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80% of IT projects in public sector delayed due to IR35 – report

The vast majority of UK government IT projects are suffering delays due to freelancers quitting over the IR35 tax clampdown, according to a survey of contractors. Of 405 IT freelancers surveyed by Contractor Calculator, 79 per cent said the projects they have been working on were delayed as a result of contractors leaving. In …
Kat Hall, 4 Sep 2017
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Google coughs up $5.5m to make recruiters 'screwed out of overtime pay' go away

Google has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the ads broker of failing to pay overtime to contract workers. The aggrieved freelancers asked the Santa Clara County Court in California to approve a deal in which Google and contract staffing agency Urpan Technologies will pay $5.5m to a bunch of workers who …
Shaun Nichols, 16 Jun 2017
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Plutus Payroll pledges to pay IT contractors' wages within 72 hours

Embattled payroll company Plutus Payroll will soon start paying ~1,000 contractors again after an almost-two-weeks hiatus. The company has written to those owed money, saying the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) “has agreed to allow the release of the wages owed to our contractors.” “The ATO has written to the Commonwealth …
Simon Sharwood, 10 May 2017
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IBM freezes contractor hires to keep full-time workers fully occupied

Updated More evidence that IBM is cutting costs in multiple ways: the company's Australian tentacle is making it very, very hard to hire contractors. The Register has viewed emails sent among organisations seeking to place contractors with IBM Australia. The thread explains that IBM has not replied to offers of new contractors because …
Simon Sharwood, 10 May 2017

Majority of contractors distrust HMRC's IR35 calculator, survey finds

The vast majority of contractors do not trust the results of HMRC's online assessment tool determining them inside the IR35 changes, according to a survey by IT recruitment firm Qdos Contractor. Of the 1,500 contractors questioned, 85 per cent said they did not trust the Employment Status Service (ESS) Tool. However, …
Kat Hall, 9 May 2017
Whitehall,London job ads entice IT bods with promise they will be OUTSIDE IR35

So desperate is the UK government to attract IT contractors in the wake of controversial changes to IR35 legislation, it is advertising roles as explicitly outside the tweaks. In capital letters. One job ad for a software licence wrangler at the Ministry of Justice for £600 per day is a case in point. Haybrook IT Resourcing …
Kat Hall, 4 May 2017

Unpaid tech contractor: 'I have to support my family. I have no money for medicines'

Your correspondent's inbox has never seen anything quite like this: I've received more than 50 personal emails from tech contractors affected by the “suspension” of payments by Plutus Payroll, an Australian outfit that pays tech contractors. Register stories get lots of comments, but this level of mails direct to a journalist …

Payroll service for contractors goes AWOL leaving some unpaid

Tech contractors say the've not been paid after an outfit called “Plutus Payroll” removed all substantive content from its web site and replace it with news it “is suspending our business activities due to a commercial dispute.” An email sent to users of the service adds “We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this will …
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Tech contractors begin mass exodus in wake of HMRC's IR35 income tax clampdown

Public sector contractors in the UK are starting to down tools across a range of projects ahead of the new tax regime in April, leaving numerous projects hanging in the balance. Multiple sources have been in touch with The Register to report that professionals are leaving in droves rather than face the IR35 tax changes. From …
Kat Hall, 27 Feb 2017
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Want a job in security? Lock down US military's supermarkets

The US Department of Defense is looking to form a security team to protect military commissaries from hackers. NextGov has spotted a posting from the Federal Business Opportunities site for an "incident response service" at military commissary shops. According to the job post [Word Doc], the response service contractors will …
Shaun Nichols, 8 Apr 2016

Barclays warns freelance techies of DOUBLE DIGIT rate cut

Cost-cutting Barclays has incurred the wrath of all its contractors, including techies, by confirming plans to slash rates by ten per cent from next month. This is the third cut to IT freelancers in as many years, say our sources, and comes as the business prepares to wave goodbye to up to 12,000 workers worldwide including 7, …
Paul Kunert, 11 Mar 2014

Budget could mean more paperwork for contractors

Australia's 2013/2014 budget could mean extra work for IT contractors. Such workers are often considered “sole traders” or “independent contractors” for tax purposes and are currently required to submit quarterly payments for the goods and services tax (GST) and personal income tax. Australia has around 750,000 independent …
Simon Sharwood, 14 May 2013

IT contractors lose thousands as 2e2 collapse hits recruiter

Tech-sector freelancers are thousands of pounds out of pocket after the collapse of IT integrator 2e2 wiped out recruitment agency Populo Resourcing, The Channel can reveal. The contractors, recruited by Populo to work on various IT projects for 2e2, had their work cancelled days after the integrator crashed. Some say they are …
Paul Kunert, 18 Mar 2013

Corruption claims put IT contracting under the spotlight

Two corruption scandals in the Australian tech sector came to a head yesterday, turning a harsh spotlight on how government bodies go about contracting out IT services. Victoria’s Ombudsman released a damning report into that state’s IT body CeniTex, while in NSW, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) released …

'It is absolute b*ll*cks that contractors aren't committed'

The academic who penned an Australian study into the working lives of freelance professionals says the results would, if they described full-time employees, mean human resources managers tick all the boxes needed to score a bonus. The study in question, the 2012 iPro Index, was conducted by Monash University Senior Lecturer Dr …
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Ericsson to offshore hundreds of contract positions

Ericsson is cutting back on its contract roster to the tune of "several hundred" UK staff, with the roles going out to India and Romania in the interests of lower costs. Ericsson, one of the biggest suppliers of networking infrastructure to the cellular industry, said that support functions and office roles would be switched …
Bill Ray, 15 Apr 2011

Virgin contractors grip up for more cuts

Virgin Media contractors earning more than £300 a day have been told to accept a 15 per cent cut in rates or leave the company. Virgin lopped ten per cent off day rates last year - when such a policy was widespread and usually spun as a way to avoid job cuts. But with the first signs of economic improvement many contractors …
John Oates, 12 Mar 2010
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Freed Peter Moore will be 'paid in full' for time as Iraq hostage

Exclusive IT consultant Peter Moore - now back in Britain after being held hostage by kidnappers in Iraq for two and a half years - will be paid in full for the time he spent in captivity, The Register has learned. Moore was seized along with four British security operatives at the Iraqi finance ministry in 2007, by a large party of Shi …
Lewis Page, 7 Jan 2010

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