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Block me, Amadeus: Falco to perform in CNCF sandbox

Falco, Sysdig's open source project for monitoring container runtimes, is slated to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation on Wednesday, becoming the first runtime security tool to be added to the Cloud Native Sandbox project, a home for early stage projects. The CNCF, which is part of the Linux Foundation, characterizes …
Thomas Claburn, 10 Oct 2018
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Continuous Lifecycle 2019 call for papers is open NOW

Events Continuous Lifecycle London returns in May 2019, and we want to hear your proposals for conference sessions and all-day workshops, spanning the full range of agile, DevOps, application lifecycle management, CD, and container technologies and methodologies. We will be staging almost 40 conference sessions over two days in May …
Team Register, 18 Jul 2018
Boeing, Boeing, gone . . . to war

Dell airdrops military-grade data-centre-in-a-crate

You need to compute everywhere and anywhere in this world these days, and thankfully you can always get some iron on the end of a cable to crunch the numbers. Unfortunately, connecting into a central data centre is sometimes not only difficult but undesirable for security reasons. That's when you go for what Dell is calling …
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Global data center building booms

The Great Recession didn't just throw cold water on server spending, it also slammed the brakes on data center buildouts. While server spending picked up in late 2009 and shipments recovered in 2011 to their pre-recession levels, it takes a bit longer to fund data center projects. But it looks like brick-and-mortar – and …

HP parks Airbus supers in containers

Airbus is one of the first industrial HPC customers in the world to plunk its most recent supercomputers into containerized data centers. Hewlett-Packard inked a supercomputing upgrade deal with the aircraft manufacturer four years ago, and in the final phase of the contract earlier this year, HP put two of its Performance …

HP welds data center containers into EcoPODs

Hewlett-Packard is still one of the big believers in containerized data centers, and the reason is simple: A select number of customers who are focused on power efficiency, speed of deployment, or both pay HP money to weld these things together and slap a coat of paint on them. At the HP Discover customer and partner …
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Cisco rolls out data center pods

Server wannabee Cisco Systems is now a containerized data center wannabe too. The company has rolled up and rolled out its own variant of modular data centers for its own server, storage, and networking gear (as well as that for its competitors) using standard metal shipping containers. The aptly named Containerized Data …

SGI rolls out (more) data center containers

Containerized data centers are like blade servers. Both are ideas that seem to have obvious technical merit, and both are taking a lot more time to go mainstream than many had expected. Undaunted by the slow uptake of its ICE Cube containers, Silicon Graphics still thinks there is money in dense-pack IT gear crammed into 20 and …
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Verari Systems confirms layoffs

Verari Systems - the boutique blade server maker that has been increasingly focusing on peddling its Forest containerized data centers - has confirmed the rumors that it laid off a large portion of its employees and is in the midst of restructuring itself. In the wake of yesterday's story that discussed the rumors swirling …
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HP sees techies living in a box

HP has revealed its own POD containerised data centre at its Technology Forum in Las Vegas. The POD acronym stands for Performance-Optimised Datacentre and, like several other companies, HP has decided to follow in Sun's Project Blackbox footsteps and build data centres in shipping containers. HP POD HP says it can be …
Chris Mellor, 18 Jun 2009
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Sun packs 150 billion web pages into meat locker

If you believe the Gospel According to Robert J. Cringley, Google pilfered its top-secret modular data center from the Internet Archive. In a now-famous 2005 online expose, Cringley puts Google co-founder Larry Page at a pitch meeting where the Internet Archive's Bruce Baumgart considers the advantages of stuffing a full- …
Cade Metz, 25 Mar 2009
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Sun stuffs bigger kit in Backbox

Sun's containerised Blackbox data centres can now have larger data centre servers and storage installed at the expense of losing one standard rack. A Blackbox shipping container in its S20 format has a row of four standard 19-inch racks, 78.1cm deep and aligned sideways along each side of the container. In the new D20 format …
Chris Mellor, 19 Sep 2008

HP's white trash data center is up for anything

Hewlett-Packard has finally found its way into the data center trailer park. It took a while, but the hardware vendor is introducing its own scheme for selling chunks of data centers in pre-packaged containers. HP joins the likes of Sun, IBM, Rackable, and Verari with similar White Trash Data Center programs. HP calls its …
Austin Modine, 16 Jul 2008

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