Parrot’s AR.Drone quad 'copter has been quite a hit with the radio control crowd, but its £300 price tag puts it out of most people’s price range. Griffin’s new Helo TC, on the other blade, is affordable enough to be a fun little treat for the more casual weekend flier. Griffin Helo TC iPhone-controlled helicopter The Helo …
Cliff Joseph, 24 Oct 2011
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US Navy develops toss-proof robot crane

US Navy boffinry chiefs say they have successfully tested a cunning, heavily augmented crane which allows containers to be loaded on and off ships tossing on the waves out at sea, removing the need for a harbour when mounting an invasion or delivering humanitarian aid. The LVI Lo/Lo wibbley-wobbley crane in action. Credit: ONR …
Lewis Page, 2 Jun 2010

Servers: Getting a grip on power and control

Video Power has long been a consideration for server and data centre operations and design. In many cases, power was a constant to design the solution around, and not something that could easily be monitored, manipulated or optimised. But developments such as regulation in the form of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, the increasing …
Phil Mitchell, 5 May 2010

iPhone: The OS with big aspirations

Apple is advertising for an Engineering Manager to take the iPhone OS onto new platforms and new hardware, extending the OS, and the Cupertino control that goes with it. With the iPad not yet out of the door, Apple is already looking at ways to extend the iPhone platform onto other hardware, as the advertisement spotted by …
Bill Ray, 23 Feb 2010
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Germans unveil robots 'controlled by chaos itself'

Remorseless German boffins announced this week that they have introduced robots which are under the control of chaos itself. A chaos-controlled robot. Credit: Max Planck Gesellschaft Quite literally no idea what it'll do next. Apparently this doesn't involve remote control by butterfly wing-flaps from the other side of the …
Lewis Page, 19 Jan 2010
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Union attacks fire-brigade control room IT modernisation

Union officials have launched a public attack on a government networking and IT project designed to reduce the number of fire-brigade control rooms from 46 to 9. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) says that the Fire and Resilience Control (FiReControl) project is in "meltdown" and can't possibly be ready in time for the London …
Lewis Page, 22 Jun 2009

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