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Conservative manifesto disappears offline – then mysteriously reappears

The Conservative Party’s 2017 manifesto was briefly deleted from its website this morning – on the same day that political Britain downs tools for the State Opening of Parliament. While political journalists concentrate on the cut-price pomp and ceremony of the State Opening – the Queen is said to not be wearing her full …
Gareth Corfield, 21 Jun 2017
Grant Shapps, Conservative Party chairman. Pic: Sportsfile Web Summit

Is Grant Shapps being naughty on Wikipedia – or did a Lib Dem stitch him up?

The story of Grant Shapps and Wikipedia – which dominated news coverage of the General Election for a whole day last week – shows that new media can make a monkey out of respectable old media – even with a tale that falls far short of old media’s standards of proof. The purpose of what follows is not to defend Shapps, who is …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Apr 2015

Conservative manifesto: 5G, 'near universal' broadband and free mobes for PC Dixon

Election 2015 Hot on the heels of Labour, the Conservatives today launched their manifesto – which matched their rivals for the sheer lack of detail on tech-related policy. "We will ensure that Britain seizes the chance to be a world leader in the development of 5G, playing a key role in defining industry standards," read the manifesto. No …
Kat Hall, 14 Apr 2015
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Man the floodgates! David Cameron takes to Twitter

Prime Minister David Cameron opened for business on Twitter yesterday (6 October) with his first message: I'm starting Conference with this new Twitter feed about my role as Conservative Leader. I promise there won't be "too many tweets..." It looks like he'll need a full-time Twitter secretary to deal with the barrage he …
Drew Cullen, 7 Oct 2012
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'Hey, Tories, who knows what a nontrepreneur is?’

Special report To Manchester, where I had been invited to liven up a Conservative Conference Fringe discussion on digital policy. I shared the panel with influential moderatrix Dominique Lazanski, a former Yahoo!er who recently got the Pirate Party into the Culture Ministry; a young parliamentary candidate called Nick Pickles who had worked …
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Osborne proffers £150m for mobile not spots

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has promised £150m to provide better mobile coverage in the UK, 'cos that's just what we need to stimulate the economy. Talking on The Today show this morning the Chancellor promised a freeze on council tax while vowing to invest in developing applications for the miracle material …
Bill Ray, 3 Oct 2011
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Somerset council review criticises Southwest One

Somerset county council has gone public with criticisms of its Southwest One joint venture with IBM, following a review that led to the conclusion that it "could do better". Among the criticisms in a report (6-page PDF/52.2KB) on the shared service is that some savings targets were not met; there had been problems with the …
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BBC, British Library empires expand under Tory 'growth plan'

Every time Conservatives come to power, they promise to invigorate fusty old state institutions. They vow to set them free of the mediocre, the time-markers and the empire-builders they've acquired over the years, and renew them with competition and fresh thinking. But by the time the Tories leave office, these gravy trains …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2011
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Voting reform finally on the agenda

The opening salvoes of the 2015 general election were fired this week, with publication of the wording of a proposed referendum on alternative voting, to take place next year. The question that will be put to voters was announced by Deputy PM Nick Clegg and published for the first time yesterday in the Parliamentary Voting …
Jane Fae , 23 Jul 2010
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ConDems shelve Equality Act timetable

The Government Equality Office (GEO) has withdrawn the timetable that detailed which parts of the recently passed Equality Act would come into force when. Some elements were due to come into force in October. The GEO had published a timetable online but that has been withdrawn. A GEO spokeswoman said that the withdrawal was …
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Jun 2010
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Cameron aims to bring LibDems into government

David Cameron has issued an invitation to the Liberal Democrats to form a stable government with the Conservatives, preferring long-term compromise to trying run a minority administration. If taken up, the "big, open, comprehensive offer" is likely to mean Liberal Democrats would take up cabinet positions, rather than merely …
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Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke shown the door

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith heads the list of high profile Labour casualties this morning. Meanwhile current party top brass thought to be under threat, such as Ed Balls, have so far been returned by their constituents. Karen Lumley, Smith's Tory opponent in the Redditch constituency overturned a majority of 1,948 to …
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Tories buy YouTube home page

The Tories are making an election-day buy on YouTube's home page in a bid to get their message in front of "millions of voters." As announced by a Tweet from BBC tech and econ man Rory Cellan-Jones - nom de tweet: ruskin147 - the Tories have bought the main ad on YouTube for election day. The ad - a video of a David Cameron …
Rik Myslewski, 6 May 2010
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Tories offer automated boring of friends and neighbours

The Tories launched a Facebook app this morning that allows supporters to harangue their friends and neighbours without having to think too hard or knock on people's doors. The Share for Change page, which can be found here, gives supporters four messages which they can "share" with their Facebook friends. The current four …
Joe Fay, 9 Apr 2010
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Tories may scrap IR35 tax rules for contractors

The Conservatives have pledged a "fundamental review" of the IR35 tax regime if they win the election, claiming it is unfair to freelance IT workers. The rules were introduced by Labour in 2000 to target the "disguised employment" loophole. Contractors would set up their own limited company and take a low salary to cut their …
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Tories to cut IT to keep National Insurance down

The shadow chancellor today announced cuts in large IT programmes would form part of a £6bn public spending squeeze under a Tory government, that would be used to cancel most of a rise in national insurance planned for next year by Labour. Under the plan to slash "without reducing the quality of front line services", George …
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Info Commissioner pleads with Tories to jail data thieves

The data protection watchdog has strongly urged an incoming Tory government to quickly bring in jail sentences for data thieves, after the current government reneged on the idea. Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, campaigned last year for custodial powers already on the statute books under the Data Protection …
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MPs obsess about expenses, ignore data security

The UK parliament is now so obsessed with looking tough over expenses that it is cutting corners on data security, and increasing the risk of a breach of constituent confidentiality. Last week, remarks by Tory grandee Sir Nicholas Winterton, MP - to the effect that he would rather not share a train compartment with the common …
Jane Fae , 22 Feb 2010

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