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Openreach asks UK what it thinks about 10 million 'full fibre' connections

Openreach has launched a consultation seeking input from industry to create "full fibre" broadband in Blighty - part of its new cuddly, collaborative approach post legal separation from BT. Under its proposals, the body could roll out fibre to 10 million premises by 2025. Openreach under BT had committed to laying two million …
Kat Hall, 18 Jul 2017
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How can we manage this internet thing? The Euro gov needs YOU

The European Commission is asking for help in drawing up laws to govern the internet. On Thursday it launched yet more public consultations designed to inform bureaucrats attempting to help create the digital single market. The two new consultations are so broad as to be almost unmanageable: one on “geo-blocking” and the other …
Jennifer Baker, 25 Sep 2015
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Ofcom sets out next DECADE of spectrum policy: Use it or lose it

Ofcom plans to spend the next 10 years looking for unused spectrum, flogging off what it can but focusing on utilisation like it should, and wants to know if there's anything missing. The consultation on "Spectrum Management Strategy" is long, and has more reiteration than most documents emerging from Riverside House. It's …
Bill Ray, 3 Oct 2013

Reg readers! You've got 100 MILLION QUID - what would you BLOW it on?

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is drawing up its plans for 2014/15, and is looking for suggestions about how it might direct its considerable resources during the period. Last year, those resources ran up a bill a shade over a hundred million pounds, some of which comes from radio spectrum licensing and fines but most of it came …
Bill Ray, 27 Sep 2013
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Voda: Brit kids will drown in TIDAL WAVE of FILTH - it's all Ofcom's fault

Vodafone UK reckons it will be strong-armed into sending smutty text messages to kids, thanks to a new proposal by Ofcom. The watchdog wants operators to set prices for the duration of a contract in stone or ensure customers are notified ahead of any changes. Vodafone's full response to the proposal hasn't been published yet …
Bill Ray, 26 Mar 2013

A tweet too far: UK contempt law reform push begins

The Law Commission opened public consultation on contempt and the internet today, after the Attorney General confirmed last week that the matter was to be reviewed in the wake of recent high-profile contempt cases that originated online. The views of English and Welsh citizens will be sought about the 31-year-old Contempt of …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Nov 2012
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Rival mobile networks hang up on EE's 4G call

Vodafone and Telefonica have laid out their arguments against EE's request to be allowed a monopoly on 4G telephony, and very damning they are too, but the public seems more supportive and Three's filing isn't public yet. Not that there's any doubt about where Three stands, the company told us it had filed a response with …
Bill Ray, 24 May 2012
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Ofcom needs you ... to help spend £180m on purifying telly

Ofcom is consulting on the best way to avoid 4G telephony knocking out Freeview, but the regulator seems to be having a hard time putting government plans into words. Yesterday the Ministry of Fun announced that bidders for digital dividend spectrum would have to shell out £180m for mitigation to avoid LTE services knocking …
Bill Ray, 27 Feb 2012
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Ofcom needs you... to carve up 37GHz of spectrum

Ofcom has launched a public consultation on the management of 37GHz of radio spectrum, looking for better ways to manage licensing of fixed wireless links. The 37GHz runs though 19 blocks from 1.4GHz up to 86GHz, and is currently licensed though a mix of Ofcom management, light licensing (where licensees have to sort out …
Bill Ray, 1 Feb 2012
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Ofcom mulls popular number charge

Ofcom is considering charging companies which want numbers in popular area codes, and getting rid of local phone dialling to eke out the existing number ranges. The two measures are open to consultation until February next year. They are designed to provide more local phone numbers - which are running critically short - by …
Bill Ray, 25 Nov 2010
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Ofcom follows America into the White Space

Ofcom is consulting on white space in order to decide exactly how closely we'll be following the database model recently approved by the FCC. It also appears to be dropping any notion of the UK going its own way. That means no frequency sensing; a client-hub architecture; and private companies hosting databases of available …
Bill Ray, 10 Nov 2010
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Ofcom smites silent callers

Ofcom plans to tighten up the rules on silent calling, proposing that pestering companies to wait 24 hours between calls and tell people by whom they're being pestered. A silent call is where you pick up the phone and there's no one there. A small proportion are weirdos or nervous secret admirers (or perhaps a happy …
Bill Ray, 2 Jun 2010
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Ofcom consultation brings out the tinfoil hatters

Quadrupling the transmission power of 3G networks will lead to famine, mass starvation and scurvy for all, not to mention annoying cameramen and the MoD, if the hysterical response to Ofcom's new proposals is to be believed. The terrifying prospect of "a slow and painful death" is among the reasoned responses to Ofcom's …
Bill Ray, 9 Apr 2010

HP boss places bets on 1,000 staff at UK race track

Hewlett-Packard boss Mark Hurd has spent the morning at Ascot’s racing course with 1,000 hand-picked UK employees mulling the future of the company, after announcing earlier this month that 3,378 jobs are off to the knacker's yard. According to the union Unite, EDS staff will account for up to 90 per cent of UK workers to be …
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Oct 2008
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Home Office mulls fighting hacking with corporate ASBOs

The Home Office is consulting on the possibility of applying serious crime prevention orders (AKA corporate ASBOs) to computer hacking laws. Serious crime prevention orders allow the courts to apply "injunctions" against criminal behaviour granted on the basis of the balance of probabilities rather than the much tougher …
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2008
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Gov consults on biofuels-quota postponement

The Brown government has turned unenthusiastic on biofuels, with new Transport minister Andrew Adonis proposing that quotas for biosourced ingredients in ordinary motor fuel be moved back by some years. "Everyone agrees that to tackle climate change we must develop new and cleaner fuels. But we are clear that biofuels will …
Lewis Page, 15 Oct 2008
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Home Office preps fudgetastic ISP data rules

A Home Office official has baffled ISPs by telling them new laws will on paper require them all to retain data, but in practice some probably won't be forced to because it could cost the government too much money. The confusing policy was detailed at the Government and Industry Forum on Technology and Law Enforcement in London …
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Ofcom steps up the power for unlicensed broadcasting

UK regulator Ofcom has published a consultation on increasing the limits on broadcasting above 10GHz, claiming that at such high frequencies the range is so small it's not going to bother anyone anyway. Currently the caps on licence-exempt usage only go up to 10.6GHz, and generally increase with the frequency. The new proposal …
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2008

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